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You shouldn't have been at war


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A tall, gray haired man walked impatiently around a small metal room. He had large round glasses, a gray beard, and a suit and tie on, looking like an average politician or teacher or even waiter.
[i]Never judge a book by it's cover.[/i]
"Hey, you ready?" A man holding a video camera asked.
"Of course, start filming." The gray haired man replied in a very deep voice.
"Ok, in five, four, three..."


TV's everywhere were interrupted by an odd sign, then a gray haired man appeared.
"Hello, people fo the world. War is unfortunate, as everyone is too focused on, 'destroy this, kill that." Well, bad time for war. I have with me a prized possesion. Two actually. One is a chemical bomb filled with VX. I know you don't want me launching THAT. The other is more a person then an object. Specifically, Yiroshi, president of NTR." The man said, smiling and pulling out a Desert Eagle .44 Magnum out of his pocket, and aiming it at a man tide up and gagged in a small wooden chair.
"I'm sure some people do love Yiroshi, as you may know. Others don't, but I'm sure they don't want to see a 87 year old man's heda blown off, do they?" He plainly stated, playing around with the trigger while aiming it at Yiroshi's head.
"So if you want to ever see this man alive, unharmed, along with your precious cities, as more WMD development is under way, I suggest you do as I say. Earlier I asked for 1 billion. No one replied. So my offer has risen. I want 50 billion dollars, 1 WMD, 100,000 weapons of any sort, wether tanks or pistols, and blood." He said, smiling.
"My offer must be offered in the next 78 hours. Don't bother searhcing for me or tracking where the money goes,it is suicide. This place is loaded with mines, toxic gas, collapsable walls and many other wonderful things. So hurry, before I blast this man's head off. And if you deny my offer, I hope you like VX."

The signal shut off. All shows returned to what they were. The broadcast was over.

OoC: Feel like rping something new.

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Emperor Bonaparte choked on his soup when he realised who was on television before swiftly bursting out laughing at the mans demands.

A message was sent to the terrorist.

"We call your bluff Son, kill the man and use the VX weapon. But mark my words, if you deploy the weapon against the Canadian Empire, I will personally flatten your country, level every city and pump VX into your underground facilties which have the NTR's civilian population.

I will bring your country down around you in flames, and I will personally command the force.

Are we clear?

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[quote name='Fizzydog' date='16 April 2010 - 01:10 AM' timestamp='1271376586' post='2261939']
OoC; Why would you destroy NTR? That is NOT NTR, that is a terrorist group trying to make trillions, not rule a country.

the NTR let a WMD fall into terrorists hands ;)
eitherway, it stands.

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The man laughed when he read the message.


[quote]Dear CAN,

I laughed at your message. Go ahed and take them out when I launch it. Why would it hurt me? That just makes everything so much better, a dead country in mark of what I can do. Mark my words, you could easily be attacked again and you could blame someone else, and we could become more and more feared. So hopefully you are smart enough NOT to help us.

Very Sincerely,

X [/quote]

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[u][b]Vauleyo-Buryatian Foreign Ministry[/b][/u]

At the end of the broadcast, a member of the Diplomatic Corps places a short call to the Military HQ.
"This is the Commander of the Royal Rocketry Brigade."[/i]-????
"Commander, I am just verifying that there is a standard defense procedure in place in the event of a chemical or biological attack by a rogue individual or nation."[/i]-Diplomat

[i]"Indeed, the standard response is at the discretion of the High Command and varies from a simple military counter attack to a nuclear strike"[/i]-????


As the Diplomat put the phone down, he turned around and shouted to an Aide:

[i]"Someone get some popcorn, it's going to be an interesting few days"[/i]


[b]***Public Statement from the Government of Vauleyo-Buryatia***[/b]

[i]"We watch the situation with extreme concern. It is deeply concerning that an individual such as the one who is holding the President of the NTR was able to acquire such a weapon (if indeed the weapon exists). The government of Vauleyo-Buryatia shall state unequivocally that the use of such a device on any other nation shall result in swift and dire consequences for all those responsible."[/i]

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[quote name='Fizzydog' date='16 April 2010 - 01:19 AM' timestamp='1271377170' post='2261952']
The man laughed when he read the message.


As stated, we will not give in to your demands.


MI6 agents were working on tracking the signal back to its source. Once complete teams of spooks would go and neutralise them.

fizzy your inside NTR somewhere ;)
you cant RP outside of it unless you have another persons permission to do it from their country ;) harharhar
Btw im doing spy rolls on tracking your signal to its source, so lets hope you win them hehehe.

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Roger Smith, after seeing the broadcast, called in Colin Powell.

"What are we going to do about this Powell?"

"Well, we could go on a hunt with the Canadian Empire and take this man out."

"Contact them then."


***Private to the Canadian Empire***

Dear Minister of Defense of the CE,

Please help us find this madman that is threatening the entire continent. We will send a high-level Operator as well as an SF team.

Colin Powell (Blue Heaven MoD)

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A madman with a biological weapon was hardly anything new, but Conway was one to take this sort of thing seriously. In less than an hour, a C-130 was fuelled and waiting on the tarmac for the mission go order. On board this unscheduled and top secret departure were just eight men, their equipment, and one special package. A 1 kiloton nuclear fission bomb. Their uniforms bore no insignia, and every man had undergone special training with a dialect coach. If they were intercepted before reaching their target, they would be able to swear blind that they were American, and had the accents to match. After 20 minutes of waiting, the storm-grey aircraft finally took to the skies, and even before it was lost to the dark of the night, it turned sharply to the right, and headed east. Forward word had already been sent to the Queendom, Greater Pacifica, the Holy American Empire, and the Northern Republic, informing them all of their objective, and requesting permission to land and refuel should it be required, and, of course, permission to enter their airspace. At the same time, intelligence officers at MilCom were attempting to trace the source of the signal. If everything went as planned, the team would be covertly inserted into the Nos Tre Republic within 30 hours, and the nutter holding the pistol would be dead 30 minutes after that.

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The Welsh c-130 touched down on the relatively isolated Pacifican airfield well into the afternoon, it would arrive at its final destination later that night. Stopping for fuel it had been cleared to land at one of the more obscure and low key military fields of the power. This was due partially to the existing over capacity on their eastern frontier, but also due to the confidential nature of its occupants. As refueling commenced, and the soldiers on board, though alert, occupied themselves, two Seraphim (Pacifica's elite cadre of enhanced and highly trained soldiers) slipped on board. They had been briefed on the team's mission, and been told to link up with them and assist. They each carried with them their standard gear, and in addition a second set of bags containing extra ammunition, provisions, and supplies for improvised explosives (and other area effect weapons). They had yet to introduce themselves, they'd stow their things first.

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"Sir, what is the opinion of the Kingdom on this terrorist's demands?"

"The Kingdom does not deal with terrorists. As regards this issue, the Kingdom has no formal relations with NTR, and while the assassination of a nation's leader is a cause of sorrow, it does not affect us in any way," Gen. Mohammad Faraz, Commander of Royal Cochin Police Force answered.

"Sir what about the ransom demands and the threat about the use of chemical weapons?"

"We do not consider such a threat as valid. The Kingdom's strategic defenses are always in a state of readiness and the RCPF is ever vigilant regarding contraband materials entering or exiting the nation. There is non call for any further measures and create any sense of panic. We are secure. However if a loophole is found in our defenses and such a device is launched on us, our agencies know how to deal with that, in terms of limiting and controlling the damage and in terms of due retaliation. The Kingdom of Cochin has a Strategic Doctrine, under which all WMDs are retaliated against in a uniform manner. So I would like to state that there is no cause for alarm. Thank you," Gen. Faraz replied before heading to the Provincial Police Headquarters in New Delhi.

"So we have heard what the Chief of Police thinks about this so called threat. This is Salu Menon from Gosree News Network, speaking from New Delhi."

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A lone AC-130 gunship flew out over the Atlantic Ocean and made its way south, in international waters before taking a hard change of direction West wards towards the NTR and the city of Charleston. Armed with an M105 howitzer, a 40mm Bofors cannon and a vulcan gun, the aircraft soared high over the city to 30,000 feet. Even higher above, at 50,000 feet, flew a KC-135 Stratotanker.

Inside the AC-130 were four SAS operatives and two MI6 field agents, and as the ramp dropped at the back of the aircraft, the six men soared into the night, and plummeted to the earth. Due to the danger of the jump, each man carried an oxygen bottle with a mask around his mouth, and for the thirty mintues previous to the jump, they brethed nothing but pure oxygen to flush the system of nitrogen to avoid getting decompression sickness, more widley known as, "the bends".

Their Altimeters told them it was time to pull, and the spooks pulled the cords on the parachutes and began to drift down to the earth.
It took a further five minutes before they landed, some five miles outside of Charleston, and so they made their way inland.

The still circling AC-130 gunship began picking out targets in the harbour such as NTR marked container ships, military looking facilties and vehicles.
But infrared and thermal imaging showed no civilians, no guards and no soldiers.
Where the hell were they?

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TVs in Selenarctos were not interrupted as television-signal-carrying cables in Selenarctos are a closed circuit without external input.

Security Division analysts examining the video determined it did, in fact, originate in NTR but that the terrorist group sending it does not represent a credible threat to Selenarctos at the current time. As such, the situation was delegated to a relatively low-ranking official to monitor and report back if any significant changes occurred.

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It was nearing midnight, zulu time, as the C-130 circled at the drop point. The two seraphim had been regarded with no small amount of curiosity. The team had introduced themselves using only their call signs for the mission, but they were all in unspoken agreement that the two seraphim were all business. Jumping at night was an inherently dangerous task, and, even though the relevant charts had been wired to the team from New South Wales, it was still unfamiliar territory. The jump was made all the more dangerous tonight by the SADM that Commander John Winters had strapped to his thigh. Weighing in at 62lbs, it was sure to make landing difficult. The one saving grace was the moon. At least he would be able to see the ground before he slammed into it. It also meant that the enemy could see them.

The red jump light brought everyone out of their stupor. Oxygen masks were buckled onto their combat helmets, and the small bottles strapped into their jump harnesses. The men paired up, performing a final check on each others jump kit. The sound of hydraulic rams moving forced it's way past all the other sounds. A low pitched hum signalling that the jump was approaching. The ramp locked down, and the noise was replaced by the whistle of wind flowing along the airframe.

Green light.

"Go Go Go!"

Commander Winters jumped first. The currents in the air tore at his flight suit, spinning him wildly in the night sky. After a few seconds, he re-righted himself, reaching the ideal jump position. Now that he had control, he flipped himself onto his back, looking for his team members above him. He counted nine vague figures, and flipped back onto his front, satisfied. He check the luminous dial of his altimeter.

12,000 feet





2,000 feet.

He pulled the ripcord, and felt the tug on his torso as he slowed beneath his chute. He felt another, less familiar tug on his leg, and for a second, he had the horrible feeling that the damned thing was going to break off. Thankfully, it stayed in place. He almost thought the mission was going to plan, when he saw a limp form plummet past him, twirling in the air. He didn't see a 'chute.

Winters dumped his jump kit as soon as humanly possible. Thankfully, the team hadn't lost contact during the jump. Apart from Corporal Jones, that was. They were now behind enemy lines, and Winters felt awfully exposed, trekking through hostile territory with a nuclear weapon strapped to his back...

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Wenzel and a large amount of very important guards stepped out of the ground.
"we have an announcement." He said. "NTR has got this under control. Attacking any NTR buildings will be a declartion of war. WE are not terrorist. WE are trying our best. Please do hit or kill any NTR civilians, soldiers, or persons of NTR unless engaged first. Please, thank you if you are hepling." And with that, they disappeared to the undergrounds.


General Tojo stood up in a small dirt underground room with merely a table and a radio. "Gentleman, it has come to my belief that we will DESTROY all of our WMD's, and find a way to fight these guys.
A young officer stood up. "How do we know where they our. Sir?"
Tojo chuckled breifly to himself, before say, "We have our ways to know where every broadcast comes from. They are just about 200 yards away from us, and only 10 yards deeper. They used one of the tunnels." He laughed again, then said, "I will be sending 10 RDTs to drill down through the exact tunnel he is in. I unfortunately cannot announce his position to any other government, in fear he might hear and just shoot Yiroshi and blow wherever to bits."

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The small SAS/MI6 force ducked into one of the sewer outlets and began moving through Charleston under the city and began moving down the tunnels as quietly as their MOPP suits allowed. SAA2's glinting in the low light as the crept down a sewer tunnel next to one of the NTR's underground bunker networks.
After watching the video over and over again and the signal strength of the video, MI6 determined the video was an underground source, with a low level signal booster, and so determined it must be in one of the underground complex's.

After thermal imaging from an S7-71 spy plane determined an entrance to a tunnel after following a large group of people into it when the NTR announced mass evacuation.

The small task force used a simple stethescope to follow the bunker complex, it always seemed to be on their left as they followed the tunnel.
It was dark, wet and it stunk of !@#$, but the special forces stuck it out, and gritted their teeth. The lead MI6 agent used his stethescope on the wall once more and signalled the rest near to him.

"I hear voices" he whispered.

A series of charges was placed against the wall, hopefully, more than enough to bring the wall down and open a breach into the room/tunnel on the otherside.

"Make ready to breach"
"3 , 2, 1"

The detonator was pressed.

The AC-103 overhead had selected two Government buildings, one bank and one large NTR marked ship in the mouth of the harbour.
The flight operations officer gave permission to open fire with the 105 and bofors gun against the Government buildings.
Four HE 105 rounds screamed out of the sky and fourteen 40mm bofors rounds with HE rounds followed into the roof of the Government buildings.
As soon as the rounds were clear permission was given to hit the bank with five HE 105 rounds and then the ship, which was given five AP rounds and 5 HE rounds, and a deck length spray of AP rounds from the Bofors gun.

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The explosions were heard undeneath tyhe buildings, and thousands screamed. The same thought raced through everyones mind, [i]Someone is attacking US![/i]

After the attacks on the two buildings and one ship, which was loaded with goods and about 100 people, 90 of which were killed, soldiers rushed out of the building and jumped into banshees. AA fire covered them, as the sky was pounded. More soldiers ran throughout the city, hoping to find any ground forces.

After hearing the news, the gray haired man chuckled. [i]The poor NTR lads, they are getting attacked.[/i] He thought. He told the news to Yiroshi, who started crying.


The bunkers were put under high alert, and metal doors slammed close, mines were turned on, and patrol was sent to look through non rigged tunnels.

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The Gunships radar picked up the obsolete fighters engines being turned on so held fire on the final volly and climbed to their service ceiling of 30,000 feet, flying back out over the Ocean to meetup with the Fuelling craft. The gunship lost contact with the Banshees as it crossed back into international waters with the fuelling craft.

The fuelling aircraft, visually resembling a passenger liner kept at 30,000 feet alongside the gunship as they made their way back north of the Atlantic.

The special ops teams stormed through the breach, but found nobody in the tunnel. Hearing voices way down the tunnel the team spread out across the hallfway and moved down it in tactical spacing, orders to kill anyone on sight were issued. A sign on the wall read command bunker, which was behind them down the otherside of the tunnel.

Reaching a T junction in the tunnel, the two MI6 agents looked around and saw a door around 200 yards down the tunnel, which seemed to go further into the earth around another 100 yards.
The SAS soldiers booby trapped the T junction with Claymore mines and procceded down the tunnel to the doorway.

Getting on eitherside of the door, breaching charges were placed and flashbangs were prepared, rifles raised, the breaching charge was detonated, flashbangs were thrown in, and the Team stormed the room.

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