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La Marseillaise

Karl Martin

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Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière and Charles XI sat across from each other, in the President's House. The somewhat old man looked at the little girl.

"I'm sorry, but you are not fit."

He pulled out a small gun, pointed it at her, and pulled the trigger.

Louise fell down, a dart stuck in her chest.


Ugolin Rèmy woke up with a start at the sounds of gunshots. Getting hold of his revolver, he sat up.

A slender and minute figure stood above him. Her hair, glimmering like silk was matched by a creamy white blouse; the dark blue trousers looked perfectly ironed even in this weather. Hanging neatly from her neck was a tie, made of fabric that hint of subtle reflections under the dim light. Around her was wrapped a navy blue garment turning even darker with water.

The girl raised her arm to eye level, gracefully. Ugolin never manged to see what was in her hand before everything went black.

OOC: Just a short RP. Closed to Sarah and I.

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