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AOD Brigade-TPF Announcement


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The Charge Of The Phoenician Brigade Pact
Section I Introduction

In the spirit of friendship and honor The Phoenix Federation and the AOD Brigade have agreed to the following Pact.

Section II Mutual Defense

Both signatories agree to defend each other in the event the other signatory is attacked. In the event either signatory declares war via activation of a clause from another treaty, the mutual defense clause will be considered void. Neither party will withdraw from the conflict until both have peace except as outlined under Section IV.

Section III Optional Aggression

Both signatories reserve the right to enter any conflict on behalf of the other but this is not required. Aggression shall be defined as any offensive conflict. 48 hour notification is necessary for the activation of this clause.

Section IV Intelligence

If either signatory learns of information about each other or that could possibly cause harm to the other signatory, the information will be made available to the other signatory without delay. Failure to provide this information, or failure to keep the other signatory apprised of the current situation during a war may constitute grounds for the termination of hostile action at the discretion of either signatory.

Section V Termination

Both signatories agree to talk with the other to work through any problems or disagreements that may happen over the course of time. In the event one signatory feels that the differences have grown irreconcilable, either side may terminate this pact with 13^2 hours notice.

Signed for TPF,
mhawk - Evil Overlord
Desperado - High Magistrate
TheCrimsonKing - Phoenix Magistrate
Airikr - Ember
Beernuts - Ember
Great Lakes Union - Ember
JBone - Ember
auto98 - TPF resident Def Leppard fanatic
chaz9055- Minister of Foreign Affairs

Signed for AOD Brigade,
Kellory- Brigade Leader
Band20- Vice Brigade Leader
Nagato - Grand Sage - Minister of Internal Affairs
Mirreille - Great Sage - Minister of Foreign Affairs

Special thanks to Jarkko for well he knows why.

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[quote name='deathcat' date='14 April 2010 - 01:22 PM' timestamp='1271269352' post='2260308']
No kidding Haf.. :)

also, glad to finally be tied to you guys again AOD :) You Peace guys rock :)

oo/ TPF
oo/ AOD
oo/ Purple and White Relations...

It did take a while but it was definitely worth the wait. Our relationship with TPF has been a long one filled with many hazards but the journey has been worthwhile and we look forward to continuing on this journey with them.

o/ TPF

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