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The Aging Bogislaw X


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Bogislaw X was near his death bed, and had no heir. The three men who were chosen by the King personally were: Christian I Glücksburg, Michael von Hohenzollern, and Henry II of Luxembourg. The three men had passed all of his tests, including fighting off his militias with mock battles in Stralsund and Stettin. Bogislaw, due to some of the literature coming from the writers at the time, was strangely in need of some violent entertainment. He gathered the three men into his chambers.

"I know how I will decide the King. This will be left to a duel between the three of you. You may pick your weapons, and ride to the Kampfarena in Stettin."

The three men were nervous, but rode to Stettin anyway. When in the arena, they took their positions and weapons. Christian held a war axe, reminiscent of his Danish viking brothers. Michael held a sword and shield like a true night, and Henry II held his prized longsword engraved with a prayer in German.

"May the battle commence!" Bogislaw announced.

Christian, while still looking out, said a prayer to himself, "Lord God in heaven, I pray thee will not find my killings unneccessary, for they are to better your view of the Danes in your prized Kingdom, as I know you have watched over us for centuries, and will continue to. Amen." By the time he finished, Henry II was already attacking him. Christian let out a war cry and swung his axe out at the sword.

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The sword shattered when Christian's axe struck it. "You spoiled Frenchie, you bring a ceremonial sword to a duel," he said before lopping off his head. When the head fell, he made the sign of the cross before having to duck under Michael's sword swinging over his head. Unfortunately, they had never taught him how to follow through apparantly, so his sword, having missed the target, swung the out of shape Michael around and pulled him onto the ground. The crowd cheered.

Christian slid his foot under Michael's chest and flipped him over onto his back, and leaned one of his feet on Michael's chest. With his war axe, he lopped off Michael's sword hand. Michael screamed.

Christian looked up to the crowd cheering him on, they had never seen a Dane fight before. "Good people of Pommerania, today, you have seen the skills of a true warrior, and not some royal girly-man. We Danes are fighters, born and bred from the Vikings. It would be an honor to rule over you, and to take Pommerania to a new level of great power!"

Bogislaw stood and announced, "Christian I, I declare you the heir to my throne as Duke of Pommerania."

Soon after, Bogislaw fell into his chair, seemingly out of breath.


In the royal bedroom, Bogislaw lie on his bed with his wife, servants, and Christian I standing at his bedside. The Duke whispered, "Christian, never forget the will of the people." With that, Bogislaw lie still.

The royal assistant to the Duke took Christian out onto the balcony where hundreds of people waited. "Hail the new Duke Christian I!"

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