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Formation of the United States of China


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President Chiang would take to the stage on top of Taipei 101 for the announcement broadcast around the world.

"Countrymen." he said slowly. "It is with great regret that we have been forced to take action against extremists in Taiwan. However, it is pleased for me to report that we have been victorious thanks to the actions of the Neo Whampao Brotherhood. Just as the first Whampao Academy under my father bravely launched the first war against the Warlords at the fall of the Qing, and reunified the country, and just as those men were of all ideologies: Guomindang and Communist, so is today's brotherhood a diverse and brave group which places nationalism over ideology. It is clear to me seeing their bravery that I have realized the failure of the past which allowed extremists to arise. That is the fundamental failure for us to adequately present a strong vision of what is China!

China is not a race, it is a culture. The Chinese Culture is one which has given the world countless inventions and propelled forward human progress on every front known to man. It is when we neglect this cultural heritage and its lessons that we allow disunity and tribalism to take root. Chinese Culture has begun to wain not only in Taiwan but also in Palintine. This ends now. By the will of all Chinese People, I hereby establish the United States of China, unifying the Chinese coastal provinces and Taiwan in a Federation of States. Vice Justice Minister Wei, a key figure in reestablishing Order in our country shall form our interim government, we will then hold democratic elections with Chinese charateristics soon! Furthermore, I hereby implore the Neo Whampao Brotherhood and Chairman X take up the task of protecting these sovereign states, unite Taibei, Taiwan, and Palintine, take their sons and daughters and train them so that their blood can forge a New Great Wall!"

The Video cut to Chairman X. The man stood at a podium overlooking the airfields at Taibei sporting the Rebel Army weaponry in the background.

The man smirked as he poured a small glass of baijiu, "You can rest assured Mr. President, the Central Planning Commission of the Neo Whampao Brotherhood shall fulfill its duty, by our countrymen, by our ancestors, and by our homeland." Chairman X said. He then drank the clear liquor.


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Private: "USC? Isn't that a college in california?"

"According to google yes. But look here."

Clicks to the 24th page of results.

"Huh, The United states of china. Bleh. University of spoiled children get their own country along with a top ten ranking for no apparent reason..."

Public: "Maps have been updated. Cool."

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[quote name='Triyun' date='16 April 2010 - 12:40 PM' timestamp='1271439634' post='2262938']
What have we done to justify refusing recognition of our sovereignty?

"With have reports that one of the first actions your nation under took was to launch an invasion of another land. Whilst at this moment in time we can or can not fully check to see if these reports are correct, we do hope to do so soon. After which we will see about whether your nation will be recognised by ourselves".

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If you are refering to the reunification of Taiwan. The current head of state of the previous government in Taiwan is the head of state of the USC. The President of that state dissolved a rebellious extremist government, and called upon their kinsman in Taibei to help reunify the country after an illegal take over by this rebellious government.

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