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ERP - Kingdom Of Portugal


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(OOC - Will add to it gradually)

[b]General Information[/b]

Population - 542,680
Infantry - 45,000
Militia - 90,000
Cavalry - 9,005
Artillery - 475
Navy - 66

King - Afonso V
Cardinals - Dom Pedro Hispano | Henrique de Portugal
Royal Guard Captain - Charles Brant
Royal Scribe - Sebastian Silvo

[b]Technology Base[/b]

3000+ tech
Excellent armor and weapons
Advanced tactics (1560-1640)
Strongest forts
Advanced artillery
Customization on all things allowed
Max 100% armed with gunpowder

Agriculture Development Program: Better farming, -5% revolt chance
Anti-Air Defense Network: Stronger capital fortifications (Capital Defense)
Central Intelligence Agency: +5% Spy Chance (not assassination), -5% revolt chance (National Spy Agency)
Disaster Relief Agency: Reduces daily War Revolt Chance from +1% to +.5% (Veteran Care Program)
Great Monument: -5% revolt chance
Great Temple: -5% revolt chance, Pope cannot propose excommunication if Catholic(Curia Controller still can, Pope can agree), invalidates religious Casus Bellis from nations of the same faith
Great University: Technological advances more easy to gain, +2% spy odds (not assassination)
Internet: More efficient messenger system (Messenger Corps)
Interstate: Better roads for military and commercial travel (Road Development Program)
Mining Industry Consortium: More available trade goods, easier to arm and rearm forces
Movie Industry: -5% revolt chance (Theater System)
National Research Lab: Technological advances easier to gain (National Research Center)
National War Memorial: Reduces maximum War Revolt Chance to 10%
Pentagon: Better generals, better troop morale, easier to develop tactics (Military Academy)
Scientific Development Center: Technological advances easier to gain, +2% spy odds (not assassination) (Philosophical Encouragement Program)
Social Security System: -5% revolt chance (Royal Assistance Program)
Stock Market: Bankruptcy less possible (Merchant's Guild)
Weapons Research Complex: Allows the RP of developing Rifling (Armament Development Center)

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