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Royal Marriage Bells


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Attention All Royal Courts:
The Polish Royal Family has two daughters Sophia and Jadwiga Jagiellon they are of marrying age 14, and have nobility coursing through their veins, As King of Poland I offer my daughters in royal marriage to any house who will have them and honor them.



Offers are to be made in this thread

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"Oh this is too perfect." Caterina said looking down at the missive that had arrived in Forli that morning. A Polish courier had brought it after a few weeks of traveling through Europe, an offer for the marriage of two of the King of Poland's daughters. "Poland..." She said tapping her fingers against the desk.

"Lady Caterina?" Said Tommaso curiously. "Relations with Poland?"

"Perhaps, to be perfectly honest, we know nothing about the Polish, however my plans for the Romagna require some expansion, influential expansion is necessary. I believe we could at least open talks, even if it would not result in a marriage. Actually. Unless Poland becomes a friend that we cannot afford to lose, a marriage would never be acceptable. There are too many states and I do not have a large enough family, marriage is a serious issue."

"Of course Madonna."

"Tommaso, get the Polish Courier if he is still in the palace. I have a message for him to take back to his king."



Such an offer could barely be able to be refused, however I am not one to jump into marriage proposals. The People of the Romagna and the People of Poland are separated across the vastness of Europe, though to say that relations are not favorable with even the furthest peoples of Europe would be a lie. As such, I would be interested in being able to see what the nation of Poland has to offer the Romagna and if you would allow the appointment of an ambassador of sorts. My son, Cesare and a court ambassador by the name of Isacco Lori. Treat them as you would treat my own person, honor them as you would me, and dishonor them only to incur my wrath. I look forward in haste to see what Poland has to offer my court.

Your Servant Under God,

La Bella Contessa Caterina Sforza[/i]

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King Hinrik looked over the offer. His son, Leifer, was 13 going on 14 and he could not find a woman beautiful enough for him. This was the perfect chance. But Poland was so ever far away...they could use an ally that was at that distance.

[quote]Royal Family,

Your offer is an one at perfect timing. My son Leifer is going on 14 and thuis they are the same age. Not that that silly age thing matters, but we would enjoy such a beautiful young girl. Talks are far away, so we may need two emn to meet, or perhaps send ambassadors to each other? We wish to increase relations and would really like an ally across the sea, also we need someone to marry my dear son.

With the greatest love,

King Hinrik Hallbjorn II[/quote]

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-To Sarah-
[quote]My Dearest Madame,
I will honor your family members and your countrymen with my highest respect and regard, in exchange I send my chief diplomat Wladyslaw Bucic. He is to act as our envoy and intermediary for any discussions we may have. Sincerely King Kazimierz IV [/quote]

-To Fizzy-
[quote] Dearest King Hinrik Hallbjorn, II
I will honor your family members and your countrymen with my highest respect and regard, in exchange to this kind treatsie I send my diplomat Wladyslaw Rohr. He is to act as our envoy and intermediary for any discussions we may have. He shall leave by boat transport along with the entirety of his personal diplomatic library and staff, Treat him well.

Post Scriptus: As to your son, I am deeply interested in meeting him to pair him off with my daughter, which would you choose?
Sincerely King Kazimierz IV[/quote]

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The diplomat would be excellent. As for which of your daughters? I say Sophia. It is a beautiful name, and she is a beautiful girl. He shall be sent by boat with three guards. Please do not let him to any harm.

King Hernik Hallbjorn II[/quote]

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OOC: No idea what to do as to now I assume lots of waiting for the ship but what do i rp about it arriving?

[quote]Dear Hernik,
My Friend I eagerly await your daughter and have prepared the Cathedral of Wawel for the marriage, the only questions I have include what name shall the ruling family be, Hallbjorn, and what claim shall I have to your lands and you to mine.

Ever thine,

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"You see it there Isacco?" The two Italians, Cesare Sforza, the third child of Countess Caterina, and the ambassador Isacco Lori rounded the hills of Southern Poland as they came to approach the city of Krakow and from there in the distance they could begin to make out the compound of the Polish Royal Family, Wawel. The young Italian prince sat high on his horse, whilst the older and much wider Isacco, leaned forward and at times gasping for air. Journeying across Italy and then even more so across the whole of Austria and the Lower German States had been one of the longest trips Isacco had been on, keeping up with the young Cesare only made it more difficult for him. But finally reaching the safety of Poland and the outskirts of Krakow, the journey seemed to be looking up and hopes were that they would be relaxing in a Polish palace by the day's end.

"Yes. I see it Your Grace." Isacco wheezed. "Lets keep going, I don't want to be in this saddle anymore than I need to."

The two Italians and their honor guard of Dragoons, twenty men on horseback with muskets around their shoulders, made way through the city of Krakow with a great deal of pomp, with the front horseman carrying proudly the banner of the House of Sforza through the streets. Nearing the Royal Compound, Cesare and Isacco rode ahead of the Dragoons as they approached the gates and the guards.

"My friend." Cesare bowed taking off his plumed hat, the feather brushing against his nose. "I am Cesare Sforza from the nation of the Romagna and bring tidings from my mother, the Countess Caterina Sforza. Myself and my diplomat and my guards have come here to begin relations and for the building of a future between the Romagna and the people of Poland. We seek an audience with your King or His Ministers. Please allow us this audience."

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The Guards stared at one another and halted the procession's horses, signaling with a flag to the bugler atop St. Mary's Church a signal was played to another post and relayed to the Palace proper, a return signal meant that the palace was ready for guests and once relayed to the guards they let the Royal procession pass.

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After the bugles had sounded, though Cesare was quite perturbed that the guards could not even open their mouths to speak to him and had to rely on sounds as a different course of action, the Italian procession passed into the compound itself. Once inside, the dragoons dismounted as Cesare and Isacco asked to be taken to the Royal Court of the King to announce their arrival and begin any talks that were to eventually involve Poland and the Romagna.

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Cesare and Isacco bowed as they were guided into the King's Throne Room, removing their caps and then standing firm looking up at the Polish Royal. The Prince stepped forward first and bowed his head again. "Your Highness, my name is Cesare Sforza, son of the Countess Caterina Sforza of the Romagna and I bring tidings of warm relations from Italy to your nation and the hopes of future cementing of our peoples. I realize that your daughters have been up for marriage, however, my mother and ruler will not allow a marriage of a country that we know nearly nothing about, nor do we understand how Poland can help the Romagna. Ours is a state ready to once again take up the helms of trade just as the Venetians and Genoese had done in the past and our wealth can one day support Poland for their own expansion throughout Eastern Europe. But first what can Poland offer the Romagna?"

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"The Romagna has no use for a military alliance at the moment, especially given that we know nothing about you and without a coast line, trade will be even harder. However, if you would permit our ambassador to sit within Krakow so that the Romagna may monitor Polish progress in Europe. Perhaps if we like what we see, a treaty will be in order. Economic at least with some trans-European trade. After of course we see if Poland is somewhere we would like to stake a claim on."

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