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A Matter of Good Taste -Asgaard & US

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Citizens of Planet Bob,

Some of our members, myself included, have had the pleasure of knowing a number of the members of Asgaard almost all our lives on Planet Bob. I consider them mentors and friends. Since they joined Asgaard, I've had the pleasure of getting to know the people there as well. As I would have guessed, they are very cool people. It is, therefore, my pleasure to announce the following treaty, which I hope is the beginning of an excellent relationship:


A Matter of Good Taste


As a result of the changes time brings on Planet Bob, the leadership of Asgaard and United under Scorn (US) have found that they have informal connections between themselves. As a result, membership have gotten to know each other better and agree that we both have excellent taste. Thus, with regard of the mutual goal of closer formal relations to match the close informal friendships, Asgaard and United Under Scorn (US) agree to the terms of this Peace, Intelligence and Aid Treaty.

Article I - Sovereignty

Both alliances remain sovereign and independent organizations. Either organization undertaking an action (aggressive or defensive) against other entities not included in this agreement does so independently.

Article II - Non-Aggression

No member of Asgaard or US may participate in, support, or condone military action against a member within the corresponding signatory. If a member nation of either signatory alliance is found to have done this, they will be ordered to offer peace within 48 hours of the initial notification, and pay reparations equivalent to the total damages inflicted or more. This payment of reparations must not take place if doing so would be in violation of any other treaty, document or instrument of surrender. Defending nations, if they chose to return fire, are required to limit retaliation to the number and type of attacks received until otherwise agreed between the signatories.

Article III - Civility

The membership of both the Asgaard and US are committed to acting with civility and respect towards each other at all times, particularly in public channels, but in private ones as well.

Article IV - Assistance

In the case of a conflict involving an attack on either Asgaard or US by a third party alliance, the attacked party may request financial and diplomatic aid, and the requested alliance, while not obligated to, is strongly encouraged to provide such assistance, the financial assistance being after the initial conflict has been resolved. Any shipments of money or technology will not take place if doing so would be in violation of any other formal treaty or instrument of surrender or during a formally declared alliance war. Financial assistance may be provided during the war in the case of a rogue attack.

Article V - Espionage

Both alliances agree that under no circumstances should Asgaard or US engage in espionage against the other. Further, should a signatory receive information that points towards a possible leak in another signatory's security, this information must be shared and discussed with the other party immediately through private channels.

Article VI - Intelligence

Neither signatory alliance shall withhold information from the other signatory alliance that constitutes a direct threat to the security, reputation, or well-being of the other signatory alliance. Additionally, both signatories shall strive to keep the other informed of non-emergency situations and general on goings as often as possible as well as to maintain a diplomatic presence on the other signatories forums. Signatories may share other information as desired. Both parties agree to keep private any information that is shared with the other unless permission is granted to release the information or constitutes a direct threat to some other treaty partner of either signatory.

Article VII - Termination

Termination of this pact requires 72 hour notice. This notice is required to be given firstly via private channels. If both parties agree, the pact may end sooner.

Signed on behalf of US:
Lord Necroseer, Co-founder
Lady White Chocolate, Co-founder

Signed on behalf of Asgaard:

Signed for Asgaard
The Aesir
Mustakrakish II
The Vanir
Commander Thrawn
The Lords
Lord IA: Robert Specto, Bloodphoenix123 & NickMagus
Lord FA: Magical Muslim, dcrockway
Lord D:Feardaram

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More Asgaard threads? I think you guys just want to be in the flashlights and Glamour of Hollywood.

Ahhhh now this treaty makes sense! ;)

I really hope US looks like this, and that your relationship will progress if so;


Edited by Cyphon88
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[quote name='Cyphon88' date='10 April 2010 - 04:17 AM' timestamp='1270891017' post='2255334']
I really hope US looks like this, and that your relationship will progress if so;


Oh... :blush:
*White Chocolate straightens out her gown and sits up straight in and attempt to look regal*
Naturally, we shall do our best to be a desirable and devoted ally.

(OOC: Winner of most entertaining comment I've seen to such announcements thus far)

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