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The VNV Accords

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"I don't want to set the world on fire..." The words came out of the old gramophone, a 45 rpm disk spinning on it. The music was however not nearly enough to muffle the heavy rain on the window to the extent where it couldn't be heard. It was a finely carpeted room with lots of features in the woodwork on the walls and ceiling. At the end of the room stood a desk, and behind it sat a man in a big puffy chair, smoking a cigar and looking into the night though the rain covered window. A big lightning strike shook the old house and made the light flicker and die. When the lights returned, the man spun the chair around to face the big group of individuals now standing in front of the desk. "You could have knocked you know." The man said, putting the cigar down on the ashtray situated on the left of the table. He then shut off the gramophone to the right. Aryan smiled and said: "The entrance is important, and sneaky does it. Besides Conner, what is a surprise without the actual surprise?" Conner raised an eyebrow, looking the group over, saying: "Yeah well, you might have a point, but why come here in the first place? This looks official and I'm retired remember... And how did you sneak so many people in here through the front door?" Just when Conner said this, Discojames came running through the door, as he stopped, he said: Boss, sorry I'm late, the power cord wasn't fixed properly after we cut it." He then looked up at Conner staring at him. "Err... Let's just say we used magic okay?" As he said it, a rope fell from the chimney down onto the charred but otherwise empty fireplace. Aryan looked over at the fireplace, dusting some black stuff off his otherwise spot free uniform. Erix who were standing beside him noded in agreement. "Well, can we sit?" He said, gesturing at the chairs in front of the desk. "Just do it already" Conner said while picking up the cigar, he then put it in his mouth and continued to smoke it. "But if you stain the chairs, I'll have your ribcages hung in front of the main entrance, to serve as a warning." Everyone took a seat, some had to gather some chairs from other parts of the room, and some sat down at the bar. Wifey and Aryan was whispering something; Wifey stood up and went to the bar to gather some drinks. "Anyone want to help me with the drinks?" She said. Nord walked over to help, as he did, he hummed the song "All Along the Watchtowers". Erix made a gesture at the desk and mankiller got on his feet and put a long document down on the desk, he then sat back down. "You all know why we're here." Erix said, looking around at the group. "Well Conner might not but that doesn't matter... Ahem, we all agreed on this document and it's time to sign it. We might as well go first." As the VA high government walked up to sign the document, Wifey, Nord and Tonder walked among the crowd, serving the drinks.
Time went on and when the last person of the group had signed, everyone stood up, champagne glasses in hand. Aryan waved everyone a little bit closer, then held out his glass and said: "This is truly a historic day, we have all worked hard to achieve this goal, and I'm proud to say that it's a please signing this document with all of you." He then lifted his glass higher and said: "To victory!" And with that, everyone replied loudly: "Not Vengeance!"...


[size="4"][b]Victory Not Vengeance[/b][/size]

[size="5"][b]MDoAP Bloc Treaty[/b][/size]

[size="4"][i]VA, WFF, DB4D[/i][/size][/center]

[i]1. Preamble[/i]

Forged from the fires of war, a sense of unity and brotherhood is born, on the frontlines like meat-shields, issued nothing but a gun and the hope of glory and victory, fire rains from the sky like meteorites, burning everything in its path, the war machine tramples even the smallest ant, and the biggest tree does bend, scraps of metal flying through the haze, men running through the smoke and debris like a maze, pointing and shooting like madmen, everybody is a son or a daughter, but all bleed the same, with knives at their throats, the politicians take the ultimate step, a password and a big red button, and the world glows with a new fire, uncountable masses like dots on the horizon, death comes home and we all must answer, with pens and swords we fight all opposed with renewed desire for peace, comrades in arms and war buddy bonds unbreakable, we fight until the end be it victory or defeat, we will rise to fight another day, for victory, not vengance.

[i]2. Sovereignty[/i]

We are all friends here and all the signatories shall hold a civil tone and express their deep sense of brotherhood in the public room, all signatories are however still separate entities with freedom to act on their own and agree that all the signatories are to maintain their own sovereignty.

[i]3. Unity[/i]

There shall be no war between the signatories of this bloc. If a member of one of the signatory alliances should happen to declare war on another member of a signatory alliance, they must then offer peace immediately, as well as payment of reparations. No member nation may aid the aggressor so long as that state of war exists. The victim of such unprovoked attacks are not to retaliate in any shape or form for twenty-four hours following notification to their respective alliance of the war, this allows time for diplomatic resolutions to be pursued, unless the assault includes multiple aggressors of the same alliance.

[i]4. Generosity[/i]

Inter-bloc aiding is strongly encouraged to promote mutual growth for all signatories. Member nations of signatory alliances are however not allowed to aid nations currently at war with any of the other signatory alliances nations. Should it happen that any nation of any signatory alliance offers illegal aid, then it must pay a fine that are discussed between the involved signatories.

[i]5. Truth[/i]

It is not allowed for any signatory alliance to engage in espionage against another signatory. If a signatory catches another signatory spying on them, or gains info of such taking place in secret, then they must notify the bloc through secure channels immediately so that action can be taken.

[i]6. Might[/i]

A. An attack on one signatory alliance is considered an attack on the entire bloc and will be responded to with the full force of the bloc's capabilities.

B. All signatories agree to defend each other through military, political, and financial actions if it should happen that war befalls a signatory started by an outside alliance or group.

C. Aggressive actions taken by a signatory may or may not be sanctioned by the bloc as a whole. Approval for offensive actions must be passed by all of the signatories 72 hours before said conflict begins. Voluntary participation in unapproved offensive wars is allowed.

D. Any signatory may refrain from participation in an approved offensive conflict if it has permission to do so by the rest of the signatories.

E. Aggressive wars started by any signatory alliance against another non-signatory alliance (defined as having [insert number here] or more members) must be made known to the rest of the bloc at least 10 hours before the start of said war.

F. No other signatory may take any action, be it military, political, or financial, on behalf of another signatory without the approval of that signatory.

[i]7. Acceptance[/i]

A. From the moment this treaty is valid, additional signatories can be allowed into the bloc by unanimous vote of all the current signatories. All signatories outside the bloc can apply to become a member of said bloc, but should be in good standing with the current signatories.

B. Voting on membership issues can carry on as long as they have to, Voting only ends once all signatories have voted, a time limit can however be imposed if the process is taking too long.

C. All signatories have the right to voice their opinions without discrimination.

[i]8. Dishonor[/i]

Should it happen that one of the signatory alliances fail to uphold the terms of this treaty, immediate disciplinary action will be taken by the rest of the signatory alliances upon the violator.

[i]9. Remedies[/i]

Amendments can be made by vote of 2/3 of the treaty signatories. Said votes will last at least a minimum of 72 hours and there must have been extensive discussions in the bloc conference room before voting is initiated.

[i]10. Passion[/i]

A. There will be no restriction on any signatory of this treaty from pursuing independent treaties with other non-signatory alliance if they so wish, but it is considered proper to inform the other signatories if one intends to pursue out of bloc relations in the form of treaties.

B. If any signatory alliances have any grief with another signatory signing a certain treaty with a certain non-signatory alliance, it should then immediately be made known to the other signatories so that the signatory alliances can engage in discussion of the situation and agree on a course of action, if any.

C. Any conflicts from any participation in any outside treaty shall be considered offensive acts and shall cause inter-bloc voting before bloc action can be required and provided.

[i]11. Grace[/i]

If for any reason a signatory alliance feels that this treaty has been violated and diplomatic efforts have not yielded any kind of results, they have the right to withdraw from said treaty by the their decision making bodies. Notification of withdrawal must be given to the other signatories within seventy-two (72) hours.

[size="4"][b]Signed for Veritas Aequitas:[/b][/size]
[i]Erixxxx[/i] -
Lord Protector

[i]mankiller[/i] -
Lord of Foreign Affairs

[i]Amanita phalloides[/i] -
Lord of Armed Forces

[i]boskosbigdawgs[/i] -
Lord of Economic Development

[i]wanderofys[/i] -
Lord of Recruitment

[i]discojames[/i] -
Lord of Internal Affairs

[size="4"][b]Signed for World Freedom Federation:[/b][/size]
[i]Nord Belka[/i] -

[i]Chazz[/i] -
Deputy Skymarshal

[i]Merdesa[/i] -
Deputy Skymarshal

[i]Federal Officers and Citizens[/i]

[size="4"][b]Signed for Death Before Dishonor:[/b][/size]
[i]Aryan83[/i] -
supreme commander

[i]Karmasutra[/i] -
Minister of Foreign Affairs

[i]Azteka[/i] -
Minister of War and Defence

[i]bwc153[/i] -
Minister of Internal Affairs[/quote]
If you like, you can join us in #VNV on coldfront for an awesome party!

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[quote name='SpectreTehDestroyer' date='15 April 2010 - 12:54 PM' timestamp='1271350470' post='2261459']
Another Bloc? Good god.


You notice that we are not just another bloc...

We are here on a mission from the gods :awesome:

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[quote name='Nord Belka' date='15 April 2010 - 08:04 PM' timestamp='1271354671' post='2261525']
You notice that we are not just another bloc...

We are here on a mission from the gods :awesome:
Oh [i]word?[/i] ^_^

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[quote name='Nord Belka' date='15 April 2010 - 07:04 PM' timestamp='1271354671' post='2261525']
You notice that we are not just another bloc...

We are here on a mission from the gods :awesome:

Your gods will and cannot help you.


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[quote name='SpectreTehDestroyer' date='15 April 2010 - 08:23 PM' timestamp='1271355798' post='2261540']
Your gods will and cannot help you. :smug:
Just because we're on a mission from the gods doesn't mean that we need their help for it. :P

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