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Operation Free The Bird


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Ten RDTs, all armed with silenced M9s and C4s, started drilling into a small hole. Explosions were heard above, but they did not even stop to wonder what it was. The drilling went until they heard voices, in which they slowly chipped away, one rock at a time.
"Okay boys, we are going to save our leader. Hiko, you go in first and just blast your M9 at any thing you see alive. The rest of us will rush in, find Yiroshi, grab him, and run. Hibberts, you cover us. Any questions?"
No one asked.

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The charge detonated, sending five men on the other side of the wall flying. The team burst in, and Hiko opened fire on twelve dazed men. the rest of the attackers ran into a different room, in which they found Yiroshi, the gray haired man, a WMD and twenty four alert soldiers. The gray haired man ran for cover while the twenty four soldiers were either shot or shooting. Hibberts eye was blasted out, and he fell over in a dead heap. The rest of the soldiers took their C fours and threw them at the men. Hiko then ran in, grabbed Yiroshi and bolted for the opening.. The rest of the team followed him, but not until after blowing the charges. The bomb, gray haired man and thirty six dead bodies were crushed under thousands of pounds of rock, clay and brick.


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