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Acca Dacca

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(OOC: Follows the "Fall from Grace" thread)



With the fallback of Acca Dacca jurisdiction from all of Asia, including that of Hainan and TNEOK protectorate to the Japanese government that fled taiwan as well as the remainder of Acca Dacca Indochina over to PRC, Acca Dacca was in a weakened, distraught position. Ava was well on her way to being reappointed by Parliament, and she knew that they would never recover fully under her, nor would she be able to act that way that she had that transformed them into a world power. At the end of the day, she was given the reigns to Acca Dacca's centralized powers. It was a Queendom once more. Yet, with a heavy heart, she approached the stand for which she would give her address on her proceedings of what shall happen with Acca Dacca in under her reign once more. She did, but not what everyone expected:

[i]"The recent happenings within my beloved country of Acca Dacca are a tragedy. The King fell to the hands of citizens that he has taxed to the point of recession. However, with the Chinese taking control of the land, we have established ourselves well within the Oceania region. Acca Dacca has seen its darkest days, and I only blame myself. Recently, Taiwan has fallen to a new power not long after the land exchange. I blame myself as well for such a tragedy as many of Acca Dacca’s allies have fallen, including TNEOK. I believe myself to be incapable of leading, and thus will discharge myself from leadership.

However, before I do, I ask that my friends within the Oceania region be given the land that rightfully belongs to them. This disaster has shown that they are more than willing to be there for me, and I would like to see the fall of Acca Dacca finally bring unity to Oceania. Along with this, the fallen government shall be given Hainan and the TNEOK protectorate. We believe this to be a reasonable gesture considering our inability to come to their aid militarily in the recent war upon their homeland. We also wish to apologize to the former Taiwanese Empire, (OOC: Zeke), as we were not able to unite Taiwan in your favor. For Singapore, we graciously thank our loyal allies at Selenarctos for the joint protectorate, and hand full control back over to them. "[/i]

She stepped down, drowning out the mixed boos and applaud. She fell into her Lucas' arms, and they disappeared into the darkness. For now, power lay within Parliament to follow or not follow the words of their beloved Queen.



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[b]From the Melanesian Brotherhood, the Parliament of Acca Dacca[/b]

As recent events have rocked Asia, Oceania and Acca Dacca, the Parliament the highest powers in Acca Dacca have called council and are now prepared to announce our decision.
Understanding that if this decision were not made, Acca Dacca would remain in anarchy,

Understanding that if this decision were not made, Oceania would continue to be divided,

Understanding that the associated parties have already agreed to the following,

Understanding that this is what the Melanesian Brotherhood feels is best for the nation,

The Nation of Acca Dacca will be immediately be annexed into the nations of the Oceanic Union.[/center]

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Greater Pacifica will be deploying soldiers to stabilize the former Acca Daccan territories of the Soloman Islands and New Caledonia. Once there a transitional administration will be established by our forces, followed by a formalized annexation. Vanuatu will be utilized as a staging ground for the initial deployments.


5,000 Soldiers are to be deployed to the Solomans, and 5,000 are to be deployed to New Caledonia.

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In support of Selenarctos and the other members of the union, and in accordance with the wishes of Acca Dacca, Australia will be deploying a brigade to help brings stability to the island of Borneo.

OOC Other than those islands IAT mentioned, and Borneo, I'm not really sure what else is owned by Acca Dacca.

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