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A Most Royal Decree from the Purple Sphere

Stumpy Jung Il

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[center][i][b]Dear Citizens of Planet Bob,[/b][/i]
I come before you today to rejoice in yet another victory achieved by my most holy of kingdoms. Today, the Purple sphere stepped up once more to establish itself as the most powerful sphere in the history of Planet Bob. Until just moments ago, a bitter battle raged on that would decide the history of our community as we know it. A war was raged, words were thrown, and the true heroes of Planet Bob prevailed...

I am obviously talking about the most crucial and breathtakingly important poll to ever grace Planet Bob. The poll to decide the greatest poster in the history of this Planet (see: http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?app=blog&blogid=380&showentry=1472&st=). When I heard of this mythical poll I was amused, even bewildered, to see how my dear people would fair. I was not surprised by the results. Up until moments ago there was a deadlock for the first place position. The tie was not between a member of Pacifica or GGA. IRON nor TOP were even close.


Nay, the two top choices both hailed from my great sphere and I am pleased to announce the winner here today, after a heavy deadlock is...


I wish to congratulate both Alterego and Haflinger on their most prestigious victories, proving once and for all that purple, not Orange nor Aqua, is the greatest color sphere this planet has ever known. My hats off to the both of you and I applaud you both for helping achieve this great victory over our Orange enemies. I crown you both, Holy Knights of Purple.

o/ Purple[i][b]

Signed by the King of Purple, Defender of the Faith, The Last True King of Bob, His Highness,[/b][/i]
Stumpy Jung Il

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