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Purchasing soldiers provides three functions 1) defend your nation against foreign attacks 2) deploying soldiers overseas to attack other nations and 3) a police force for your population. Purchasing soldiers will increase your total population count based on real soldier numbers but you will not be able to collect taxes from your military personnel.

Beside your solider counts in-game you will notice a number in parenthesis such as Soldiers: 100 (135). The number in parenthesis beside your actual solider count is your soldier efficiency level. The soldier efficiency level indicated how well your soldiers are at controlling your population happiness and performing in battle. In the example provided here the (135) indicates that your 100 soldiers make an effective fighting force of 135 soldiers. Soldier efficiency levels are affected by certain trade agreements such as Aluminum and Pigs, improvements such as Guerrilla Camps and Barracks, certain events, and certain government types. When fighting ground battles against other nations battle odds are based off each nation's soldier efficiency level however casualties are based off REAL soldier numbers.

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