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Embassy Spring Cleaning

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[b]Hello Dear Planet Bob,[/b]
[i](Yes it's one of those boring threads)[/i][/center]

Your know the Foreign Affairs Hotel routine... Embassies to stow once a year... Make some room free and let the fresh air clean dusty areas...
Here are the Alliances registered on our board with an embassies and who do not use it. If you do not send someone to occupy the room, we will call the room service for cleaning the place. Do not feel compelled to send someone if you feel that the services we offered wasn't worth your presence !
Just drop a note to the receptionist (I, SeipherCaim) in order to notify your departure and I'll make sure you won't have to pay for the minibar : Valhalla knows how to receive !

I'll give the dates of the last post in each embassy to help you decide (without loging in) if you want to stay !
FARK (May 8 2009)
Gramlins (Apr 18 2009)
MHA (Apr 14 2009)
GRAN (Apr 14 2009)
Sparta (Mar 17 2009)
Umbrella (Sep 25 2009)
TFD (Nov 25 2009)
GOONS (May 1 2009)
TSO (Apr 17 2009)
GATO (Jul 18 2009)
NSO (Nov 29 2009)
Viridian Entente (Mar 28 2009)
Monos Archein (Nov 4 2009)
RIA (Nov 6 2009)
TTK (Dec 19 2009)
TYR (Sep 22 2009)
USN (Apr 9 2009)
CSN (Apr 11 2009)
FOK (Jul 7 2009)
RnR (Jul 20 2009)
Hydra (Oct 18 2009)
SNAFU (Jul 21 2009)
OFLC (Jul 15 2009)
TPF (Nov 19 2009)
STA (Mar 28 2009)
FEAR (Jun 8 2009)

We already have deleted some reservations since it appears some customers no longer exist... We now have plenty of free rooms for those of you all who would like to experience the norse and viking way of hosting ambassadors !

SeipherCaim, Emissary of Valhalla, Slave Receptionist and also Sexy Maid

Edited by Seipher Caim
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Yeeeeaaah boi! You won't see MCXA on that list.

[quote name='GearHead' date='13 April 2010 - 03:18 AM' timestamp='1271146671' post='2258512']
Not cool to see TFD's embassy inactive. I'll have to see which diplomat is slacking. :mellow:

Methinks it might be the same diplomat you have at MCXA ;)

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[quote name='Graphix' date='13 April 2010 - 11:25 AM' timestamp='1271168700' post='2258677']
I've got my admin sledgehammer ready to knock down some walls. Seipher thinks I should be nice and try to get everyone to come back, but I want to smash. :(

I hate to be that guy, but you won't be smashing mine any time soon :P

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