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[center][font="Palatino Linotype"][size="5"]New Palma Republic
News Network [size="2"]
"The Pulse Of The Republic"[/size][/size][/font][font="Georgia"][b]
[quote name='NPR Article 1 Issue 1'][b]NPR News Reporter
[/b]"[i]Today President Moshum having recently taken control of the Islands forming the NPR has made it clear that all traces of the former regime will be destroyed and disposed of on the island. This includes all former governing officials, and there families, being deported out of the county to an undisclosed location. The President said the following in regards to his reasoning."
[/i][b]President Moshum
[/b][i]"Molakia once ruled these lands, but under there regime our country went nowhere. We were a mockery in Europe, and very unstable. Apart from some limited military developments the islands economy wasn't properly developed and promptly feel under the collapse of military development. Our country was a 3rd world pariah in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. This will not repeat, under my leadership I will foster this isolated chain of islands into a proper 1st world power. That much I promise you, that much I shall deliver...But first, I must eat, so if you'll excuse me that will be all for today. My press secretary will handle any further questioning, and will release further statements on my behalf."
[/i][b]NPR News Reporter[/b]
"[i]But who will be your press secretary Mr. President?"
[/i][b]President Moshum
[/b][i]"You shall see soon."[/i][b][/quote][/b][b]

[/b][quote name='NPR Article 2 Issue 1'][b]NPR News Reporter
[/b]"[i]Development of the islands infrastructure has begun, many of the facilities and institutions left neglected will be renovated while many new facilities will be created. Details included opening up the following."
[/i][b]Development Manifesto
[/b][i]"Banks: 5, Barracks: 5, Border Walls: 5, Churches: 5, Clinics: 5, Drydocks: 5, Factories: 5, Foreign Ministries: 1, Guerrilla Camps: 5, Harbors: 1, Hospitals: 1, Intelligence Agencies: 5, Labor Camps: 5, Missile Defenses: 5, Naval Academies: 2, Naval Construction Yards: 3, Police Headquarters: 5, Satellites: 5, Schools: 5, Shipyards: 5, Stadiums: 5, Universities: 2[/i]"
[b]NPR News Reporter
[/b][i]"With these developments, the living conditions and overall welfare of the island should increase greatly. Furthermore these facilities will be instrumental in the further development of the country."[/quote][/i]
[/left] [/center]

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[b]Jacques Desal - Announcing Appointment To Press Secretary, #1 Development Manifesto, & DNA Database[/b]
"Greetings, I am Jacques Desal and I have been appointed as the Presidential Press Secretary. I will be in charge of issuing any statements on the Presidents behalf as well as taking questions. With that in mind, President Moshum would like me to release the following statements on the development of the nation."

[font="Impact"][size="3"]NPR Construction On Development Manifesto #1[/size][/font]
"Firstly, the progress on the initial development manifesto has gone smoothly. All projects are being completed on schedule, and even more so ahead of our original time-table of completion. Initially we thought the project would be done in just over two weeks. But at our current rate the developments should be done within a few days. Our laborers are working diligently too complete this task and should be a model of working spirit and fervor. Furthermore, our effort too eliminate remaining traces of the Molakian presence on the island have gone well. Various military weapons and designs have been ceased and either scrapped, or will be incorporated into further military designs after extensive remodeling of our current equipment."

"Now, I have one final thing to note...or rather announce for the first time. President Moshum has instructed me to release his first official Presidential mandate for the nation. All current inhabitants will be instructed to give up a sampling of there blood to be stored in a DNA database hidden in a remote location and firmly locked away. In addition, all future residents will be required to give a sampling for the database upon immigration or birth in the country. This DNA database will be used to assist the police in the tracking of criminals, and domestic terrorists. Lastly, this DNA sampling and database will be completely owned and operated by The Government...and may be subject to various other uses."


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[b]Jacques Desal - [b]Announcing Completion Of Project Manifesto #1 & Naval Development[/b][/b]

"[i]Construction on Project Manifesto #1 has been completed, all services are running at full capabilities and online. The development of these national assets will contribute to the long-term growth of our young nation, and I am pleased to note that President Moshum will pay all workers on this project a bonus of $5,000 florins for there speedy efforts. Now, I have another announcement to make concerning our naval forces. Currently, our navy is rather small but as we speak engineers are working on developing blue-prints for a new fully armed navy. Progress of course will take time, but it will result in a state of the art naval force capable of projecting it's power world-wide as well as completely secure our territorial waters and beyond. Thus greatly improving our national security and projective power, which will be a major achievement in the New Palma Republic.[/i]"

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[b]Jacques Desal - [b]Announcing Completion Of Navy[/b][/b]

[i]"Today, I am pleased to announce that work on the Republics Navy is completed. The fleet sits in and around the Islands of Republic in order to control our waters and prevent any illegal immigration to the island. As it stands, the navy sits at a fleet size of 64, and it's more then capable of protecting the Republic from any enemies that may threaten it. Today is a glorious day in the NPR!"[/i]

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(OOC - From this post on, assume [b]Jacques Desal[/b] is speaking in first-person. It's a pain in the $@! having to title him when he's not really in conversation, just reading things to the press. So unless stated otherwise, he is speaking.[b] Furthermore, all material designated with * is classified[/b])

[i]"Today, the President has announced a plan simply stated as Project Nebula. Project Nebula is classified, beyond this announcement it's contents will not be made public."[/i]

[list][*]All military installations will be built with protections against EMP weapons, furthermore any other building of importance or government concern will be built with these protections as well. In conjunction, private citizens may have these protections built upon private property providing they can afford such additions.[*]Work will begin upon the modernization of all military forces, including Nuclear, Naval, Land, & Air Forces.[*]Defensive Coastal Batteries will be installed around the entire span of the NPR islands, complete with underground rail-road tunnel networks linking all batteries upon an island (Islands are not linked in this manner). Furthermore, independent ammunition depots, barracks, and lounge areas will be built as well to allow for constant posting at stations. Batteries, contain anti-sea, air, and land installations.[*]Work will begin on the production of a National Air-Defense Network, Hidden Nuclear Missile Silo, National Research Lab, Space-Program, Strategic Defense Initiative, Pentagon, & Weapons Research Facility. These general designations will be changed upon completion of projects.[*]Work will begin on prototypes for satellite designed to feed intelligence to NPR officials. In addition, a Central Intelligence Agency will be established for further intelligence gathering purposes.[*]Work will begin on stabilizing new forms of weaponry for the NPR military forces.[/list]----

I'll be RP'ing the development of the 22 Wonders I'm sitting on among other things...starting off with the military ones for fun.

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(OOC - I finally finished my wonder list on my Database and don't want to break there "development" into more then one post.)
*Classified, Project Nebula is complete. Various other developments were added without announcement, but completed nonetheless.*

[/b][quote][b]Wonders: [/b]
[u]Agricultural Development Program[/u] - Although The New Palma Republic sits upon a small chain of islands, research techniques and genetically modified plants have turned the limited agricultural radius into a highly efficient and fertile farming process.

[u]Anti-Air Defense Network[/u] - The New Palma Republic posses a highly advanced network of air-craft defenses with an effective range of shooting down air-craft at 300 Kilometers located in mass throughout the Islands. These networks are capable of working as independent batteries, or in conjunction with Satellites & Military Bases. Although, only the President is aware of the exact locations and the amounts truly held.

[u]Central Intelligence Agency[/u] - The New Palma Republic holds a robust CIA network, which actively roots out domestic terrorists and dissenters from the Republic. It has further duties that are however classified from the general public.

[u]Center For Relief & Restoration Agency [i](DRA)[/i][/u] - The NPR has a wide variety of aid-centers located throughout the nation to help the people in the event of disasters. Furthermore, protocols for any imaginable situation are being planned and refined to meet the rigors of the world.

[u]Foreign Air-Force Base[/u] - The NPR has the capability to open up bases around the world, however it currently has none.
The National Museum Of Palma ([i]GM)[/i][/u] - A large museum stands in the capital city Palma, displaying various works of art, literature, and events important to the historical lineage and culture of the New Palma Republic.

[u]The Universal Complex Of Religion (GT)[/u] - A massive religious complex stands just outside of the City, this area is filled with religious scholars of all creeds where they conduct spiritual debates within the context of seasonal lectures from the greatest religious minds of the world.

[u]The University Of Palma (GU)[/u] - The University sits upon a large hill overlooking the central plaza of Palma. Founded as a bastion of learning, it provides the families of Distinguished Citizens the utmost quality education and holds various works from the most important figures in history.
Hidden Nuclear Missile Silo[/u] - Hidden underneath layers of sand, rock, steel, and tungsten lay a deadly array of Nuclear Missile Silos to act as a further deterrence against would-be aggressors to the Republic. The exact locations and numbers however are unknown outside the President.

[u]Internet[/u] - Due to the nature of the explicitly rich Republic, every household in the Nation has access to the internet at very high-speeds, utilizing advanced fiber-optics to increase average speeds to users it allows an unprecedented amount of information to pass at the blink of an eye to users.

[u]National Transit Network[i] (IS) [/i][/u]- A wide array of transit systems exist within the NPR, including a high-speed railroad, massive free-way system, subway system (In largest cities) and a national bus network, alongside private investor transportation.
Manhattan Project[/u] - The NPR posses the means of producing a wide array of Nuclear Warheads, up to but not limited to two megatons per warhead.
Mining Industry Consortium[/u] - In order to make the most efficient use of the natural resources of the islands, the NPR has utilized advanced drilling techniques and pioneering the use of various technologies to harvest every single available resources located in and around the islands.

[u]National Movie Matrix [i](MI)[/i][/u] - In order to raise morale, and keep the populace of the island entertained; the NPR utilizes an advanced service to allow citizens of the NPR to request and receive any movie made within the last century to there home of media device. Hence, it adds a lucrative amount of income as well as providing an elite service to NPR citizens.

[u]The Palma Republic Advancement Society ([i]NRL)[/i][/u] - Consists of various communities of fully invested scientists & engineer specializing in fields of there choosing and creating various advancements and creations for the benefit of the Republic.

[u]The Tomb Of The Lonely Soldier [i](NWM)[/i] [/u]- Sitting upon a hill-top in eastern Palma facing the son lines a vast vault holding the bones of an unknown soldier whom gave his life for the birthing of this country. Outside the tomb, giant marble slabs are held with the names of any fallen soldiers in combat.

[u]The Bastion (P)[/u] - Located deeply underground in a hidden location lies The Bastion. A complex of enormous proportions which serves as the military focal point for all NPR military affair, this facility is built to withstand any type of nuclear attack, EMP attacks, chemical warfare, and even has measures against biological warfare with it's own centralized airing filtration units and air-tight doors. Various databases on all things NPR related reside in this facility, it is widely rumored that in the event of nuclear warfare that select members of the NPR will be brought to this facility in order for a COG (Continuation Of Government) plan to be carried out in the worst-case scenario of warfare or otherwise.

[u]Social Advancement System (SSS)[/u] - The NPR has various facilities in place to assist regular citizens in every-day life through various medians of service. It gives Citizens a helping hand in keeping up with there social obligations, as well as advancing there standard of living. It is however, now a welfare system; but rather a system where work is rewarded and promoted, paid for by generous contributions from various philanthropists within the NPR.

[u]Space Program[/u] - The NPR posses a robust space program, capable of launching various different craft, satellites, and other objects or mass into space. However, it's exact specifications or locations are classified.

[u]Strategic Defense Initiative[/u] - The NPR contains a capable defense system against nuclear attacks, utilizing long-range laser systems to destroy or disable nuclear ordinances in there boost phase, sea & ground based ordinances to take out hostile nuclear ordinances mid-course, and mobile counter-ordinances in the terminal phase of nuclear ordinances. Thus giving the NPR a significant and tested layer of defense against hostile nuclear powers.

[u]The New Palma Market Matrix (SM)[/u] - Much like the movie matrix, the NPR utilizes an advanced system of networks to allow flawless global, regional, and local market updates at the will of the user in seconds along with algorithms to predict future market moves, events, and profits with accurate readings up to 97% use. This service, is paid for by the generous donations of philanthropists and national assets which have lead to it becoming one of the most advanced markets in the world. Even more so, it's lead to NPR citizens to make massive profits due to the edge it gives them in trading and selling on the market.

[u]Advanced Research Institute (WRC)[/u] - The ARI is a pioneering force in the development of nearly all advanced weaponry assets in the NPR, even more so it contributes greatly in the public and commercial sectors by augmenting private developments in the NPR. [/quote]

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[i]"Today, a series of satellite launches has begun from the NPR aeronautical center the first of 15 scheduled launches. These satellites will serve multiple purposes, mainly increasing our global network communicating capabilities to increase potential revenue and to simply increase our carrying capacity limits as our citizenry makes use of it in greater numbers by the week. Furthermore, a classified number of military satellites will be launched to serve as intelligence gathering and other military purposes. This is a milestone in NPR space-development, and will pave the way for future projects. Ultimately, the goal of our aeronautical center is to send men into space and establish a base on Mars. Over the next few months, we will be working to that goal."[/i]

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[i]"The Society of genetic advancement has recently requested for genetic copies of select individuals within the NPR for various uses. We have obliged this request, this is only a notification to the people as a whole. Further advancements and developments from the Society will be reported as they become available. We look forward to seeing the society improving the lives of NPR citizens."[/i]

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[i]"Reports surfaced that the President will be on vacation to take a break and relax from the rigors of daily rule. In his absence the executive board will be in charge."[/i]

(OOC - This was to break my current inactivity count, and coordinating it with my lock)

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[i]"Word has began to circulate that whilst the President has been on his summer recess that he's considered stepping down to a lower role or none at all. Albeit the speculation has not been confirmed and the government has yet to release any statements addressing it."

(OOC - Still way too busy...)

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