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Announcement from FOK and the Viridian Entente

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[CENTER][B]The Oridian Accords[/B][/CENTER]
The alliances Viridian Entente and FOK, hereafter named VE and FOK, hereby announce the true nature of their long standing relationship.
Article I - Sovereignty[/B]
Both signatories shall remain sovereign entities.

[B]Article II - Non-Aggression[/B]
Both signatories agree that no act of aggression will be issued against the other.

[B]Article III - Aid and Intelligence[/B]
Both signatories will support each other by providing financial aid if requested and shall share intelligence which can be critical to the security of the other.

[B]Article IV - Mutual Defense[/B]
Both signatories proclaim that any direct attack on either signatory will be seen as an attack on both and thus both VE and FOK will defend the other signatory from any aggression.
In the case either alliance becomes involved in a conflict via treaties with other alliances or blocs, then neither alliance will be obliged to offer assistance. Any assistance is encouraged to be given, but would be voluntary.

[B]Article V - Optional Aggression[/B]
Both signatories may join the other in a conflict the other started if they feel it is justified. Neither signatory is obliged to support the other should they disagree with it.

[B]Article VI - Termination[/B]
If either signatory wishes to cancel these accords, they must provide the other signatory with at least 72 hour notice. Afterward, a 7 day NAP will be in affect between both parties.

Signed for VE,


[i]Solaris[/i], Lord of the Entente
[i]Impero[/i], Duke of the Entente
[i]TypoNinja[/i], Secretary of State
[i]Goldielax25[/i], Secretary of Defense
[i]Audran[/i], Secretary of the Interior
[i]Kayvaan Shrike[/i], Secretary of Economics

Signed for FOK,


President, Tromp
Minister of Economic Affairs , [I]feestaap1[/I]
Minister of Foreign Affairs,[I] ArneS[/I]
Minister of Internal Affairs, [I]Outlander[/I]
Minister of Defense, [I]Timmehhh[/I]

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[quote name='Vespassianus' date='16 April 2010 - 05:36 PM' timestamp='1271453763' post='2263244']
Stars of the Polar war come together?

I'd say it is stars of the Karma War just deciding to wait a year to come together.

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[quote name='Ejayrazz' date='16 April 2010 - 10:34 PM' timestamp='1271453651' post='2263242']
You wasted ages on the name and THAT'S what you decided? >:P

Also, congrats! :)

We completely lack creativity and just decided to mix the words Orange and Viridian :x

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