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Seeking Alliance


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Hello, I am seeking an alliance... I have been in a few not to active alliances with little to no tech markets available and no activity....

What I am seeking in an alliance is a good tech market... active members on IRC and just an overall fun alliance...

Yeah... That is pretty much the all... Link to my nation is below... If you feel you meet what I am seeking and would like me as a member send me a message... I'll check it out :)

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Hello and welcome,

I strongly suggest the Green Old Party http://z8.invisionfree.com/Green_Old_Party/index.php?showtopic=1335 if you value conservatism, neutrality and a very active alliance. Plus they give you alot of advice and help to grow your nation. :)

Many regards,


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As you may have noticed, this is an alliance orientated game, so you will need to join one.

I would like to propose you an alliance called Guru Order. I believe Guru Order is the best for the following reasons:

- Up to 45 million cash earned per month in programs we offer (i.e. Tech Deals)

- Over 250 Loyal members

- Very active and organized

- Best guides in CN

- Protection

- Strong allies

How to join?

Go to:
Edit My Nation
Alliance Affiliation
Specify Other
Type Guru Order
Colour to Aqua
Flag to Micronesia

Once you do that, Register in the link below:


Then fill in a membership application in the below link:


Please send me a message if you have any questions, or problems, Thank you!


(P.S. Message me when you registered, applied for membership, and get approved so I can help you on what to do next)

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Ordo Solaria is a new aqua/white team alliance.We are seeking new and experienced players.We are a small alliance,but growing daily.We have open government positions,if your interested.Our motto is simple: We come together as one.When a member is down,we all are there to pick him/her up.

If you have any questions,feel free to message me.

If your interested in joining,visit our forums at:


Or come see me in irc at: ##ordosolaria

Thanks for your consideration!

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