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Decoming Improvements "issue"

Nova Blue

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Hey guys, when viewing CN on a Mobile Phone (or other Mobile Platform), even if it's emulating a Browser to perfection (you can tell because everything else's coding works perfectly fine on the CN Screens as if you were on your PC) the little Trash Can icon doesn't activate and is not clickable under the Improvs Screen.

[b]Lemme give you an example:[/b]

The coding for the little Trash Can icon to delete Nations from your Saved Nations Screen works and is clickable...but under the Improvements Screen, it's a non-clickable static image (even with Java Turned On).

It makes it REALLY hard to manage your Nation on the go, especially if you need to swap out Improvs since you can't.

Every other aspect of the CN site works to perfection on those Platforms except the Deleting Improvements.

Any help, advice re: this is much obliged Admin. :)

Lemme know if you need me to make that clearer/worded better. Thanks in advance.


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It works fine on my Blackberry (I emulate FireFox and IE, and I also use Opera Mini), but on my PSP it's a no go. Everything else works perfectly great on the PSP from a menu standpoint...but the Trash Can Icon/Link is just a Static Link.

Is there anyway to also have an alternative link/method that peeps can click as an alternative when for some odd reason it doesn't work (referring to any platform now)?

[EDIT: Unless someone knows a better way to activate that Icon/Link on the PSP]

--Mags :)

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If it's working fine with everything else, it's an issue with the PSP's browser. Until/unless Sony makes an update that fixes the issue, there's really nothing that can be done.

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