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ERP - The Seeds Of Change


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[font="Times New Roman"][size="1"][font="Garamond"][size="2"][b]Castle de Aviz, Lisbon
Seat Of The Portuguese Throne[/b][/size][/font]
[b]Location - Castle Aviz, Lisbon[/b]
[b]Time - March 1st, 1453

King Afonso V sits upon his throne in a calm manner and calls upon the Captain of His Royal Guard in a calm manner "Charles, I have need to speak too the Dukes of Portugal. It is grand time to begin talks concerning the future of our Kingdom. I feel change is ripe upon the air, The Ottomans surround the areas Of Byzantium and I fear the great city of Constantinople will soon be under a siege...The tides of the world seem to be changing, and I will not be content to drown under these rocky waves. Hence I must convey and converse with my Royal Court Of Barons to prepare our Kingdom accordingly. Now, go forth and assemble my Barons & Dukes." Charles, set forth to carry out his Kings order and in the absence of time had members of the Royal Guard ride too the other houses to assist him in his task, thus speeding up the assembly greatly.

[b]Location - Castle Aviz, Lisbon[/b]
[b]Time - March 22nd, 1453[/b]

Charles had completed his Kings request and had successfully assembled the Kings Royal Court. King Afonso then began his assembly by decreeing various reforms, decrees, and intents. Various scribes tasked with specific portions of the conversation took note of the meeting and compiled there lists at the outset of the meeting. Ultimately resulting in the painstaking task of The Grand Scribe Sebastian to rewrite the list by hand. Sebastian thought to himself "This is far too much works for one man, there must be an easier way to copy down information." Nonetheless, when the list was finally completed by Sebastian he read it aloud too make sure it was precisely arranged. It read as followed "Firstly, from this moment on Portugal must remain ahead of other Kingdoms in order to remain strong. Thus, from here on we must begin the development of our mercantile, & military assets. I wish too see our armorers working tirelessly on improved weaponry, designs, and the advent of gunpowder weaponry. Military tacticians, are instructed too develop new methods of fighting, new strategies to conform with the evolution of warfare. Navel doctrines must improve as well as our country is rather dependent upon the seas. Architects will be tasked with the development of newer methods of buildings, I wish too see the old castles of old forgotten and replaced by newer designs. In addition, in order to keep our country rich I seek too establish vast trade-arrays that will further feed our growing nation with gold and goods. These tasks will be carried out from this moment forward, now go forth and spread my will." Sebastian was content with his account and therefore archived it in the Royal library.

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