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Return Engagement

Bull Run

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Loud BOOMS are heard in the night, shaking the entire city to its core. Tanks advance through Mexico City streets as supporters of Commander Hex's Continental ideas within the armed forces have clashed with "Nationalist" forces in Mexico City. Commander Jonah Hex notified the Holy American Empire that all would soon return to normalcy once the people's voice was heard, & publicly called for the Nationalist force to stand down while sporatic fighting continued. Confused citizens innitially barricaded themselves in their homes, until word spread of a second revolution. Soon hundreds joined in on a march to the capital building where curious officials looked on out of balconies & windows of the National Palace. 324 Nationalist soldiers where taken as prisoners as the Continentalist forces rushed the National Plaza. To their surprise, they found the massive doors of the Palace to be unlocked. Continentalist troops moved swiftly while their citizen supporters cheered and even lowered the Federation flag. The soldiers where met in the main hall by Commander Hex himself and a small group of grey uniformed men, mercenary veterens of the first Revolution like himself. He turned and led the advance while squads of troops continually broke away down every hall of the National Palace.

Entering the main hall, the men found most of the government officials under the table. The soldiers surrounded the room, tearing down flags & removing massive portraits of Alexi & Diaz. Diaz muttered "[i]Mabey, now would be a good time for elections, yes?"[/i] the officials gave exaggereated & nervous nods as Hex replied, [i]"Our thaughts exactly."[/i] The Federation government remained in the hall, while Continentalist troops camped in and around the National Palace & patrolled the streets telling fabulous stories of a heroic victory to groups of shocked HAE troops. The population would awake to a massive new & curious flag in the National Plaza, as well as the sight of hundreds of troops sleeping along the walls of the Palace. Soon the announcement was made through loud speakers & radios throughout the nation that the Meso-American Federation was no more. The creation of the [b]American Continental Confederacy[/b] has begun & would be completed following the first elections held in the nation for local & national government. The nation moved rapidly to hold its first election.


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