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Two Promulgations from =LOST=

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[center][font="Franklin Gothic Medium"][size="6"]Treaty Cancellation[/size][/font][/center]

Today, I exclaim my potent displeasure with a collective of nations we mistook for dear friends and allies. The Heroes of the Union entered a covenant with =LOST= two years ago, a covenant ordained by the Mon Calamari Gods of Aqua. Forlornly, this covenant can no longer be supported. The HoTU forums are no longer accessible, their IRC channel is non-existent, and their leadership cannot be contacted. The members of =LOST= will no longer tolerate such a degradation of honor and respect.

In accordance with our will, because no cancellation clause graces the Bottom Feeders of the Aquarium PIAT, we hereby give notice that this covenant is null and void.


[center][font="Franklin Gothic Medium"][size="6"]Recognition of Cold War[/size][/font][/center]


In the month of June, the 2nd year of our Bob, =LOST= entered into a pact of brotherhood with several alliances, forming the Lolercoaster: The Complaints & Grievances Union ®. Two months later, two of those brothers bonded together to form a bigger brother, kind of like a Voltron of sorts, and this bigger Voltron-like brother came to be known as Athens. Voltronic Athens began to suck up new members like a giant spermicidal sponge with various high profile mergers.

Our disgust for the ilk that is Athens festers in the egregious insult of neglect. Athens neglected to offer =LOST= the opportunity to merge into them.

This day, =LOST= takes a stand. We will not be disrespected in this manner any longer. We will not be treated as equals with such blatant recognition of our sovereignty. We are weaker and therefore worthy of at least one merge offer that we would handily turn down.

In honor of our pact with C&G, in particular, Article I...we hereby declare a Cold War against the alliance known as Athens. We shall show no mercy in posturing along the demilitarized zone and we will brutally not let our nuclear weapons fall from the skies upon their heads. But we will spread rumors through propaganda pamphlets and cheesy public service announcements to make Athens think that our tanks will roll across the demilitarized zone and our nuclear missiles will fall in a haze of radioactive fury at an arbitrary time.

In accordance with Article II of the C&G treaty, we shall offer our assistance and aid in the conflict to Athens when needed, and will with great prejudice not attack ourselves in their defense.

This is a Cold War that will tear CnG apart, if only to bring us together.

May Bob have mercy on their souls, much like we will.





=LOST= legitimately cancels its treaty with Athens and recognizes a state of Cold War to be fought via propaganda in the court of public opinion.

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[quote name='rsoxbronco1' date='17 April 2010 - 03:08 PM' timestamp='1271531299' post='2264052']
I request that no Athens Forum members below the rank of "Z-Foreigner" post in this thread.


Still up and running :smug:

Not only does Athenian leadership have the unrighteous fortitude to restrict the outward communication of its members, but then it has the audacity to re-fashion forums of an alliance long non-existent? This monster truly needs to be repressed!

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Those Athenians are bad news with their funny togas and mergers. I trust we'll be seeing cheesy 1950's style propaganda, shady secret guerilla armies, and of course an MKULTRA program to study the potential uses of hallucigenics to defeat the enemy.

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[quote name='King Louis the II' date='17 April 2010 - 03:18 PM' timestamp='1271531916' post='2264067']
I didn't get it..... :blink:

[quote name='King Puffington' date='17 April 2010 - 03:08 PM' timestamp='1271531286' post='2264051']
o/ =LOST=, true leaders of C&G!

All you really need to know mate ;)

We shall not allow such a blatant offense to our :smug:ness; Athens shall pay. Our propaganda will strike fear at the very heart of the beast that is now called Athens; their shops will close, their women will cower, their bowels will unclench. A truly dark and odious time for the Athenian people.

o/ =LOST=, onward to victory over tyranny!


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God, I love =LOST=....you guys couldn't have posted a more perfect announcement. Keep up the good work.

Athens....you guys are kinda slippin', man....what's going on over there? :blink:

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