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Nova Sol Terra News

Kevin Kingswell

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[b][size="4"]Todays News Report[/size][/b]

[b][size="3"]War breaks out[/size][/b]

"War has broken out across the globe as nations place their support behind the Second Distopyan Republic as they declare war on the Tahoe Republic. Forces have been mobilised on both sides and early reports state that a massive aerial battle has begun though we are unable to confirm this at this moment in time".

"The war has also come to us here in the pacific as Italian and Australian forces have moved against the Tahoe held island of Midway. Whilst the fighting is located a fair distance for our territory Prime Minister Veers has increased security patrols of our waters just in case of some sort of emergency".

[b][size="3"]Anarchy in Acca Dacca[/size][/b]

"Anarachy seems to have borken out in the neighbouring nation of Acca Dacca. With what seems to be a civil war brewing up in the nation the Prime Minister has ordered the closure of our borders with Acca Dacca. However, he has stated that any allied forces seeking to place the Queen back in control may use any of our western military bases for resupply".

[b][size="3"]Disease outbreak in town of Xiang Hoi[/size][/b]

"Reports have came in of an outbreak of an unknown disease in the town of Xiang Hoi. Currently very little has been revealed about the outbreak other than the fact that military forces are moving in to quarantine the town before any infected inhabitants can escape. We have been told that a few members of the town have been found dead though what caused their death has not yet been identified".

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[b]Nation surrounded!!![/b]

"Nova Sol Terra has now became totally surrounded on all sides bar to the soiuth by the Kingdom of Cochin. Whilst the Kingdom of Cochin has made no real threatening moves against our nation before, the Prime Minister has decided to build up defenses on our borders. Whilst no offense is meant to the Kingdom of Cochin the amount of access they have to our nation is worrying".

"Current improvements to be made first is for armoured checkpoints to be established along every road and railway into Nova Sol Terra. Basic anti-tank and anti-personal mines are also to be placed alongside the roads and rail tracks on the border".

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[b]Sanctum force created[/b]

"Today marked the construction of the Sanctum force, this force is the most highly equipped and trained military power inside Nova Sol Terra and is under the direct command of the Minister of Defence herself. Their current duties are to patrol the cities and towns of the nation for any sign of suspicious foreigners who may be out to cause trouble for our great nation. We here at NSTN wish these sanctum soldiers the best of luck".

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[b]Bomb blast rocks capital[/b]

"At 13:00 hours as children at the Nova Sol Terra kindergarden school returned to classes from their lunch break when a bomb was detonated within the school, completly destroying the entire building. The size of the blast meant that there was no survivors and current records show that at least two hundred children were attending. The Prime Minister has declared that there will be a day of mourning in rememberance of those that have died".

"It is currently unknown who commited the bombing with suspects ranging from Acca Dacca Anarchists to Cochin special forces. Natasha, our defence minister, has said that she will leave no stone unturned in her hunt for the people that commited such a dreadful and sick crime. As of now Sanctum forces are searching every citizen and visitor to find these people. The government asks for everyone to comply".

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