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Tech Sellers Needed!


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[size="7"][center][b]TSO needs Tech Sellers![/b][/center][/size]

That's right! The Sweet Oblivion has 55,000 tech to move!! Our loss is your gain! Have a new nation? Have a friend with a new nation? Looking for some extra cash to grow real fast? Have 4 or 5 aid slots you want to fill with cash? Then let me know! We needs LOTS of Sellers which means lots of money for you!

We are currently taking names of interested individuals. Starting Alliances or alliances with small nations are encouraged to apply as a group.

Q: But how will this work?

A: Simple. We hook you up with 5 TSO nations. You get 15mil. After 10 days. You send 50 tech each to 5 assigned CnG nations. 10 days later you send 50 more tech to those same nations. After 100 tech is delivered. You get 15mil more and then 5 more CnG nations to send tech to.

Wear, Wash, Rinse, Repeat!

This equates to 3mil for 100 Tech!

Please post below if interested! Once we have a good group and a receiver list from CnG, we will get this going.

Note: Asshats, Tech/Aid Theives, Douche Bags, and New Gramlins need not apply.

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