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Holy Roman Empire Discussion Thread


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The Holy Roman Empire is a confederation of German, Czech, and Dutch nations, presided over by the Emperor, who is elected by the Seven Prince-Electors.

[size="6"][b]Friedrich III of Austria is the current Holy Roman Emperor![/b][/size][/center]

[u]Electors: Voting For[/u]
Brandenburg: Austria
Bohemia: Austria
Cologne: Holland
Mainz: Holland
Trier: Holland
Palatinate: Austria
Saxony: Brandenburg

OOC: NPC electors' votes were decided by a D6 dice roll.
Here, HRE members can discuss Imperial politics, policies, issues, problems, and such.

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"My good Emperor,
I, Margrave Friedrich II of Brandenburg, would like to petition to you an elevation of my status, and, by extension, the status of Brandenburg in the Empire. I feel my contributions, and those of my father, the late Friedrich I, justify the elevation of Brandenburg from a Margraviate to a Duchy."


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"My dear friend Friedrich, Margrave of Brandenburg,

Your contributions to the Empire, those of your father and your Margraviate are great, honourful and done with God's blessing.
It is in my God-given power as Holy Roman Emperor to raise the status of any given member of the Empire.
It is thus that I exercise this right, and elevate your status. Henceforth, Brandenburg shall be a Duchy, and you, Friedrich II of Brandenburg, shall be a Duke.

Do not misuse this blessing, for it is in my right to give, as it is to take."


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