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Grassy Plains N Such Factbook

Lord Zephyr

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[center] [IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v624/iamthey/grasslandsflag.png[/IMG] [/center]
[center][size="6"][b]The Great Nation of Grassy Plains N Such[/b][/size][/center]

Things I'm going to put here later when I'm not busy:

Leaders (X) and maybe pics of them,
How our government works,
Diplomatic info,
Random facts,
Brief history,
and more as I think of it.


Head of State's: Alexander Maddox Para'No'Ya Zephyr, Zhennyfyr Zephyr
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Abraham Lincoln
Minister of the Interior: Allyn Hützell
Grand General: Yet to be named

Councilor's: Election's suspended until rebellion is put down.

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Foundation of GPnS:
After Matthew left the Temple Lands he needed to find a new place to set up his underground complex. While wandering the world he ran into Abraham Lincoln, who was giving a speech about how the natives of the then Nod Protectorate should rise up and overthrow the Aristocracy that had formed under the long period of being a protectorate. When he finished his rousing speech and the people dissipated Matthew approached Abraham and they talked for a while over a cup of coffee. When Matthew suggested that he could help Abraham, Abraham immediately jumped on the opportunity. With Matthews previous skills at propaganda and Abraham's already amazing vocal abilities they lead a campaign that overtook the entirety of the protectorate in a matter of weeks.

The Aristocracy noticed this uprising and attempted to stop it with their small army. But Abraham himself lead his people, now armed with the help of Matthew, against the aristocracies army and quickly defeated them earning him the title of General. Instead of killing his former oppressors he incorporated them into the complete army of the nation of Grassy Plains N Such.

History of GPnS:

April 10 2010: Grassy Plains N such is founded.
May 24 2010: The Nation of Nod allies with GPnS
May 27 2010: Grassy Plains N Such tests its first nuclear weapon.
June 12 2010: GPnS's first satellite was launched.
June 13 2010: My Grandfather dies in a Car accident.
June 14 2010: GPnS resigns itself to the Nation of Nod due to unforeseen circumstances.
June 25 2010: GPnS returns! After a hiatus the great nation of Grassy Plains N such returns to the world stage!
August 20 2010: Tanzania takes Pemba Island and GPnS contests it.
August 25 2010: After a brief threat of war and subsequent back down and cool off, Tanzania agrees to let GPnS to put forces on Pemba Island.
August 31 2010: Tanzania declares war on the Aether Empire
September 1 2010: GPnS declares its support for Aether and warns Tanzania not to go back on the previous agreement.
January 29 2011: The Zephyr heir arrives on GPnS and rocks the foundation, killing Prime Minister John Henry Eden and establishing his own rule over GPnS
January 30 2011: Colonel Washington, a terrorist and former leader of the old regime before GPnS, took over the Capital of GPnS Nairobi along with five ICBM's.
January 31 2011: With nowhere else to turn and GPnS forces bearing down upon him, Colonel Washington fired all five of the nuclear warheads at various cities around GPnS.

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OOC: Because I think it is such a great idea I'm going to steal EM's links post idea and adapt to to my purposes.

All threads I've created or participated heavily in relating to GPNS should go be here.

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[url=http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=100169]Darkness[/url] Random journey's and stories that have to do with the war with Matthew.

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