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We are the Order of the Lion, here us RAWR!!!![/center]

But Seriously,

I wanna make this quick and snappy!

Site: [url=http://lionorder.freesmfhosting.com/]Order of the Lion[/url]
About us: [url=http://lionorder.freesmfhosting.com/index.php/topic,5.msg7.html#new]Technically for Applicants[/url]
Charter: [url=http://lionorder.freesmfhosting.com/index.php/topic,4.msg7.html#new]Clicky Me[/url]

Jazzy95/ Krausberg- Chancellor
The Rec- Chancellor (Aka- the shmuck who stole my IRC chan :P)

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[quote][center]NSO Protectorate Agreement with The Order of the Lion[/center]

In the spirit of good will and friendship, the New Sith Order and The Order of the Lion do enter into this treaty of protection.

[b]Article One – Sovereignty[/b]
The Order of the Lion retains all the rights of a sovereign alliance for the duration of this agreement. However, the New Sith Order does issue a Sith Executor to The Order of the Lion for as long as it is considered necessary. The Sith Executor serves to advise and assist the government of The Order of the Lion, and does not hold any official governmental authority.

[b]Article Two – Protection[/b]
For the duration of this treaty, the New Sith Order agrees to protect The Order of the Lion from any and all unprovoked attacks. In addition to military protection, the Order will aid The Order of the Lion through political and diplomatic channels when needed.

[b]Article Three- Termination[/b]
Either party may terminate this agreement at any time. Should this agreement be terminated, Articles One and Two will remain in effect for twenty-four hours.[/quote]

[b]Signed for The Order of the Lion[/b]
The Reccesion, Chancellors
Jazzy95, Chancellors

[b]Signed for the New Sith Order:[/b]
LintWad, Lord and Sovereign of the Dark Side, the Sith Emperor
Doppelganger, Dark Lord
Lennox, Sith Lord
Heggo, Sith Lord
Anthony, Sith Lord
Dilber, Sith Master of Lies
CodyHaner, Sith Marauder of Lies

Edited by Anthony
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[quote name='Duncan King' date='07 April 2010 - 08:34 PM' timestamp='1270697652' post='2252668']
I think TOOL needs to sue for copyright infringement.

Nice flag and announcement though. Good luck!

Could be worse. It could be by a ruler that was [i]just[/i] kicked out of TOOL, that practically jacked our constitution. :P That actually happened once.

That said, I wish these Lions the best of luck.

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[quote name='SpoiL' date='07 April 2010 - 10:50 PM' timestamp='1270698632' post='2252688']
Ivan makes us eat carrots over here

odd..it didn't quote

It's true, and all we have to wash down the dirty carrots are the tears and blood of our enemies.

Oh and o/ to a new Brown Order!

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[quote name='Caliph' date='07 April 2010 - 10:54 PM' timestamp='1270698837' post='2252690']
Dilber, master of lies?

When did Dilber join NSO?

Also, congrats on the protectate. NSO are a stand up bunch :D
He joined during the recent conflict.

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[quote name='Anthony' date='07 April 2010 - 10:27 PM' timestamp='1270697204' post='2252653']

Hey Lions, where do you get off making our flag look inadequate? :mad:

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[quote name='Stonewall Jaxon' date='07 April 2010 - 09:11 PM' timestamp='1270699880' post='2252711']
Hey Lions, where do you get off making our flag look inadequate? :mad:
Anthony posted that... He is in your alliance, New Sith Order.

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[quote name='The Reccesion' date='07 April 2010 - 11:17 PM' timestamp='1270700224' post='2252724']
It was a joke.
So basically we have to DoW you and Anthony in defense of our flag, I guess. Shucks. And you were such good guys too!

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