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The Lounge VI


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My precious lounge! Don't fail me now, here comes the awesome next edition! We are back, and with stuff to say! This is it, the sixth edition to the Lounge!

[b][i]The Countdown[/b][/i]
I am both happy and sad to say, this is the last time you will ever see this in The Lounge. On Thursday, the eighth day of April, a new adventure comes to CN!

Now, I know the amount of time until we DoE, that's because, I don't know how to count up, only how to threat-down!

[b][i] The Threatdown[/b][/i]
Here it is! The Threatdown!

Number 5! Words! Folks, recently I was astonished to see that Penkala of CSN called out the AUT! Now, guys, this shouldn't be a big deal, but the real threat are the words! If words can make you seem tough, who knows what else they could do! I'm scared to say "The" on OWF, because 10 people jump down my throat! These words may even lead to war, and that's never happened before!

Number 4, poorly written articles! That's right, some things are just so poorly said and written, it looks like it's just a shameless self promotion! Who would promote an upcoming alliance using an article? It's absolutely despicable!

Number 3, Blogs! Folks, as you know I love getting attention. Now, about these blogs, I blame Admin for this, too many people are writing their opinions, what's worse, many people are getting attention over their blogs. Soon someone's opinion could become the opinion of many, and if that should happen, it should be my opinion! The Lounge shall be blogged!

Number 2, War! I've about had it with this! War does horrible things, for example, waste your nuclear stockpile! You know how long that takes to rebuild? 2/3s of the time it takes to buy a wonder! Not only that, your money just seemingly disappears during war! A United world mourns the loss of it's some 20 nukes fired at it's enemies, and 200 Million spent during this war, oh, also those 530,000 soldiers that were lost, but they aren't really important. War does eventually go away though, but it leads to the Number one threat!

Number 1! Peace time! Now, why on planet Bob is peace a threat? Because peace always leads to war! My Warchest always seems to just vanish! That's not the only thing that just seemingly disappears! Once a week, before I go to bed I take a bottle of the finest Rum from the nation, and when morning comes, the bottle is always empty! I won't stand for empty bottles, or peace! Any alliance promoting such should be ashamed!

[b][i]Alliance of the week![/b][/i]
There are multiple alliances that deserve this award. All the alliances that have agreed to peace out deserve this, and a thank you from me. You've done a big favor for many people, including me, and I promise not to complain about the next major war's length if nothing occurs in the next 24 hours.

[b][i] Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger [/b][/i]
For some, they get a thumbs up, but I only offer a tip of my hat, or a wag of my finger!

First off! I tip my hat to the Gremlins for doing what their best at! exercising their rights! What better way to show off sovereignty than to spit in the face of your enemy and demand unconditional surrender? Good luck Gremlins! Give IRON anything they don't deserve! Remember, you can do anything you want to do, don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

Next! A wag of my finger to the reforming TIO. No, it's not that I hate zombie alliances, I love them! However, does anyone else find it funny that this imperial alliance is being protected by the Imperial Assault Alliance? Two imperial alliances joining together can only mean trouble! Don't be surprised if you see a universal manifest destiny soon, or at least a war coalition called, "The Empire"!

Finally! A wag of my finger to TFD and USN! Recently, both alliances signed a PIAT, why is this bad news, they only signed it because they knew each other for a long time, years even! C'mon, Planet Bob isn't a place for reunions! Get it together guys, and try again when you upgrade the treaty!

So ends the Lounge!

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[quote name='The Syndic' date='07 April 2010 - 09:16 PM' timestamp='1270692960' post='2252541']

[center]Join the Empire bloc today. :P[/center]

i take credit for the Empire bloc idea... :P

loving the propaganda though.

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Definitely have to give that nod to Gre for "exercising their rights." :rolleyes:

TIO, oh no. B-)

And that TFD-USN treaty. Oh my. What a disaster. :gag:

Looking forward to the next edition. :ehm:

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