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Starten på en ny tidsalder

Franz Ferdinand

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Broadcast directly from the state of Lübeck, Vega, the Magnificent One, has an announcement which will be transmitted all over the world.

"Mine venner," he started slowly. "The state of Lübeck has been through many hardships. There are many despicable people who wish us wiped from the face of the planet. These foes have been forced back and crushed many times. However, we still have much to do. Pier Henriksen Schmidt, a small and insignificant man claims that we, the great people of Lübeck are a stain on Europe, a artificial state held together by madmen and despots. What he says is a lie, for it is in fact Deutschland who is worthy of that title. The Odal Rune is a wicked symbol of hatred and torture. The many crimes against humanity which have been committed under this banner must never be forgotten. The heinous crimes committed by Martens, Mannerheim and Visari will never be forgiven. The amount of suffering they have caused to the proud people of Lübeck is inexcusable.

Yet I digress, I could continue about the crimes and... well, they are led by people who are the lowest form of life imaginable. Worse than cockroaches. Anyway, it is time for me to get straight to the matters at hand. The state of Lübeck shall, from now on, be known under a new name. We have far surpassed our original city statehood, and through our history, we have done quite a bit. Before I reveal the name, I wish to inform anyone who has any ideas that we shall not surrender any of our lands or treaties. All instances of our previous name, that being Lübeck, shall be replaced with our new name. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that I announce the existence of the state of Denmark!"

With this, the people below the balcony which Vega was on all cheered joyfully and started chanting the new name for which they were to be known.

"Danish unity for the Danes!" was the most common chant.

"Continuing on from this, we shall be moving our state's capital from our historic city of Lübeck to our economic hub of København. Also, we have recently acquired from the Swedish Empire the remainder of the region of Bohuslän. With this, we shall grow forever-more!"

The chants started louder and the fireworks started going off, providing a most grand spectacle.

"Finally, we shall be renaming our lands in Schleswig-Holstein to more Danish sounding equivalents, however, the former names shall still be used. Most notably, Lübeck shall become Lybæk, Hamburg will now be known as Hamborg and Schleswig-Holstein is now to be called Slesvig-Holstein. The start of a new age has begun!"

The crowd were really pumped up with this, and shouts of "Vega shall deliver us into a new age of unity and glory!" and "The Nords shall never crush our spirit!" was passionately shouted out by the patriotic citizens. Today is truly a new day for the great state of Denmark.

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"Its good to see the Danish people finally being able to call themselves something that identifies themselves with their own culture. Though I hope that the paranoia of Vega will end with this. If this is a step for Denmark, let us make it a step for Europe."
-Therese Zelle

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