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What alliance suits you?


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There are many alliances out there, each one different. However which one suits you?

You could choose a large alliance and feel the power and pride of years of built tradition.
You can dwell in the massive torrent of members voices looking to get recognised.

OR you could choose a small alliance like us...

All KoTC members are valued and we listen to any input they have. We help our nations through education, protection and
we also help them find tech & trade deals. No member is considered cannon fodder or lesser than anyone else.
We also understand what needs to be done and how to protect our members. The last two wars have proved that we are
well capable of standing our ground. These wars have brought our members together and allowed them to trust each other
willingly with aid, support and even their very nations.

I like this alliance, because we are an alliance. Not some collection of followers for the meat grinder.
I want to build you into a professional force that can stand its ground against anything.

[color="#404040"][b][size="4"]Protected by The League of Small Superpowers[/size][/b][/color]


If your interested visit our forums at [url=http://kotc.darkbb.com/]www.kotc.darkbb.com[/url]
Or visit our IRC at #KoTC[/center]

[color="#404040"][b][size="4"]Current Leadership[/size][/b][/color]
[*]Kenai, [i]Prophet of Foreign Affairs[/i]
[*]Z3000, [i]Prophet of Internal Affairs[/i]
[*]EmperorDhruv, [i]Prophet of Military Affairs[/i]

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True I have been a proud member from the start. and willing to help build up our new members and their nations. if you like to grow and have true members that have your back in a time of need. Then come on in we would love to have you here

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