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Blue Heaven and Greater Pacifica


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Both Blue Heaven and Pacifica leadership met in the Grand Office to sign a secret MDP Pact.

[center][b][u][font="Calibri"]Paradigmn Treaty[/font][/u][/b][/center]
[font="Calibri"]Preamble: In the name of security, prosperity, and friendship the nations of Blue Heaven and Greater Pacifica hereby annouce this mutual defence pact.

1. An attack on one nation is considered an attack on both. Both nations are required to help each other in case of attack.

2. Neither nation is required to help the other in acts of aggression.

3. Neither nation is required to help the other if one is experiencing internal turmoil unless the leader(s) is killed and order needs to be restored.

4. If both nations are embroiled in a war, both nations will, if able, support each other in logistics and also intelligence.

5. Both nations may lend money to one another and will do what they can to make sure that trade slots are full for both.[/font]

[font="Calibri"]6. [i]Anti-Chaining Clause: [/i]If the a signatory was attacked and was not a defender at the initial point of the greater war, or is a member of a coalition that was not initially defensive then the treaty is optional.[/font]

[font="Calibri"]7. If this pact is cancelled at anytime, the other nation must recieve notification of the cancellation at least 48 hours prior to.
[b]Signed for Blue Heaven:

[/b][font="Brush Script MT"][i]

Roger Smith, Prime Minister

Dorothy Smith, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Colin Powell, Minister of Defense

Blue Heaven Parliament
[b]Signed for Greater Pacifica[/b]

[b]H.M Ryn Atrevier:[/b]


[b]King of Greater Pacifica

Rex Pacifica[/b]

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