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The Romagna

Sarah Tintagyl

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Full Name: The County of the Romagna
Short Name: The Romagna
Adjective: North Roman
Seat of Power: Forli
Government Type: Despotism
Official Religion: Catholicism
Head of State: Countess Caterina Sforza

The Romagna has advanced far enough with the graces of the Sforza and Riario Families to be one of the more advanced areas in Italy. Military arms of the Romagna are of a high quality and their armies are led in close to the command abilities of the most advanced nations in Europe of the time. Though given its size, overall strategy and tactics are still a problem.

Population: 605,275

Military Personnel:
15,900 - Musketeers
6000 - Men-at-arms
4000 - Crossbowmen
5,300 - Cavalry
425 - Artillery Pieces
32 - Galliasses

Chance of Revolt: (Provinces)
The Romagna - 0%

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