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Local New channel broadcasting in Grassy Plains N' Such
"Now that we've got things together all nice and organized I do believe its time we get some lawmaking into the works.

Prime Minister Eden would like to review the internal constitution..."

Several long boring hours later about rights of the people, education, transport, and all that jive.

"Great, thats over with, now on to my important notes.

First off as the Head of the defense of this nation I feel its necessary that every well bodied citizen must serve in the military at least four years before pursuing a carer. Therefore all able students exiting secondary school will be required to enlist in the military and take up training until they see fit to leave the service after the four year period.

Next I will be taking steps to defend Grassy Plains N' Such against those that would have us destroyed. I'm already working on relations with our neighbors to ensure that we have allies willing to back us up if need be. But we must be able to defend ourselves as well. Thats part of the reason behind my first announcement. With that I'll be taking some of our funding and putting it into the building of military bases on the borders of our nation and put all effort into building a navy. Among other things I expect in the first few years the defense of our nation cost at least half of the taxes we collect. It's all for the greater good I assure you. John, as you heard before will be taking excellent care of the other half.

With that I bid you all good bye until next time."

Some cheers and an unimportant news lady starts talking about random facts.

The last pacifist in GPnS packed his bags and moved away.

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OOC: Later, if I ever get to it, I'll explain that if the people are ever dissatisfied with a decision made by their leader they can remove him from office. Course, if you've ever read my last RP, and paid attention to the announcement thread, you'll know that those people rarely ever make it to Lincoln or Eden to voice their complaints.

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"Today we have taken one more step on the road to being a successful nation. Public schools are now being built and districts divided according to population. This new system will bring education to all corners of the nation. No child shall grow up not knowing how to read, write, or do basic arithmetic. Along with this system we are building hospitals and establishing a police force to crack down on some of the more violent regions of our country.

In addition to this and because of the massive amount of labor going to be required to build these projects the government is holding a recruiting program for the impoverished and less prosperous areas, as well as anyone finding themselves lacking a job. Whomever joins up will receive decent pay, lodgings if they have none or require some where they work, and all the benefits that any other job would give (Pensions, health insurance, etc.).

Missile Silo's are being built around the country, though no missiles will fill them yet. Military Bases and training academies are also being commissioned around the outskirts three major cities, Mombasa, Nairobi, Kisumu. This includes Air bases, where the first Red Falcons (mark VI(OOC: Lightnings)) will be taking off on testing runs. The first two tank regiments will follow soon after, compromising of new design Blue Cobras(Small fast(80 mph) tanks with 100 mm cannons and light armor(for a tank)) and Green Tigers(Large slower tanks(50 mph), heavy armor, 125mm cannons).

As you can see we're progressing nicely."

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General Lincoln rode up to the newly built security checkpoint at the military base just outside of Nairobi in his newly built [url=http://www.supercheats.com/xbox360/guides/halo3/images/level3-warthogcarrier.jpg]transport vehicle[/url] listening to his newly bought Muse CD playing his new favorite song Supermassive Black hole. The soldier at the gate saluted him and waved him on. He rode on a dirt road next to the main road that wasn't finished yet. As he went by he could see legions of troops doing morning calisthenics out on the grass. He drove by a squad that was running along the dirt road. They moved out of the way and continued to run. He drove towards a massive construction site where the main building of the military base was being built. It wasn't quite complete yet but many of the smaller buildings around it were along with the barracks where the troops lived. He drove to a slightly bigger building than the others. It was O1, the officers living quarters.

When he got out of his car he was greeted by two lower ranking commanders and the Prime Minister. The two commanders snapped to a salute and Lincoln dismissed them. John Henry Eden, or to Lincoln Matthew Kayne, smiled as he walked up to his friend. "Good to see you Abraham."

"And you John." Lincoln said. He had to get used to calling him John at first, but the necessity of it was that he couldn't slip up if they were ever together on live TV or radio and call him Matthew.

The two walked to another car, a very nice non military car, and drove to the other side of the base to an airfield. There Matthew/John lead Lincoln to his private jet, where they took off and started a two hour flight to Matthew/Johns estate. When they landed on a hidden runway and stored the plane in a hidden cargo hold in the side of a hill. There they took an elevator down underground to where Johns laboratories were concealed.

"So, is this our final destination or am I going to be going on a rail car to America John?" Lincoln said while going down the elevator.

"No, we wont be going to america today. Most of that Lab I had destroyed, though the living quarters are mostly in tact." John replied.

"Living quarters? Now I know you've got some kind of secret society following you John but just what the hell do you have going on here?"

"An entire city of people that are absolutely devoted to me and whatever I want them to do. It was very hard to do, and I don't have the entire city here just yet. It takes a while to build the entire complex, which includes living quarters, labs, generators, and factories."

Lincoln shook his head in disbelief. "Ok, whatever John, just show me what you wanted me to see."

"Very well, follow me." The elevator doors opened just after he said that. They walked to a relatively open room where there were three groups of 25 men and women dressed in the traditional Grassy Plains N Such military uniforms. "These were the Royal Guard. They were My inquisition, and they are your new special military battalions. These are the people that helped me take over just about every nation I've been in. I have trained 1500 of these soldiers for you to use however you please. Well, these particular ones are slightly different than mine, who are specialized in propaganda and taking people away in the night to never be seen again. They have each been specifically trained for certain areas of the military. Group one, please come forward." The 25 soldiers in group one stepped one step forward in perfect military form without any deviations.

"Hmm, very nice." Lincoln said.

"You can order them to do whatever you want. This group is specialized in sniping, so I suggest you use them for that purpose. Group Two!" John yelled. Group one stepped back and Group two stepped forward. "Group two specializes in general combat. They can turn the tide of any battle to your favor. Now Group Three!" Group two stepped back and Group three stepped forward. "Group three is specialized in special operations. They can be sent deep into enemy territory undetected, get whatever you want, and come back out with it."

"That sounds very impressive, but can they put out?"

Matthew smiled. "Of course. You can try them our yourselves."

It was Lincolns turn to smile. "Send them to Nairobi base. I'll test them out there."

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The loud crack of 50 caliber Sniper Rifles could be heard over the firing range as Lincoln watched the Grassy Knolls, Eden's special Sniper squad, knock down target after target with each successive shot. Each squad contained Five members, two snipers, two spotters, and one scout. The snipers backed each other up while the scout... scouts.

After the practice session was over Lincoln inspected each of the targets himself. All of them had hits and non of the civilians were harmed. Any sniper squad could have done that of course except for two factors. The targets were all over a mile away and the squad that was firing was given only enough bullets to kill each target. The other battalions were doing just as well. The Sunshine soldiers, John's attack squadron was running drills with the other regular squads and they boosted just about everything that can be boosted. If he could train his entire army to be as advanced as Johns was... No, something stopped him from doing it. He really wanted to but there was some greater force that stopped him from following through with it. Something about rules and not having an unstoppable army and that it wouldn't make sense to have an extremely well trained army that could just be defeated by somebody who had more tech....


No he would reserve them only for dire situations. That didn't mean he couldn't train more of them. When he got back to his office he requisitioned that several brigades be put under the three brigades John gave him. Mao jumped into his lap and meowed. He scratched Mao's ears and smiled. "I know Mao, I figured you would approve."

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  • 2 weeks later...

Private: Abraham Lincoln was currently watching the construction of something... Amazing. John had promised him something big. Something that would change the status of GPnS in the world forever. For the better or worse? He could not tell. This secret was one that was closely held by John and was only recently mentioned to him, but in a few weeks it would be revealed. He couldn't wait.

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An update on the recent happenings in GPnS.

An alliance was made with the Nation of Nod. This is wonderful for the peace of the region and will hopefully be beneficial to both countries.

Grassy Plains N Such Went Nuclear. The First Grassy Plains Atomic Bomb was detonated in a deep crevice. The implications of such an advancement are great, and Abraham Lincoln seems excited about this new opportunity. This quote was given a few days after the official detonation. "Although the first test was a nuclear bomb, we do plan to research the power implications of nuclear technology as well. I wouldn't fear too much really, we aren't known to be aggressive anyway.

General Mao with the assistance of the Prime Minister John Henry Eden has started the development of a national interstate system. Its planned to be completed in a year, two at the most, if all goes as planned. The interstate system would be a great boost in economy and would help to remove the traffic off of some of the more run down roads in the nation.

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"Today Grassy Plains N Such reached for the stars! The launch of Grassy 101, the governments first satellite, was celebrated today. Many people gathered around the launch site to watch this historic moment. Lets see some footage shall we?"

*random com chatter*

"All personnel have evacuated the area, all systems check out ok. Ready for count down."

The rocket that was taking the satellite into space was the center of all attention on the launch pad. A few miles out people could be seen picnicking on the hills surrounding the military center.

Tee minus 10...

The rocket rumbled the ground and deafened all around it as it lifted into the sky. The people sat and watched in awe of the awesome sight.

The video tape cut off and went back to the newsman.

"And now for an exclusive interview with the General Abraham Lincoln himself on the recent successes of Grassy Plains N Such as a nation."

"Thank you for letting me on." Abraham said.

"Its our pleasure General, now the people of GPnS are ecstatic over just about everything you've done for us since you came into power. Tell us how do you do it?"

"Well now I didn't do anything but give orders. In fact I wasn't in charge of the development of most of these projects. Mr. Eden has been at the head of our internal research for months now. I've only overseen the military projects such as the atomic bombs and this satellite. I can't take much credit for anything, heck even the Grand General Mao had to go through all that paperwork, you should see his desk."

"You are such a humble man."

"I'm only saying the truth."

"Mhmm. Now, seeing as we've gotten ourselves into space, what are your plans after this?. Is there a manned space expedition around the corner?"

"Ha, thats a good one. While a manned expedition is planned it is nowhere near any foreseeable timetable. For the short term we're going to launch more satellites over the next few months to make sure we have sufficient coverage. And that isn't even taking into consideration Mr. Edens Interstate project that is around the corner. The fact of the matter is we aren't doing anything major in space for a good period of time. We just have too much on our agenda already planned to start researching any further than we have. And our budget isn't exactly limitless either."

"How about the nuclear program, surely this brings in a whole new spectrum of things you can do with it at this time."

"Ah yes, well with the more efficient guidance systems provided by the satellites and our advancing missile technology as well I can see us having ICBM capability not too far in the future. This doesn't mean we're abandoning the bomb, in fact I have some good plans involved with nuclear artillery as well."

"Well that does sound interesting. Oh and do you have anything to say about that video circulating on the internet showing pictures of these new military vehicles supposedly coming out of our factories?"


"Well thats all the time we have for now, it sure was a pleasure General Lincoln sir." The reporter shook Lincolns hand.

"Pleasures mine."

The camera came back to the news anchor at his station, he signed off and a commercial for Admiral Crunch came on.

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OOC: So let me give you a run down of my current situation.

Yesterday my grandparents were in a car accident. There were no other cars involved. They were driving to Wyoming for one last trip in their trailer. The trailer started shaking, unfortunately my Grandmother was at the wheel at the time and she doesn't have very much experience with it. When she braked the trailer slide off the road and flipped into an embankment taking the SUV with it. My Grandfather died on impact and my Grandmother is in the hospital, stable but with severe injuries.

Obviously my activity may be affected by this. I'll probably be going between the hospital and here. I dunno if I can bring my laptop, I dunno if I even want to really. Basically what I'm saying here is that if I am inactive enough to the point where I fall under the 25 day jurisdiction NoN has the authority to take my land and preserve it until I can come back. I haven't confirmed it from him yet but I'm sure he'll agree and I don't have the time to wait for his reply.

Due to unforeseen events the Government of Grassy Plains N Such is going to be less active over the next few months. Because of this we would like to ask the Nation of Nod if they could keep watch over our nation. And if GPnS is to fall under anarchy that it should protect the populace from ruin.

We thank them in advance and we will try to increase our activity in the future.

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[i]"The Nation of Nod hereby places a Protectorate status over the East African holdings of the Grassy Plains n' Such. We signed a Mutual Defence Pact that insisted we preserve each others' sovereignty. We have every intention of following this to the letter."[/i]

OOC: I think I can speak for everyone on these boards when I say you have my condolences. Don't rush.

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OOC: You have my condolences as well, I am sorry to hear of your loss and wish you the best in healing for your grandmother and yourself. Take all the time you need and when you return, we look forward to seeing you again.



The Aether Empire is pleased to note that their old ally will once again be sharing their northern border, even as a protectorate. But efforts still needed to be maintained in order to simply restore their own land. They sadly hadn't gotten the opportunity to know their northern ally, The Grassy Plains, that was there before.

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We have missile defenses. Take that people who think they can use missiles on us!

At the moment they only cover our cities and military bases, but you can go ahead and fire missiles at the random bits of land nobody lives on.

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Grand General Mao says "Meow."

"That is all."

OOC: At my Grandparents house taking care of my grandmother. Couldn't find a place with wifi till now.

IC: "Thats most certainly not it! The stocks are down and our market has crashed! EVERYBODY HAS LOST ALL THERE MONEY!" a random crazed man that ran up on stage after the cameras went out.

That man was never seen again. Well not by the public at least. He was seen by the by the scientists that did horrible experiments on him. But nobody on the outside knows that...

OOC: bored tired bleh.

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News update:

After a brief conflict masterfully handled by our great leader Grand General Mao with the United Republic of Tanzania over the possession of Pemba Island Tanzania has decided to let Grassy Plains N such set up a presence on the island. A small platoon of soldiers and tanks we're sent along with five thousand of our own workers to begin construction on the island. We have Mao to thank for this wonderful acquisition.

Under construction now is a Great Monument to General Mao and his subordinates Prime Minister John Henry Eden and General Abraham Lincoln for the achievements that they have brought us since the unification of Grassy Plains N such. The Monument is being built in Nairobi around the Capitol Building. Its construction is set to finish in a few months.

Earlier this week terror struck the city of Kampala when sonic booms and what sounded like rockets shook the city. Jets were seen flying over the military center on the outskirts of the city the likes nobody had every seen before and explosions dotted the skies. When queried Eden chose to say nothing, but has now released an official statement.

"This incident was a standard military drill. We needed to test out the air forces reaction times. Needless to say we did not expect such good results."

A random reporter, "Sir what do you have to say about the explosions that we can see in this picture here?" The reporter held up a picture of the blue sky with yellow dots on it.

After a whisper to someone behind him he turned and responded to the reporter. "We never fired any explosives on this air mission, and we would have detected any missile launches before they got close to us. There were no explosions, and your source needs a better camera that doesn't have yellow spots on it."

Shortly after as the reporter was walking home he was taken up by two men in suits. He was never seen again. The picture was never published officially and the news never said anything about the explosions again.

OOC: Great monument is probably going up in the next two or three collections of mine, I decided to hold off on the SDI till I get a better economy. Though if your wondering what the explosions that were denied were thats the SDI being tested against lightly armed cruise missiles in the random outskirts. Check my Weapons development thread in a while, Theres a corresponding RP to the airplanes and SDI that I'll be putting up after I write it.

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"The Great Monument to our Amazing leader Grand General Mao is being revealed now in all its glory. This is a wondrous occasion and people have flocked from all over the country to see the unveiling. You, sir, tell me of your excitement." The reporter held out his microphone to a random passerby.

"Uh... I'm excited." He said and then speedily walked away.

"As you can see the people cannot wait for this historical moment... oh wait I'm getting a message." The man puts his hand to his ear. "Yes, Yes! They're opening the gates now! People are rushing into the park! Oh what a wonderful display of love for our leader. Look at that statue." The camera pans off of the reporter and onto a large statue of a cat in the middle of a fountain pond. There are about twenty or so people around it taking pictures and walking through the rest of the park. "Wow, it sure is something. Amazing. Truly."

The video cut back to the studio where uninteresting facts we're brought up. In the bottom right corner the logo of 'Drama News' 6 was twirling around. That day channel 6 had slightly higher ratings than channel four 'Action' news or channel five 'conservative' news.

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Abraham stood on the bow of a bristling new military ship sailing across the Mombassa port as a crowd cheered from the docks.


Several news helicopters flew overhead recording Abraham as he stepped onto the railing and spread his arms wide ala Titanic. In tow of the lead ship were three others and a submarine, all of different classes. If you were watching this on a Television you would hear the news anchor saying, "Today General Abraham Lincoln just announced the commissioning of four new ships into the new Grassy Plains Navy, which before was made up of several patrol boats that protected the ports from pirates. Now we have warships, great big bristling warships! He certainly seems to be enjoying it." The camera would zoom in on Abraham and show his big white smile that stretched from ear to ear.

The Ships a destroyer class GPNS Destroyer, a cruiser class GPNS Achilles, a battleship class GPNS Bombardment, a corvette class GPNS Silver, and a submarine named Prowler were commissioned into the now official Grassy Plains Navy.

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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

A terrible drought has hit Grassy Plains N Such destroying many wheat crops all across the nation. Food is being rationed out as efficiently as possible and even the Grand General has stopped hunting in order to use his game as food for the nation. General Lincoln has issued this statement.

"People of Grassy Plains N Such. I understand that these are hard times. I understand that we are all hungry. I understand that when this is all over, some people may not make it. But what I understand, and what you must come to understand, is that is not permanent. We will work through this and we will overcome this."

Funding from other programs in GPNS have been cut in order to increase spending on the importing of food products. The Grassy Plains University has devoted a large amount of resources to solve the agricultural crisis and to figure out how to avoid one in the future.

OOC: Long story short I wanted to fill up my nukes to 25 so I dropped a trade informing the owner that I was getting nukes and that I'd be periodically switching between him and my uranium partner, he never replied to me and after accepting my trade once so that I could collect he never accepted it again. Now my nuke partner dropped me. So I now have negative 8 improvements and my collections are horrible.

On a side not anyone interested in furs and aluminum?

Lucky me as I typed this someone accepted my trade offer.

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[quote name='Executive Minister' timestamp='1287368581' post='2486746']
[i]"We would gladly supply your nation with some excess yields from our grain reserves. No one in the GPn'S must starve during these trying times."[/i]
"We will gladly take any help we can get, especially from our allies. Any contribution could save thousands of lives."

OOC: Since I already RPed it I might as well play it out. Besides I don't know how long this guy will stay if he does at all.

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"It's been a while since we've had any news in the GPNS proper. Today is a different story.

After months of secrecy and testing Prime Minister Eden and General Abraham Lincoln will announce to the public today many new achievements done by our own citizens of Grassy Plains N such. First and most spectacular is the innovation of the Strategic Defense Initiative. Launched nearly a year ago this program utilizes the network of satellites and ground sensors set up by our government to track any nuclear or non nuclear missiles that may be deemed a threat to the GPNS proper. After locking on to the target it launches the proper defenses and disarms the missile with a dazzling effect! We'll never have to worry about nuclear disaster again!"

"So much for Vault-Tec."

"Indeed. In other news several new futuristic looking ships have rolled off the line at the Mombasa shipyards and dry docks. These ships come equipped with the latest tech including rail guns and advanced anti air and naval defenses. Several of the fleets that have been deployed around the world are being recalled to be refitted with this new equipment. Its also been confirmed that the Aircraft carriers will be supporting a new kind of fighter jet, one which will be patrolling the skies above GPNS for your safety every day."

"Sure is great to be a citizen of Grassy Plains N Such now isn't it?"

"Indeed it is. Lastly our great leaders are away on a diplomatic venture. With whom and what about? We'll have the story when it happens."

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