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It's Time to Time

Il Terra Di Agea

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“Do you think that they’re watching?”
“You know,” The man jerked his head back and forth in a stained motion, “Them.”
“I have no idea what you are talking about…”
“Uhg… Tahoe. Do you think the Tahoan’s are watching?”
“…No. Why would they. We’re just a little cruiser, out for a cruise. Nothing interesting at all, plus, they’re probably too busy with that whole ‘being invaded’ thing right now anyway to pay attention to us.”
“But what if they are? This is like… Their big thing, WE’RE BREAKING THE BIG THING!”
“Yes Elton?”
“How many drinks have you had today?”
“How many drinks are in two bottles of Akvavit?”
“More than enough…”
Dr. Elton Ek sighed as his friend and colleague, Dr. Isaac Gjertsen slid down into his seat, another victim of the sick, twisted monster that comes about when you mix seasickness, fear, and Caraway flavoured liquor. Elton carefully slid one of Isaac’s spare coats under his feet to hold the tide of vomit that was no doubt on the horizon.
Dr. Ek peered across the room, not far away, sever soldiers sat, barely awake, awaiting their landing. He could barely fathom why the soldiers were necessary; If all went to plan, they would only stay for a few days, take some readings, take a few samples, drop the Attosecond Chronometer, and leave. Quick, clean and easy.
Isaac briefly regained consciousness. “I don’t feel so goooo… -Bluh-“ Isaac frantically stood, and unleashed an ungodly torrent of vomit, directly into Dr. Ek’s lap.
…It’s never easy.

OOC: Woo, random realizations leading to a new RP. Yay

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“Wow, place has really gone to hell…” Isaac said, looking over the deck and onto the first island.
“It was like this before,” Elton said, leering, “It’s been like this forever.”
“Oh really, than why have I never heard of it?!”
“Because it’s a smell island chain covered in garbage. Fancy garbage, but still garbage.”
“So why are we here?”
“Isaac, it was your bloody idea! “
“You theorized that, in this confined location, somehow, something was speeding up, or slowing down the speed of light, causing the matter to move and act differently than it normally could. You said that the matter here, right here, was moving too fast, or very, very dense reletive to the rest of the world, which would slow down time as experienced within the distortion zone, but leave the passage of time on the outside completely unchanged. All of this in conjunction, would explain all of the strange localized time dilation problems in the area, and possibly give us insight into both stopping the dilation field and, eventually, master control of the flow of time itself. You really don’t remember any of this?”
“Nope, not a bit.”
"Yes Elton?"
"You aren't allowed any more liquor. You're supposed to be a damn genius, if you can't remember your big discovery, you'll be screwed... And then I take the credit... Actually, you know what, go back to galley, and grab some rum... Lots and lots of rum."
"No time," hummed a dense, gravely voice from the stairwell, "We're leaving."
"About damn time Captain," Dr. Ek said, exasperated, "We've been waiting for hours. It's not like we're planing an invasion, just a little scientific bout of discovery."
"You've never been in hostile territory, have yeh boy? I don't care if you're walking into a Finnish Starbucks, you're not at home, you get prepared for the worst."
Captain Jonas Mansson was an exceptionally large man, though you would never guess it by his demeanor. He had the face of a man who had seen to much war, as if it were frozen the very moment he realized that the only life that mattered was his own, all of which was overshadowed by the massive belly that protruded from his haphazardly buttoned shirt. He made a bad habit of picking out and drawing attention to the weaknesses of others, but could barely get a serious response out of any of his men. He was a bad soldier, and a worse leader... he also looked like a damned whale.
"Get in the dinghy, we leave in fifteen minutes," The captain said, peering down his bulbous nose, with a look that Ek could only describe as severe constipation, rather than the intended intimidation, "Fifteen minutes, don't be late."
"I'll be getting in the boat now Captain."
"As will I commodore lardass!" Isaac yelled, still excited, he had found his emergency flask.
Captain Mansson grimaced as he walked over to the stairwell. Ek was pleased that Isaac was drunk enough to say what he had wanted to say all morning.

OOC: I am moving at 98% the speed of light, in my time, it has only been a few minutes since I last posted. I did not forget about this.

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