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Vive le...... !

Karl Martin

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OOC: Decided to start things, since the next few scenes require much thoughts on my part. You may still send guest to my invitation thread, and set them up here.

Also, no national actions are allowed. This is strictly a "closed" RP, meaning any attempt to do something resulting from this thread will not be accepted. You have been notified.



[i]Notre-Dame de Reims.......[/i]

The traditional site of the coronation ceremony of the French Kings, this was where Charles VII was crowned with the Maid of Orléans by his side. It was time for the new King of France to take his place here.

Within the Cathedral, a tall bullet-and-blast-proof glass was put up, separating the regular seats from the VIP seats. Due to the high feelings surrounding this historical event, everything was done to ensure the safety of everyone involved. All the guests and their bodyguards were body-searched to prevent weapons from being within two kilometers from the Cathedral.

The carriage carrying Henri VII arrived at the Cathedral. Surrounded by almost all the protection possible, he entered the glass cage, ready to be the highest law of the land.

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Drew Vorhees entered in his unusual attire. A maroon bathrobe, black button down shirt with a bright red tie. He had black sneakers with orange shoelaces. His jeans were nice, though. He also wielded a cane, it had a silver handle with a black staff. He was, in his mind, "pimpin" and that represented the free spirit of Acca Dacca.

As they examined his clothing, he asked security, "Where's the chow in this place? Anyone? How bout you, baldy? Fine."

He continued his stride into the venue, taking his seat, putting his legs up on the chairs infront of him. He looked at the empty hall around him, then looked at the man in the glass.

"So...you going to do a magic trick or somethin?"

He put his cane on his lap, and dug through his pocket for a lollypop.

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sucking on his lollipop, Drew stood up, went up to the glass and poked it, and screamed at Henri VII,


He put the lollipop back in his mouth and looked at the VIP section. It bewildered Drew for the reason to have seats seperated because people were more special. He pondered the benefits to such seating 3 feet away from where he was sitting.

"Is the glass shiner on that side, or something? Dont tell me they get food over there and not over here, I'm going to be super dooper upset if that is the case. How do I become special, want a lick of my lollipop? Actually I take it back, this thing is awesome."

He put the lollipop back in his mouth, and stared at the man in the glass.

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[b]The skies over Burgundy[/b]

[i]The Steward's private plane was preparing for final approach to the Reims-Champagne Airport. The plane was flanked by a squadron of Sicilian fighters that were also escorting the two C-130 transports that were carrying the Steward's security detail and their equipment. Since the Steward's capture by the fascists a year ago, security policies regarding foreign visits had been changed and the size of the Steward's security detail had been doubled. The Steward sat in conversation with his fellow travelers, Admiral Calomar Acbari and Brigadier General Said Al-Malak.[/i]

"This will be my first trip to France in a very long time," Jean said. "Have either of you had the opportunity? It really is a lovely country from what I remember of it."

"No, I cant say I have sir, never had much time for travels abroad," Said said in response.

Before they could continue their conversation further, Calomar turned the subject to the security situation.

"Since your capture earlier Im sure you are aware that your security footprint has been increased sir. Your security team is divided into three details. Detail Alpha will contain 12 agents and will be responsible for security of your plane, which, for security reasons, is where you will be staying for the duration of this trip. Detail Beta will be responsible for your personal security and will be with you at all times. Detail Beta, will consist of 12 agents. The final detail, Detail Gamma, is the largest detail with 30 agents in total. They will be responsible for running the Security Command Center which will coordinate security amongst the teams as well as communications with domestic agencies in Burgundy, other dignitaries' security teams, as well as the Sicilian military. There is a 2 km cordon in effect, so the Command Center will be located in a number of rooms we have purchased in the Chateau de la Muire. Detail Gamma will also have the vehicles for your motorcade.

Should anything go wrong within the cordon Detail Gamma will be a very short drive from your location, they will also be able to contact Sicilian military assets should the need arise. The SLS Aosta and her escorts have been pulled from the Sicilian Campaign strictly for this operation. Should anything go seriously wrong the Aosta will be able able to provide assistance, however, Burgundy is a stable country and we dont anticipate needing to use these assets."
[b]An Hour Later[/b]

The security details were in place, Jean, Calomar, Said, and Detail Beta made their way from the Reims-Champagne airport to Notre Dame de Reims. Said was hesitant to relinquish his firearm, as were the members of the security detail, but they did so anyways. Entering the Cathedral, Jean and his compatriots took seats near the central aisle, with the security detail occupying the seats in the rows immediately ahead and behind them.

Jean looked over at the strangely dressed man in the purple costume. "Hello over there, I must say, those are some odd clothes you are wearing. Where are you from my good man?"

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Jean gets up and tries to walk over to the Acca Daccan diplomat, except his entire security detail stands up and follows him. Deciding they would rather not be sitting alone, Calomar and Said get up and join the Steward. All 15 of them are now huddled together with Drew. Jean speaks:

"Maroon? I think you need your eyes checked sir, because that looks more like a... [i]Burgundy[/i] than a maroon. Hahahahaha. Im Jean, Steward of the Sicilian League, who do I have the pleasure of meeting?" Jean extends his hand towards Drew in a handshake.

" I have to say, having special bullet proofing inside the Cathedral is a tad strange. Given the fact that so many of the worlds leaders are going to be here I would think they would just bulletproof the whole building."

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Drew shook the hand of Jean, and then introduced himself

"Drew Vorhees, from Acca Dacca, I am currently representing a state in turmoil and my attempts at lightening the mood with a joke or two have been responded with sending me to the farthest and soonest diplomatic venture that they could possibly plan, thus making me important enough to be here. Lovely crowd we have going here..."

He then, too, looked and puzzled the question, then looked back at the man in the box.

"Yes, but then he'd have to share his box."

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"Well its a pleasure to meet you Drew. These are my associates, Calomar Acbari, Admiral, and Said Al-Malak, Brigadier General. These two are perhaps the best commanders and most promising commanders at my disposal, I brought them along with me because I need intelligent people to keep me company on long voyages.

Speaking of long voyages, Ive been planning on going to Acca Dacca myself for some time now. And by some time now I mean I thought about it while I was sitting in a cell somewhere in Naples. Its funny that no one ever thought of coming to rescue me for a year, I mean, I disappear, my country falls apart, and no one thinks of looking for me. Sheesh, how much do I have to pay for some decent help around here.

Oh yes lovely crowd, two soldiers, 15 of my oh so lovable thugs, myself, a man in a box who, Im assuming here, cant here anything we are saying since he hasnt responded to your.... jokes, and a man who cant dress himself properly. Oh yes, this is setting up to be a coronation to remember.

And I dont see why he wouldnt want to share his nice box, it must be awfully lonely in there, all by himself, no one to talk to, and forced to listen to us talk. Hah, I almost feel sorry for the poor guy.

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Drew put his hands on his hips.

"Well I...never."

He paced back and forth, considering all variables on why he would be considered inferior at first glance as to not be appreciated enough to get his own glass box. He turned to his new comrade and swushed his robe to the side. He looked him in the eyes and said,

"Does my $@! look fat in these jeans? No that cant be it, your $@! looks fantabulous in your pants. Maybe hes just showing favorites? Damn French, cant accept the fact that just because we arent French, doesnt mean we dont have class. Lollipop?"

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Jean was somewhat taken aback back Drew's question:

"Er... no? Your pants look fine to me, actually, theyre the only normal thing your wearing. And no lollipop thank you, Im trying to watch my sugar intake, family history of diabetes."

"hmmm, I wonder if we can try some kind of non-verbal communication with him. Agent #1, hand me some pen and paper"

Jean sets to work scribbling a message in block letters 'ARE YOU LONELY?' and holds it up to the glass wall, facing the Burgundian King-to-be.

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"He's french...er..German...thing. Translate it, silly."

Drew continued on with his own way of communication. He breathed deeply onto the glass, attempted to think of something to say, but as the fog slipped away, he could only draw a nice little heart. With that, he smiled and waved at Henri on the other side of the glass. He then turned to Jean,

"I think he likes me."

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Traveling to Burgundy was enough to put the Prime Minister of Aquitaine on edge, Therese entered the cathedral with her hands wrung around each other, nervous and anxious. The people here had been indoctrinated to hate her, the government was against her, she was not welcomed and that made her a target. However all it took was a firm hand on her shoulder by a Knight of Aquitaine behind her to calm her nerves. Adelaide had not been able to make it to the ceremony, given pressing matters back at home. Instead she appointed her most trusted Knight to watch over Therese in Burgundy and if things got bad, to get her out no matter what, even if it meant that the Knight's life was to be sacrificed instead. That was the role of the knights, to protect the people of Aquitaine to protect the Prime Minister. Therese nodded to the gloved hand of leather, but turning back it was odd, the Knight's face was shrouded by a helmet of armor. Adelaide had said that this particular Knight did not like its face being seen, in public, but for a ceremony of this size, it was a bit odd.

"Should we go to our seats?" Therese said smiling back to the Knight. "We've been invited into the VIP section." Though looking at the bullet proof and blast proof glass, she began to have doubts again. "So much precaution, I don't like it."

"Either way Milady." The Knight said. "You'll be safe, Aquitaine will not let harm befallen you."

"Well the coronation hasn't started and Dierik Martens is supposed to be coming, we can wait for him before going to our seats. Gives us someone to talk to."

"Whatever you say Milady."

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Empress Josephine arrived at the Cathederal after a last minute change of plan with her husband.
He would get Jessica for the day whilst she made an appearence for the Empire at the Kings coronation.
Walking in on her own, in a simple lilac dress, her hair in curls falling down her back she walked slowly and nervously, looking around for somebody she knew. She saw a pimp like man, another man talking to him, Theres, Prime Minister of Aquitaine, and what looked like a knight sat next to her.

It was a pecular looking bunch for the moment, not watching to go near the pimp like man or his companion, she moved to the middle of the seats and sat down. Looking behind her she knew several well armed Imperial Guards were waiting in a van outside incase anything happened to her.

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Nyani and her guard had entered into Burgundy without pomp and circumstance. Fresh from their Three Party talks in Australia, the pair were ordered to a French Coronation ceremony where a number of high level leaders would be present. If there ever was a time for Nod to make itself known on the world stage, it would be here, and it would be now.

The unlikely duo had grown close over the weeks spent abroad. Nyani was finally able to coax out the man's name during a night of discussion. The two would spent night after night debating and discussing a variety of things, from philosophy to philantrics, her guard was notably well versed and knowledgable for such a soft spoken warrior.
"Imamu?"[/b] Nyani had questioned the distinctly African name, [b]"Spiritual Leader is it? I must say that is quite a fitting name for one such as yourself. I am fortunate that the Ministry assigned you to me, although I admit that now I suspect this was purposefully done."[/b]

[i]"Indeed my Lady, I am happier than words can convey that I have had the honour of meeting with you in person."[/i]

The two made their way to a nondescript corner of the gathering area. Once again, the Guard towered over Nyani as the two engaged in idle talk to pass the time.

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Jean and his security detail had returned to their seats, having grown tired of Drew's antics. Though funny, Jean decided he was best taken in small doses. He was about to doze off when he noticed Therese of Aquitaine enter the Cathedral with a hulking, steel clad Knight by her side. Perhaps I should go say hello, Jean thought, she looks like she needs someone to talk to.

"Hello milady," Jean called out from across the Cathedral as he walked towards Therese, a few of his security agents following behind him. "I dont believe we have had the pleasure of meeting," Jean said, extending his hand in friendship," I am Jean d'Aosta, from the Sicilian League"

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OOC: Basically what Uber said. Frankly, if I don't like what is said at the coronation I can declare war and start attacking immediately. You cannot stop me from doing so. Unless, as Uber said, this is a non-canon RP.


Corrado Bazzani arrived in style to Notre Dame. A black limo, shorter than most models, but with a slightly higher roof and stocky build is what he got out of. Bazzani and his security detail had flown in to Aquitaine, and then driven into Burgundy. Six agents were with the President, though none would accompany him inside the church. Who would accompany him inside the church, however, were two agents disguised as an FNN news crew. Their camera and microphone each held pieces to two guns, designed and disguised inside both to look like normal working parts. The camera actually did work, and would transmit the ceremony on three secure satellite frequencies back to the Federation. That way if anything went wrong, not only would they know instantly, but have the video evidence to back it up.

Bazzani himself was quite pleased in what he was dressed in. His olive skin and slicked back black hair looked marvelous along with his black tuxedo, white tuxedo shirt, and black bow tie. The bow tie was another camera, something straight out of the spy films, transmitting on a fourth secure satellite frequency. The President's jacket had thin pieces of Kevlar interlaced throughout it for added bullet protection, and the shirt was actually bullet-proof to small caliber ammunition (OOC: Yes, such a shirt exists in real life, look it up.). All this was rounded out by two small carbon-fiber pistols, both .22 caliber high density rubber bullets, neatly tucked away in the lining of his jacket so they wouldn't show on scanners. Neither Bazzani nor the "camera crew" claimed any weapons as they walked in, taking their seats in the non-VIP section. As the camera crew set up, Bazzani's eyes slowly scanned over the entire room, looking for possible sniper nests, odd gatherings of security troops, etc. Ever since the Fascist uprisings, things just hadn't been the same, he'd been more cautious everywhere. The King-to-be in bullet-proof glass in front of him set off alarm bells in his head and only deepened the "bad idea" feeling in the pit of his stomach. It could only mean one thing: trouble.

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Valdemar Fransson and Elin, knowing the ceremony was probably going to begin soon, quickly made their way through security and took their seats, dressed in their finest clothes.

"Honestly, so many meetings and events. We're hardly at home anymore."
"It's good for you, Valdemar."
"You're meeting new people and going to places you've probably never dreamed of. Burgundy is a wonderful place, and from what I hear, so is Lubeck."
"We're leaving Melody and Paula home alone too much."
"The Army is posted about our home all day and all night."
"They can use their beauty to persuade the soldiers to let god-knows-who in."
"That's ridiculous. Most of the soldiers already have girlfriends or wives already. They're local too, so they wouldn't dare do anything to our daughters in any case."
"What does being local have to do with it?"
"Stop worrying, Valdemar. They'll be fine. Plus, Melody is old enough to know better and Paula spends most of her time on her laptop anyway. There's nothing to be afraid of."

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KP Varma arrived at Notre Dame Airport in his official G550. Due to the rules regarding weapons that had been issued, Varma's 3 man security detail commanded by a Major in King's Guards had left their weapons in the jet itself. Accompanied by these 3 security officers and 2 secretarial diplomats, KP Varma would travel to the Cathedral.

This was his first visit to Europe in a very long time, and he still could not figure out why the King chose to represent the Kingdom at this particular event.

As he sat in his designated place in the Cathedral he thought himself that due to the absolute neutrality that the Kingdom maintained towards European politics, he would not have much work cut to do. After all it is unlikely that he would be accosted by any of these world leaders. Perhaps this is a way for Rama Varma to tell him that he is getting too old for this job and it is time for sunset assignments.

After looking around to see the other world leaders who had arrived for the ceremony, KP Varma activated his PDA. From the moment that he landed here, his every vital statistics, every word he said, everything he heard and almost everything he saw and what others in the delegation saw were being recorded by special instruments in the jet. The Kingdom has not forgotten the lessons of Khmer Empire, and this is after all a visit to a relatively unknown nation.

Perhaps he could finish reading that ebook he had been postponing for the past week. Settling his glasses, KP Varma loaded the ebook and started reading.

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Etain arrived with her four bodyguards. These seemingly oversized soldiers were some of Taeunas' Special Forces in carefully sculpted armor underneath their dress uniforms. The armor was resistant to all small arms fire up to .50 cal and would reduce the effects of any explosion greatly. Various points in the armor held polycarbonate blades of differing types. The forearm pieces each held a six shot air gun, with darts tipped with nitroglycerin in glass ampules. All of these virtually undetectable unless someone actually took the armor apart, which wouldn't be allowed here.

The emerald green jackets with silver hardware over a white shirts held the various ribbon awards each soldier had won. The showier version held the medals themselves, but here, they didn't want to outdo the king. Black pants with a silver stripe on the side came down over armored black boots. To this was added a white one shoulder cape, with the Taeunas battle flag embroidered on it.

As the soldiers walked in, they noted the partition of armor glass and put on the helmets they each carried by unspoken consent. Surely this was overkill, Etain thought, but they were professional soldiers and they knew better than she about such things. She had her reservations about this, having said it was enough to send a small fruit basket to be presented. Christos had said that it was important to show these buffoons that there was nothing to worry about, that their paranoia was unfounded. So here she was, walking into what now appeared to be a barely contained hornets nest, and glad for the extra protection.

The head of her protection detail looked for the security details of any other members of the WEU. Spotting the PM of Aquitaine, he nodded in their direction, hopping to catch the eye of the Knight. As he looked about, reading the HUD in his helmet, he was not happy with the situation, but would follow his orders. He'd made up his mind about how the seating would work. One would be in front, one behind and one to either side. In a perfect world, he would have liked four more troopers, so as to totally isolate her in a pocket of armored backs, but no such luck here. They'd have to make do.

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Noticing the new arrivals, KP Varma looked up from his PDA. He motioned for the King's Guards Major to come closer and asked, "Maj. Francis, is there some announced threat to this place? To see these protective cubes and guards wearing a mountain of armor, I wonder if we are in a Cathedral or observing life fire of some experimental gun. What do you think, Major?"
The King's Guards Major, dresses in black executive suit and black facemask looked professionally at the various obvious Spec For troopers arrayed around the place and said, "Obvious paranoia, sir. What do they expect to happen, here? I think all these are mostly for showing off, Sir."

"Hmm, interesting. Anyway it would be fun to see these leaders showing off the prowess of their soldiers. I should have compelled you to wear some of your heavy armor, Francis, shouldn't I?"

"Why Sir, we both are wearing armor, but discretely, we don't have to show them off."

"Yeah, anyway let us enjoy the show."

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Josephine looked around at the various Kings, world leaders, and their soldiers and laughed inside. Boys and their toys.
"Am I the only one who doesnt feel like im going to be assassinated in a house of God here or what?" said Josephine, slightly louder than she thought she had done...

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"Is that what the glass is for? Well that explains everything. Honestly, who would kill someone in a church...thats like...ultra-sin."

He electric slid over to Velma and shook his hand.

"Afternoon, do you have an ipod? This play needs some tunage before it become more morbid with people coming in having very light conversation before tunring and looking back at the man in the box. I swear, he better vanish in smoke or something at the end of this or I will be highly disappointed."

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"God, you'd think these men thought they were in a middle of a warzone or something."
"It's just for their protection, Elin. Some people can be...paranoid."
"Well, still, I don't like it. Makes me feel something's going to go wrong."
"Remember what you told me? Stop worrying?"
"Yeah, yeah..."

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