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[center][b][font="Palatino Linotype"][size="6"][color="#0000FF"][center]Announcement from TOOL's Hand of Foreign Affairs[/center][/color][/size][/font][/b]

TOOL has two Foreign Affairs awards to announce.
TOOL Diplomacy Medal[/b][/color]
for government that has dealt with TOOL and helped us during this last conflict.


Legion-X from LoSS
Impero from VE
Goldie from VE
The Chosen One from LOUD
Trinite from Sparta
Shadow from RIA
Demag from LOUD
peron from IRON
The Crimson King from TPF
Canik from FEAR
Janax from Argent
EmperorOfCheese from Argent
ajaxpenny from TOP
Watcher from the Legion
Uhtred from STA


This second one is TOOL Cordiality Award.. [/b][/color]

TOOL wishes to recognize those who we met on the battlefield during the war who were honorable opponents from other alliances. They were nominated by members of TOOL themselves.


Desert_Ratz of LoSS
Shadow of RIA
TB83 of Sparta
Gen Brett of Tailek of RIA
Hunterman1043 of LoSS
asawyer of VE
Daggarz of Nemesis
Zenit77 of Brinija (LOSS)
Severius of Menite Protectorate (MA)
Ian Dox, of New New Mexico (Sparta)
JD Storm
R0B3R7 W3155
Dani C
The Chosen one -League of United Defense

NOTE: Yes I am aware some in the second don't have their alliance listed by them, that is because TOOL members did not know or did not note which alliance they're from.

It has been an interesting war but thanks to everyone who helped TOOL.[/center]

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[quote name='Il Impero Romano' date='17 April 2010 - 01:46 PM' timestamp='1271537165' post='2264161']
Grazia for the medal, you guys were truly a pleasure to fight, were more then pleasant to deal with afterwards, and reminded me that war doesn't have to always be filled with anger and spite.

If you fight hard, bravely and honorably there really is not need for long lasting hate after. I wish more people would come to that conclusion. I respect a good hard fighting opponent.

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[quote name='The Crimson King' date='17 April 2010 - 02:32 PM' timestamp='1271539947' post='2264227']
And no Mia, this does not get you off my list :P

The Stalking will continue Until MORAL improves! :P

J/K.. congrats to all receiving awards! :)

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[quote name='deathcat' date='17 April 2010 - 05:44 PM' timestamp='1271540636' post='2264251']
The Stalking will continue Until MORAL improves! :P

J/K.. congrats to all receiving awards! :)

All because I huggled mhawk. D: It is just not fair. TCK, you do deserve the award despite the fact you're annoying.

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Thank you very much for the award.

Just because Sparta and The Order of Light were on opposite sides of the battlefield, doesn't mean that we can't, at the very least, all be civilized.

While I enjoyed the war, I would like to meet my former opponents in a less "formal" setting, and who says we must be opponents? :)

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Haha wow, me and Impero are getting diplomacy medals now lol.

Thank you TOOL, and good luck getting yourselves back on your feet. This war was pleasing on all fronts for us in that we maintained a level of respect with all of our opponents (even TPF!) and allowed this war to truly be nothing personal, just strictly business.

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[quote name='RustyNail' date='17 April 2010 - 08:48 PM' timestamp='1271551683' post='2264435']
Seems lacking somehow...

MK probably should have gotten all of them :( It really lacks MK.

Congratulations to the winners though.

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[quote name='Snowbeast' date='17 April 2010 - 08:35 PM' timestamp='1271550900' post='2264422']
Umm excuse me where are MK's awards?

Considering we didn't fight you this war, maybe next time?

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