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The Gladiator Alliance


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The Gladiator Alliance

[url="http://gladiatior.forumr.net/forum.htm"]Gladiator Alliance Forums[/url]

Who we are: From the Romian Arean we fight for our lives an the family we wish to return to.We share the Brother mark of the Gladiator.We stand an give the Romian Fans what they please,an the Emperor what he wants.We all come from different Nations,But we all fight for the same Reason.We fight Together as one.The Gladiator Alliance

Preamble:We the Gladiators shalll stand an protect our fellow brother galdiator of those who share the mark an the people we love.Together we shall stand
why u should join- We offer a great commounity,open goverment positions an a chance of u becomeing a stronger nation

[b]The Goverment

Gladiator Leader-He severs as the Top fighter an Gladiator

Champion-The next top fighter an gladiator but is not the leader,he is like the brother of the top fighter.

Lord of War- Head of The Gladiator Alliance Army.

Lord of Forigen Affiars-Handle the Affiars with other alliances.

Lord of Recuritement-Head of Recuirting Gladiators

Lord of Education-Head of The Gladiator Academy

Lord of Tech-Head of the Tech Deals.

Senters- there can be six senters in The Gladiator Alliance.they rule as the court of the alliance


War in The Gladiator Alliance is to be handle by the goverment an the alliance on its belifes.

The Gladiator Alliance Millitary

The Gladiator Army shall be broken into 5 Company based on NS.Ever company is to have an company commander an a sqwad leader.


No Nation should attack any other nation of CN Without the apoint of the goverment to ensure to do so.
No Ghosting.If any member ghost in this alliance u will be banned an never to retrun.
IF aid is given to any member,u must have been in the alliance for more then 1 mounth to not pay bck if your leaveing.
No Bad Talk
Never give out any forum of important info to any other alliance about The Gladiator Alliance
Do not attack a nation with an alliance with no more then 4 members.
Your Alliance Affection Should be The Gladiator Alliance
If u get in a tec deal with other CN alliance an do not go thou with your part in any way u are not The Gladiator Alliance work to slove.
Have Fun.

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