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Markus Wilding

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[center][size="4"]Announcement from the Head Department of the Swedish Empire[/size]

From the Departments of the Swedish Empire

As recent events have rocked Sweden, the Departments, the highest powers in the Empire have called council and are now prepared to announce our decision.

Understanding that the associated parties have already agreed to the following,

Understanding that this is what the various Departments feels is best for the nation,

The Nation of the Swedish Empire will be immediately a protectorate of the nation of Norway.[/center]

OOC: yay laziness!

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[b]Announcement from the Steward of Sicily[/b]
As the Government of Sweden has wisely seen fit to relinquish its control over its people to Norway, I hereby cancel the embargo placed on all forms of trade with Sweden.
-Jean d'Aosta
Steward of Sicily

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