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Invitation to Notre-Dame de Reims

Karl Martin

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*To the nations of the world*

Burgundy invites world leaders to attend the Coronation of Henri VII at Notre-Dame de Reims. Please send us the list of people who will be attending, so we can make arrangements.


Special invitations were sent to Therese Zelle, Adelaide Josselyne, Albert Chevalier, and Dierik Magnhildsson Martens. They will be given VIP seats.

OOC: The Coronation will be in a separate thread. Please be warned that once that thread starts, any national actions concerned with Burgundy will not be allowed, since I want the coronation and related events to finish first.

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The Canadian Empire regretfully decline this invite.
The Imperial household is booked up presently.

Emperor Bonaparte does wish the King good luck however, in his endevours.


Marshal of the Empire
Michael Ripley

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Since the Commonwealth of Texas was just reformed and that we are still in heavy organization of the country, we don't have a leader at this time and therefore can not send a leader at this time. However, please send our salutations to Henri VII. Perhaps in the future, our two countries, although on different sides of the Atlantic, may come toghether in peace and unity.

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The Steward of the Sicilian League, Jean d'Aosta, will lead the Sicilian Delegation to this glorious event. He will be accompanied by a number of staff and guards. Admiral Calomar Acbari, Grand Admiral of the Sicilian Fleet and Brig. General Said Al-Malak will also be accompanying the Steward.

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