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John got up at around eleven every Saturday and would grab a notebook and pen and walk on down into his basement, where he did his best thinking. You see, John was an aspiring singer-songwriter who wanted to make a band, but not just any band. He didn't want the type band where all the members thought about were making it big and were solely in it for the money and would do [i]anything[/i], even go mainstream if it meant that they'd get a contract from some big fat record company, Instead he just wanted a small band, made up of people whom he could relate to, who just were in it for the love of music and wanted to have a good time. John sighed. He tried to think of something to write, but nothing came.

[i]What I need is to actually get my band together and to live a little, then I'll have something to write about.[/i]

He sighed again. [i]Hmph. I know absolutely nothing about getting a band together. I'm gonna need some help on this one.[/i] He yawned and then frowned. [i]Why am I tired and it's only 12 pm?[/i] Whatever, I'll take to Julie on Monday about this at school.

On Monday John got up at 7am, got dressed and took a look at himself in the mirror before leaving. He had somewhat glowing skin and his frizzy blonde hair went well with that of his long-sleeved yellow thermal and blue jeans that were ragged at the bottom. His green skater sneaks matched his forest-green eyes and finished everything off. He walked the half-hour to school and at lunchtime met up with Julie. She was beautiful to behold. She had flowing red hair, beautiful blue eyes that went well with the glasses she always wore. Today she was wearing a green sweater that was just a little too big for her and some blue jeans and red sneakers. John went and sat down next to her.

"What's up?" asked Julie.

"Nothing much, I just wanted to talk to you about something?"


"I'm trying to start up a band. You know a lot of stuff, what should I do?"

"Well are you trying to have a regular band with the main four elements?"

"Yeah and maybe an extra singer."

"Ok. Well, I can play a bass guitar. We should go and to the music floor after school and try and meet some people there."

"OK. Thanks. Let's meet at my locker at say, 3?"


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John and Julie met up at Julie's locker as planned and began to walk to the band room.

"So how was period 9?" asked John.

"Pretty good, Ms. Angelo gave us a pretty hard calc test, but I think that I did pretty well on it."


"Now about this band thing, why'd you want to form a band all of a sudden?"

"Uh... ummm I-I" John began to stammer, "I don't know exactly why I want to form a band, all I know is that I do."


The two walked in silence the rest of the way to the band room. Once there, voices and instruments could be heard. They entered into a large room with thin blue carpeting. There were risers to the far right and as soon as one walked in, they saw long windows with dark blue curtains that were blowing gently with the breeze and the sun was pouring through into the room. There were people all over, some playing guitars, others singing, some playing trumpet and violin and still others who were just there to listen and chat with friends.

John and Julie walked in and began to look around.

"Who exactly are we looking for?" asked Julie.

"Uh, anyone who can play the guitar and drums I guess."

Julie grinned. "Your not very organized about this thing, are you?"

John grinned back. He then walked over to a guy playing the guitar. He had black hair that went slightly to the right, had a somewhat pale complexion, had sea blue eyes and was wearing glasses, a white long sleeved shirt, skinny blue jeans and blue skater sneaks.

"That's some pretty good guitar dude," said John.

"Thanks man."

"So... what's your name?"

"My name is Harold, but my friends call me Trigger. You?"

"My name's John. Um... I wanted to know if you would like to join my band?"

"You have a band?"

"Ummm kinda. Right now I'm trying to get people together, you know?"

"Oh. Sounds cool. I know a few people myself. What do you have right now?"

"Myself as the singer, Julie," John then pointed to over to the left of the room to Julie, who was talking to a drummer, "Julie's the bassist. All we need now is a drummer and possibly another singer, I dunno."

"Well I do know some people who'd probably be interested in this."

"Cool. Give them a call."

"I definitely will."

John and Trigger then exchanged cell phone numbers.

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