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Just 1 billion, that is all.


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The letter arrived on Wenzel's desk at about 4:30 PM.
"What is this?" He asked.
"A letter. duh." His assistant rudely replied.
"But what is it ABOUT?" He questioned, enraged.
"I don't know, it came in with no return address."
"Let me read it."

[i]Dearest Governments,

Its coming.[/i]

Wenzel sighed and dumped the letter in the trash. Every couple of days they would receive joke letters, and this one was no different. Yiroshi doesn't have time to track down a couple of teenagers, and...
The phone rang. He picked it up, expecting it to be Northern Republic or news on the TUO invasion, but it was something else. A voice on the phone that sounded like it was generated by a computer gently asked, "Do you have it?"
"Have what?"
"The billion."
"What billion? What are you talking about? Who is this?"
"The money. Just 1 billion, that is all."
"Why would we give you 1 billion? We don't even know where or who you are? We can track this number and catch you prank callers, just so you know." Wenzel screamed, annoyed.
"Too late."
The phone hung up. Right there and then.

OoC: If you want to, you can RP you nation leader getting something close to this general idea. But do not do any actions outside of phone calls, emails, etc etc until I post again.

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