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Commonwealth of Norway-Swedish Empire Announcement

Il Terra Di Agea

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"Even after several years of Civil war, Norway has remained at Sweden's side, and vice versa. Now, as Sweden comes back onto it's feet as a nation, the bond should only become stronger. I am pleased to announce the formation of a Norway-Sweden Mutual Defense Pact. May our two nations live in peace and brotherhood."
[quote][u]Article I: Recognition[/u]
Both signatories recognize the Sovereignty of the each other. Under this Agreement, both signatory nations shall not invade, claim, or otherwise compromise the each other’s Sovereignty, unless at the behest of the other nation.

[u]Article II: Mutual Defense[/u]
Under this agreement, both signatories are to come to the each other’s aid in event of a defensive war. As such, an act of aggression and/or war on one signatory nation is, thus, an act of aggression and/or war on the other, and shall be dealt with appropriately.

[u] Article III: Intelligence[/u]
If any of both signatory nations receive information of any kind that is crucial or otherwise important to the well-beings of both signatory nations, they are expected to share the said information with the each other.

[u]Article IV: Economics and Trade[/u]

[b]Section A:[/b] Both signatories agree to abolish tariffs between trade with each other. In the wake of war, internal issues or deficit, both signatories agree to help in the rebuilding of their country.
[b]Section B: [/b] Until such a time that they feel it is no longer necessary, and providing the continuation of a stable ruling government, Norway shall provide food and aid.

[u]Article V: Collapse[/u]
Should the Swedish Empire Collapse, or in any other way suffer tremendous internal strife or the a descent into anarchy, though completely supporting of Swedish sovereignty, Norway will reserve the right to intervene and protect the land, much as it was protected before the new Swedish nation organized and formed.

[u]Article VI: Cancellation[/u]
So long as the Swedish Empire and Commonwealth of Norway remain, this treaty cannot be cancelled, only reviewed and altered to fit the current trend of world events.

[b]For the Swedish Empire,[/b]
High King Valdemar Fransson and High Queen Elin Fransson

[b]For the Commonwealth of Norway,[/b]
King Dayus Heimdall
Prime Minister Ben Herrmasson

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