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[/color][size="7"][color="#000000"][b]Krynn Wants You![/b][/color][/size][color="#000000"]

[/color][left][size="4"][color="#000000"][size="5"]Krynn's Mission:[/size]
[/color][/size][color="#000000"]Krynn was formed based on the DragonLance series of fiction novels, though you do not need to have read the books to enjoy the alliance. Krynn's mission has several parts. Firstly, we seek to establish an active community through extensive use of our forums and Internet Relay Chat (IRC) to communicate. Secondly, we seek to provide our members with quality education on how to play the game and interact with others in the game. Thirdly, we seek to be an alliance of high integrity. We will not abandon each other or our allies on the field of battle should they need us, though we will not start a fight without just cause. Perhaps most importantly, we seek to have fun together.

[/color][size="4"][color="#000000"]Opportunities in Krynn:[/color][/size] [color="#000000"]Krynn offers many opportunities for its members to contribute, as well as many benefits to members. These include the following, but in no way attempts to list all the opporunties: [/color][list][color="#000000"][*]Recruiter, Ambassador, and Media staff positions to contribute to the alliance and have fun while enjoying the game[*]A rigorous tech selling program for new nations to quickly build up while contributing to the growth of the alliance and our allies[*]Elaborate nation development guides and war guides to help you excel at all areas of gameplay, as well as functional guides to help new members develop an understanding of some of the people and things that have happened in the game.[*]3 - 6 Million dollars in start up aid upon completion of recruitment training and enlisting in tech selling for small nations. Large nations get processed into our tech deals right away.[*]Military protection provided by us and by our protectors, Dark Templar[*]Active forums with things to do and forum games to play[*]An IRC channel more active than most alliances of similar size.[*]Most importantly, Krynn offers you an opportunity to have a great deal of fun with the game, while getting to know your alliancemates on our forum, IRC, blogs, and our facebook group.[/color][/list] [color="#000000"]
[b]We await your arrival.[/b]


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