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RED Circle 8 BR


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I have lead and fish. If you decide its okay to have fish instead of water please message me in game.

My nation link:
Best regards,

PS. I will switch teams when circle is complete.

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revaew and maddog137 found a trade circle already, so their slots are open again

Also, Mr. Fiasco if you wouldn't mind please let me know if you're still interested after all this time (I wouldn't blame you if you aren't).

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Shakya: Added. Are you willing to switch to red team once it's finished?

Paradise Fascista: Welcome to CN! You have good resources that would be great for the circle, but I have to be fair and give the uranium slot to Shakya as they posted first, and having duplicates wouldn't be ideal. I apologize, but if you need any help in-game feel free to message me there and, again, welcome!

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Hello all, I apologize but I'm going to close this circle, I was able to find sufficient trades before the circle was completed, and it started to get confusing as to who was actually part of it or not. Again, I apologize for those who were truly interested. Thanks.

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