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Join the Royal Ardor Monarchy today!

Gen. Noble

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If you're looking to join a small alliance where your voice will be heard and opinions considered then RAM is the alliance for you!

RAM is a new alliance that was founded by former GATO members. With the founding members history with GATO strong in our hearts we hold true to the same beliefs as GATO. While the name may sound like RAM isn't a democracy it really is! We have many elected positions to run for and even the Monarch can be taken down by the common members. The elected officials are the ones that really make most of the decisions, while the Monarch is simply there to watch over the alliance and make sure it runs smoothly.

Thinking about going to a large alliance? Well sure that's great, if you want to be completely ignore 90% of the time. In a large alliance you have to be posting all the time and make friends in high places if you ever want to be in a high place yourself. In RAM you won't have to worry about that because the small size allows you to get noticed just for applying!

Now if you're thinking being in a small alliance doesn't offer any protection then you're also wrong. RAM is a protectorate of NOI and is friends with other powerful alliances. So your nation is always defended from attacks by rogues or other alliances.

If you have any questions regarding the alliance you can always contact me and I'll answer you asap. You can either message me in-game, visit our IRC channel #RAM on coldfront, or check out our forums at http://z3.invisionfree.com/RAM.

I hope to be seeing you soon,

Gen. Noble, King of RAM

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