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New Athens Government Lineup

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Well, the recent war sort of delayed our regular government review/changeover. Some people are also stepping down and retiring to advisory positions, or just taking on lesser time commitments in the alliance like deputy minister spots. Others are also changing long held spots, and we have one deputy minister stepping up to the minister spot. Anyway, without further ado, I present to you the Spring Term of the Athens government!


[b]Archon eponymos[/b] [I](Sovereign)[/i] - Londo Mollari

[b]Archon basileus[/b] [i](Regent)[/i] - Rsoxbronco1
[b]Archon basileus[/b] [i](Regent)[/i] - Reign of HavoK


[b]Strategos[/b] [i](MoD)[/i] - Jgoods45
[b]Theorodokos[/b] [i](MoFA)[/i] - RushSykes
[b]Agoranomos[/b] [i](MoF)[/i] - Kazeki
[b]Dikast[/b] [i](MoIA)[/i] - an4rk
[b]Didact[/b] [i](MoRecEdu)[/i] - Medtech
[b]Choregos[/b] [i](MoComms)[/i] - Ruggsymuggs

I have every confidence that this new government team will serve Athens superbly, and am proud to be working with the rest. :)

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[quote name='My Name Is Romance' date='16 April 2010 - 11:43 AM' timestamp='1271436162' post='2262896']
I haven't been paying attention, how long has Jgoods been MoD, or is this for the first time?

Jgoods has not actually served as a MoD for nearly 2 years. During that time he has been MoFA. We decided to shake things up a little bit and try to move people around to fill all of our spots as best we could and give people a change of pace. Jgoods is a smart and capable guy though, and I am confident he will quickly become an excellent and fully up-to-date Minister of Defense. :)

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[quote name='James I' date='16 April 2010 - 12:48 PM' timestamp='1271436487' post='2262904']
Congratulations to those promoted and otherwise appointed.

What Rush lacks in age, he makes up for in enthusiasm and immaturity. :)

By lacking in age, I assume you mean lacking in youth. STOP CALLING ME OLD!

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Good lineup.
Ej's critique, cause I matter.

Londo is cool, I like him. I will give you naked pictures just because I like the way "Londo" sounds.
Rsox: Dude is awesome over IRC, on the forums he is a sneaky devil. Plus, I think he lives near me, so he is cool.
Havok: hi!
Jgoods: No idea.
RushSkyes: He will be the interesting one. Good luck; I got my eyes on you BRUDDA. (Hi!)
The rest: No idea, I hope they do good.

Good things to come for you. Keep it real, and remember: free alcohol ALWAYS makes a ninja appear.

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I didn't peg Jgoods for the MoD type. Good luck friend! We'll still chat. :)

Rush good to see you as MoFA. Keep in mind age doesn't matter unless your wine or cheese (at least that's what they tell me :P).

Congrats to the rest of you guys.

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Congrats to all...

Until I break in RushSykes, I'll just have to keep pretending that Jgoods is still doing FA.

I look forward to meeting and working with those I have not met previously.

o/ Athens

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[quote name='SpectreTehDestroyer' date='16 April 2010 - 03:32 PM' timestamp='1271446303' post='2263046']
Rush as head of Foreign Affairs?

I thought you were smarter than that Athens!


Congrats to the rest though!

/me pets the good kitty. Why dost thou hurt me so Spectre?

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