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Vauleyo-Buryatians heads to the polls

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Vauleyo-Buryatian Elections  

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[u][b]BCNA: Vauleyo-Buryatia Elections[/b][/u]

“Throughout the nation, voting has begun in the Presidential and Parliamentary elections. Candidates from the major political parties have completed last minute campaign stops ahead of the opening of the polls. Presidential candidate [b]Dmitri Andropov (SDP)[/b] and his main rival [b]Dr. N. Rokossovska (VDP)[/b] held campaign rallies in Sygh-Varthys as they urged their supporters to vote. Polling stations across the country opened at 7:10am, and the [b]Vauleyo-Buryatian Electoral Commission (VEC)[/b] reported that the voting process was moving [b]‘smoothly’[/b] across the country despite a few [b]‘minor incidents in East Ingushetia’[/b]. According to the VEC, voting is expected to continue until 7:00pm, and the final results are scheduled to be released at 8:30pm.

The final public opinion polls released ahead of the election suggest that the Presidential race is almost a dead heat between Mr. Andropov and Dr. Rokossovska, while the [b]Social Democratic Party (SDP)[/b] is set to retain their majority in the Great People’s Khural. The [b]Vauleyo-Buryatian Democratic Party (VDP)[/b] looks set to become the largest single opposition party as it seeks to eat away at the SDP’s super majority in Parliament.

In the [b]East Ingushetia Autonomous Region (EIAR)[/b] several politicians have called upon citizens to [b]‘stay away from the polls’[/b] to send a message to the Central government that the people of East Ingushetia do not [b]‘recognize the forced occupation of East Ingushetia by Vauleyo-Buryatia’[/b]. These politicians, thought to be linked to the political wing of the [b]Liberation Army of East Siberia (LAES)[/b], have urged supporters to attend street protests throughout East Ingushetia to [b]‘denounce the elections, and to denounce the destruction of East Ingushetia’s culture at the hands of the Vauleyo-Buryatians’[/b]. The government has dismissed the allegations as [b]‘idiotic and downright dangerous’[/b] and has reiterated the position that voting is not mandatory.

The government of Vauleyo-Buryatia has urged the regional government of East Ingushetia to [b]‘respect the rights of all citizens, but to ensure that those who wish to vote are not prevented from doing so’[/b]. A proposal to ban unauthorized gatherings in East Ingushetia for the duration of the elections was rejected by the Central government, which instead urged the regional authorities to [b]‘monitor the situation and take appropriate actions’[/b]."[/i]-Reporter

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[u][b]BCNA Update: First votes counted[/b][/u]

[i]"Voting is continuing across several of the eastern provinces of Vauleyo-Buryatia. Due to the time difference between Novaya Zemlya and East Ingushetia, it will still be five more hours before all polling stations are closed. In the western provinces of Vauleyo-Buryatia, the first results have been tabulated and certified by the [b]Vauleyo-Buryatian Electoral Commission (VEC)[/b]. According to the initial results, with approximately 35% of eligible votes counted, Former President Rokossovska has a significant lead over the [b]SDP[/b]'s Dmitri Andropov. It is still impossible to predict a winner in the Presidential poll as votes from several Andropov strongholds have yet to be counted. At this stage, Dr. Rokossovska is ahead with 57% of the vote.

In the Great People's Khural, the [b]Social Democratic Party (SDP)[/b] has lost several key seats in the central and eastern regions of the country, significantly denting the possibility of a stronger [b]SDP[/b] super majority. The [b]Vauleyo-Buryatian Democratic Party (VDP)[/b] has picked up 4 seats and is trailing slightly behind the [b]SDP[/b]. The [b]United Nationalist Party (UNP)[/b] appears to be aiding the [b]VDP[/b] by splitting some of the votes for the [b]Social Democrats (SDP)[/b]. Despite this, the [b]Social Democratic Party (SDP)[/b] is still ahead with 36% of the vote.

In East Ingushetia, calls by politicians for a vote boycott appear to be having some effect as several regions reported an extremely low voter turnout. In some of the southern regions of East Ingushetia, voter turnout was reported to be as low as 3%. If the pattern is repeated across East Ingushetia, then it is widely possible that the citizens who ignore the boycott could very well select all of the MPs for the entire province. Despite the low turnout, the [b]Vauleyo-Buryatian Electoral Commission[/b] has reiterated that the polls will remain open across the region."[/i]-Reporter

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[quote name='iamthey' date='15 April 2010 - 04:22 AM' timestamp='1271319717' post='2261136']
Greater Pacifica inquires as to what Dr. N. Rokossovska has doctorate in?

[i]"Dr. Natalya Rokossovska holds a Doctorate in Economics, and a Master's degree in Philosophy."[/i]-Vauleyo-Buryatia Diplomatic Corps Official


[u][b]BCNA: Rokossovska pulls ahead![/b][/u]

[i]"The [b]Vauleyo-Buryatian Electoral Commission (VEC)[/b] has issued an update of the election results so far. According to the update, the results from most of Vauleyo-Buryatia's Central provinces have been counted and verified. The Commission reports that voting in the remaining eastern provinces should end in the next two hours, and the final results should be announced four hours from now.

According to the new results, Dr. Rokossovska has managed to extend her lead over the [b]SDP[/b]'s Dmitri Andropov. Despite this, the Presidential race is still to close to call before several of the eastern provinces report their voting totals. With 47% of the total eligible votes counted, Dr. Rokossovska leads with 58.7% of the vote, to Mr. Andropov's 41.3%. If Dr. Rokossovska can extend her lead significantly when the next five provinces report their results then she will be predicted to take the Presidency.

The update from the Electoral Commission also confirmed the largest upset of the election so far. According to the Electoral Commission, Dr. Rokossovska and the [b]VDP[/b] have managed to win crushing majorities in the Baikal Region, unseating all but one of the [b]SDP[/b] MPs. The Baikal Region, long thought to be one of the strongholds of the [b]Social Democratic Party (SDP)[/b] dealt a punishing blow to Dmitri Andropov's Presidential aspirations by overwhelmingly supporting Dr. Rokossovska with an estimated 77% of the votes.

An anonymous source inside of the [b]SDP[/b] has reported that several senior party officials have called upon the local party leadership to begin a reshuffle in light of the result in Baikal. We will continue to monitor the electoral results in what is the most exciting Presidential race in the past two decades."[/i]-Reporter

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[b][u]BCNA Breaking News: Explosion in Caledonia Province[/b][/u]

[i]“We are receiving a breaking news story from Caledonia province in Eastern Vauleyo-Buryatia. There are unconfirmed reports emerging from southern Caledonia that less than five minutes ago there was a massive explosion in the regional capital. Reporters on the scene have suggested that an explosive device may have been detonated inside or next to a building near the center of the regional capital. We are not able to verify this information, or determine if there were any casualties. We are…”[/i]-Reporter

[b]***The Reporter pauses for a minute as the message on his teleprompter changes***[/b]

[i]“Pardon me, we have received an update from Caledonia province. There has been an explosion at a hotel complex in Caledonia’s Regional Capital. The authorities in the area have reported at least 23 casualties so far. It has been confirmed that the [b]Vauleyo-Buryatian Democratic Party (VDP)[/b] Presidential Candidate Dr. Rokossovska was staying at the hotel, but we have been unable to confirm if she was present at the time of the explosion.

We will continue to monitor the situation as it develops.”[/i]-Reporter

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[u][b]BCNA News: Confirmed bomb detonation at hotel in Caledonia[/b][/u]

[i]"We are now able to confirm that the explosion in Caledonia was caused by an explosive device placed inside the Hilton Hotel. The bomb, possibly targeting Dr. Rokossovska, is believed to have been placed inside of a nearby hotel room by an unidentified individual. Reports by the local police have suggested that 31 people were killed in the incident and 59 people were injured, 18 of them seriously. Police have cordoned off the area and have started gathering additional evidence.

The police have said that Dr. Rokossovska was likely the target of the attack, but they have refused to reveal if the Presidential candidate was in the hotel at the time of the explosion or if she was injured. Nonetheless an unidentified hotel employee has reported that Dr. Rokossovska did check in for the night and was believed to be in her room at the time of the explosion. The unidentified employee claims that a crew of paramedics hastily carried a [b]'seriously injured female who was about Dr. Rokossovska's height and build'[/b] from the floor of the hotel where Dr. Rokossovska was supposedly staying. The regional government, and local hospitals have refused to comment on any of these claims.

On the election side of matters, voting has now been completed across the country and all polling stations have been closed. The [b]Vauleyo-Buryatian Electoral Commission (VEC)[/b] has vowed to continue [b]'as normal'[/b] despite the attack in Caledonia, and has suggested that [b]'the results will be reported on schedule despite the deeply saddening events in Caledonia'[/b]. President Anyatevich released a statement in which he vehemently condemned the bombing and urged the security forces to [b]'bring the culprits to justice for their heinous crime'[/b], the President also expressed his condolences to those who lost loved ones in the incident and promised that the government would do [b]'all in our power'[/b] to [b]'find those responsible'[/b].

In the latest election results, Dr. Rokossovska's lead against the SDP's Dmitri Andropov has narrowed somewhat, to 52% while Mr Andropov trails with 48%."[/i]-Reporter

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[b][u]BCNA News: Dr. Rokossovksa critically injured[/b][/u]

[i]“Government officials in Caledonia province have confirmed that Presidential candidate Dr. Natalya Rokossovska was present in her hotel room at the time of the bombing and is in critical condition at the Caledonia Regional Hospital. The government official has said that the investigation into the explosion is still ongoing, and preliminary results have yet to determine who was responsible for the blast. Doctors at the Caledonia Regional Hospital have declined to disclose the extent of Dr. Rokossovska’s injuries, but have said that her condition is [b]‘extremely fragile’[/b] at this stage and that the medical team is [b]‘doing everything possible to stabilize her condition’[/b].

The announcement of Dr. Rokossovska’s injuries coincided with a second announcement from the [b]Vauleyo-Buryatian Electoral Commission (VEC)[/b] that 99% of the votes in the Presidential election had been counted, and the remaining votes would be counted and verified shortly. With 99% of the votes counted, the Presidential race is still too close to call, with Dr. Rokossovska (VDP) holding a slim lead of 50.1%, while Dmitri Andropov (SDP) is close behind with 49.9% of the vote. The Electoral Commission also recommended that the Presidential election results be suspended in the event that Dr. Rokossovska wins, until the [b]Vauleyo-Buryatian Democratic Party (VDP)[/b] is able to choose an interim leader to serve as Acting President until Dr. Rokossovska recovers.

The [b]Vauleyo-Buryatian Electoral Commission (VEC)[/b] also released the results of the Parliamentary elections which saw the [b]Social Democratic Party (SDP)[/b] enhance their supermajority in the Great People’s Khural to a new record of [b]657[/b] seats in the 900 seat Khural. The [b]Vauleyo-Buryatian Democratic Party (VDP)[/b] polled second with [b]171[/b] seats, while the [b]Liberation Party of Buryatia[/b] secured [b]18[/b]seats. This secures the SDP’s control of the Great People’s Khural regardless of the results of the Presidential race.

According to an official statement from the [b]Executive Committee of the Social Democratic Party (SDP)[/b], the party has secured the cooperation of 45 Independent MPs and the support of the [b]Liberation Party of Buryatia[/b] in the Khural, extending their majority to [b]720[/b] seats. On the other side, the Democratic Party has secured the support of the [b]United Nationalist Party (UNP)[/b] and their 9 seats, increasing their total representation to [b]180[/b] seats. Despite potential delays in the appointment of the next President, the Great People’s Khural will be sworn in as early as tomorrow afternoon. Until the Presidential votes have been tallied and verified, President Anyatevich will remain in his post in a [b]'caretaker'[/b] capacity until he can hand over to the next President.

We will carry the results of the Presidential race as soon as they are announced by the Electoral Commission.”[/i]-Reporter

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