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A Press Release from The Corporation

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[b]Corporation surpasses 1m NS[/b]

[i]OWRP, PLANET BOB -- April 13, 2010[/i]

The TOP - C&G war ended for the Corporation on Feb. 27. This was the first major conflict that the Corporation fought as an alliance (aside from minor skirmishes in the TPF conflict just prior to the current war), and no one can say that it wasn't particularly devastating for The Corporation. We were please to enter the conflict in defense of our long time allies in Athens, and immediately asked our allies in Ragnarok to help us with the offensive as we knew that we would be in tough against NEW as an opponent. Myself and other members of the Corporation knew NEW leadership for a long time, and we knew exactly what we were getting ourselves into. We cannot thank Ragnarok enough for their willingness to enter into this conflict. Thank you RoK. Also thank you to Athens, for giving us an opportunity to prove our mettle.

NEW proved to be an incredibly difficult opponent, and undertook a strategy of concentrating all their attacks on us, in an effort to close this front earlier and move on to other things. I am proud to say that the Corporation withstood these attacks, and our front closed with a white peace between NEW and Corp. We did pay a price for holding out for white peace, however. The Corporation was reduced in size by 2/3, falling to only 400,000 NS. We also lost a number of old time members who decided this world had become too violent for them, and moved on.

Now, 45 days after the close of our front, The Corporation is please to announce that we have once again returned to the 1m NS club, and are now less than 200k NS away from our prewar strength. We anticipate hitting this mark within the next 10 days.

At this time the Corporation wishes to thank all our allies, and especially GOD, RIA and CSN for dumping hundreds of millions of dollars into the Corporation to help us get back on our feet. We truly could not have done it without you. Individuals from those and other alliances also helped the Corporation throughout the past month and a half, and they will be recognized in a separate, special announcement over the next couple of weeks.


At this time I would like to give one final thanks to all of our members who made this possible. Without your willingness to fight for what you believed was right, without your willingness to ride to ZI as so many as you did, and without your strength to decide to get right back on the horse and rebuild your nations to their previous glory, this announcement would not have been possible.

So thank you, to every member of the Corporation, for the sacrifices you made, and will continue to make.

The Corporation is often asked about our FA stances and goals for the future. I think our stance is fairly clear at this point, but what of the future? At this time The Corporation is conducting a comprehensive examination of our relationships. The end game for this is not to "review" or cancel treaties, and in all likelihood we will not be cancelling any treaties at this time or in the foreseeable future. We also won't be signing any new ones. The purpose of this examination is to ensure that we have the bonds required to maintain such important relationships. Do we just know one or two gov members? Does our membership know and like each other? Etc. The response to this review has been overwhelming so far and we will continue this over the next month or so. After that time, we may be looking at expanding in to new relationships, and anyone who is curious to learn more about us is encouraged to visit www.cn-corporation.com and meet us.

Lastly, here is our updated .gov list, since we rarely publish updates:

iClean, Chief Executive Officer
Kevin McDonald, Chairman of the Board
UnitedNations, Chief Operating Officer

Chief Communications Office, LegendoftheSkies
Chief Financial Officer, Obiwan
Chief Security Officer, MaliciousMan
Chief Administrative Officer, Hereno

Director of Public Relations, Wehrmacht13
Director of Knowledge, DistrurbedKiller
Director of Supply, 23451njnj
Director of Supply, Ian Miller
Colonel, CyberRuler
Colonel, ThePeacefulOne

o7 Corporation
o7 Her allies

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Congrats to our brothers in The Corporation. It was an honor to fight along side you all. And for real, those NEW guys brought it and brought it well. Glad to see you all cresting 1 million once more :awesome:

Archer probably had nothing to do with this, so I'll just blame him for my piss poor bonus at work. :psyduck:

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[quote name='oOoMidooOo' date='13 April 2010 - 12:25 PM' timestamp='1271175885' post='2258766']
what is the corporation main aim & whats you're next milestone?

If by main aim you mean primary goal, then it's one of an Internal kind. I've discussed our Foreign Affairs goals for the next little while. Internally we are looking to continue to grow, both in NS as well as members, with some pretty tough targets being set for each quarter of this year. We've also undertaken a number of economic programs, and recently welcomed a few individuals who are very talented in the ways of Planet Bob's economy, and we look forward to seeing what they come up with. Sorry for the vagueness, but our targets are our own until we achieve them, then you all can know. :P

Thanks to everyone for the kinds words so far!

Edited by Kevin McDonald
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Woohoo! Congratulations to all of our membership, who have been building diligently; and thanks to all of our sexy allies who all helped in the rebuilding efforts. Hopefully it won't be too long until we double this and make another announcement ;)

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