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An Imperial Return

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[center][img] http://i168.photobucket.com/albums/u190/TiagoJeronimo/TIOFLAG2.png[/img][/center]
Greetings Denizens of Bob

It is time to bring back something which should not have been cut short so soon, something that with just a little bit more effort, might have lasted longer. I’m referring of course, to The Imperial Order.

We failed last time due to inactivity, and mainly a lack of will. This time we have the activity, we are based around activity, and the will is here. We shall not give up like last time. You're stuck with us for a very long time

This time, TIO will reside on the blue team.

Without further adue, I present the Charter of TIO
[quote] [center]

[font="Impact"][size="7"][b]The Imperial Order[/b][/size][/font]

[font="Tahoma"][size="4"][i]"The Imperial Order is not just an alliance, we are; a community of brothers and sisters who serve to better ourselves and our comrades. We believe in freedom of speech, nation growth, brotherhood and morals. We do not seek war nor do we hide from war, we are a brotherhood and we will stand together as one, today, tomorrow and always."[/i][/size][/font]

[font="Century Gothic"][b].:Article I:.[/b]

i. Any nation may seek to join our alliance, given that they are not on any ZI/PZI/EZI lists, not in any aggressive wars and not a member of another alliance.
ii. An applicant wishing to join must submit this information in the appropriate thread on our forums;

Nation Name:
Ruler Name:
Nation Strength:
Link to Nation:
Team Colo(u)r:
Previous alliance(s) and positions:
Member who recruited you (if any):
iii. Our Pledge, you will post this in your application thread with the aforementioned information
I, [ruler name] of [nation name], pledge loyalty to The Imperial Order.
I, [ruler name] of [nation name], have read and will abide by the Charter and its laws and policies.
I, [ruler name] of [nation name], will neither surrender nor show cowardice in war.
I, [ruler name] of [nation name], will show honour and respect in times of peace.
I, [ruler name] of [nation name], will neither disobey nor disrespect my superiors.

iv: Once accepted into our Academy, you will receive an Academy Student Mask and will be given access to our Academy and Applicant chatting Forums.
v. Once you have received your tests, you need to complete then ASAP and send them or post them in your Academy Form and stay active and just get to know your future brothers and sisters.
vi. Only applicants, who have passed the Academy and tests as well as being vouched for, may become fully fledged members.
vii. Resignations; should a member wish to resign, they must break their pledge and binding to the alliance and must post a resignation in the Resignation Box on our forums, after which they will be demasked.
viii. Should a nation wish to rejoin our alliance they must complete the pledge and get the approval of the Security Consul.


[b] .:Article II:.[/b]

i. Imperial High Commander
The Imperial High Commander is the sovereign leader of The Imperial Order. The Imperial High Commander serves a life term until resignation or expulsion as the result of a majority vote by the Security Consul and Ministerial Consul. The Imperial High Commander has complete power and can only be voted against by a majority of the Security Consul. The Imperial High Commander has the ability to create and abolish positions in the Order.
ii. Security Consul
The Security Consul consists of three “vice-leaders”; the Imperial Command, who oversee the continued security, growth and prosperity of the Alliance as a whole and ensures all leaders of the Ministerial Consul do their jobs to their utmost efficiency. The Security Consul is second in command to the Imperial High Commander and is present in alliance to alliance discussions and can be contacted instead of the Imperial High Commander (if he/she is not available).
The Imperial Command
a.) Imperial Commander of the Interior - is in charge of all Internal Affairs, will oversee Financial and Internal Affairs.
b.) Imperial Commander of Exterior - is in charge of all External Affairs, will oversee Foreign and Defence Affairs.
c.) Executive Imperial Commander - is in charge of being the voice of reason and an in-between for the Ministerial Consul, Security Consul and the Imperial High Commander. He/she handles odd jobs of the alliance.
iii. Ministerial Consul
The Ministerial Consul consists of four ministers; the Imperial Officers, The Imperial Officers will be appointed by the Imperial High Commander.
a.) Imperial Officer of Finance; the IOF handles all issues and areas involving trade, technology and aid. The IOF can set up trade circles and aid systems for the entire alliance, as well as allied or friendly Alliances and is in charge of Prosperity Guides.
b.) Imperial Officer of Internal Affairs; the IOIA is in charge of all Internal Alliance areas and issues. The IOIA keeps the forums clean and monitors conduct on our Alliance forums and all other forums/areas where our members may go (representing TIO). The IOIA handles all the recruiting areas of the Alliance, the IOIA may set up his/her own system and hire recruiters to help it they so choose. The IOIA is also in charge of the Applicants, the Inductees and the Pre-Membership tests.
c.) Imperial Officer of Defence; the IOD handles the defence and war department for the Alliance. The IOD is in charge of overseeing the military divisions as well as unlawful attacks and raids.
d.) Imperial Officer of Foreign Affairs; the IOFA handles the relationships with other alliances including keeping contacts, friend and allies and maintaining Embassies. The IOFA can bring treaties to vote.
iv. Elective Procedures
a.) Imperial High Commander;
In the event that the Imperial High Commander steps down, the Ministerial Consul and the Security Consul will vote for the next Imperial High Commander. The Imperial High Commander can come from either the Security Consul or Ministerial Consul.
b.) Security Consul;
In the event that one of the Imperial Commanders steps down, is voted out, or is voted as the next Imperial High Commander, the remaining Security Consul and Ministerial Consul will vote on the replacement. The replacement can come from the Ministerial Consul or the alliance citizenship.
c.) Ministerial Consul;
Each Imperial Officer serves for life or can be appointed and removed by the Imperial High Commander or a majority of the Security Consul at any time. Any member in good standing of the alliance may enact a motion of no confidence against an Imperial Officer. The alliance citizenship will hold a public debate, public vote and the motion must pass with 60% of the vote within 72 hours of the motion being posted in the forums. Should the motion pass, the Imperial High Commander will appoint a replacement and it cannot be the same individual who was just removed.


[] [b].:Article III:. [/b]


i. An attack on a member of our alliance, whether in character or out of character is seen as an attack on our entire alliance as a whole and will be addressed by our leadership through the correct channels.
ii. Tech raiding; in the founding period there is a zero tolerance of tech raiding. When the leadership sees there is a need for change, a review of the current policy will take place.
iii. Nuclear weapons; The Imperial Order supports the first strike policy. In the event of war, The Imperial Order nations will use nukes if deemed necessary.


[b][] .:Article IV:.[/b]


i. Should the leadership see the need for a review or change of any policy then there will be public citizenship vote, and will be passed with majority vote only or a full Security Consul and Imperial High Commander’s vote.
ii. Any member may suggest a motion to amend the charter/policies to the government but must be done in the proper petitioning and motioning channels of our forums.


[b][] .:Article VI:.[/b]


i. EZI/PZI; The Imperial Order does not condone, endorse or dole out any EZI (Eternal Zero Infrastructure), PZI (Permanent Zero Infrastructure) lists or punishments, we see CyberNations as a game for our community and friendships to grow and do not hold grudges against any wronged person(s).


[size="4"][b]Imperial High Commander;[/b] Skippy[/size]

[size="4"][i][b]Imperial Commanders[/b][/i][/size]
[b]Internal; [/b]Scorponok
[b]External; [/b]Sup4l33tki11a


I’d also like to invite you to #TIO, and to www.cn-tio.com

Hail Imperia!

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[quote name='Arrnea' date='06 April 2010 - 06:46 PM' timestamp='1270539969' post='2250187']
You put Bernkastel in government? [b]You have no idea what you just did.[/b]

Enjoy it while it lasts, Skippy.
Oh I know exactly what I've done Arrnea

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[quote name='Skippy' date='06 April 2010 - 02:49 AM' timestamp='1270540127' post='2250189']
Yes, we do have protectors, just waiting for him to actually post it! <_<
In the meantime, brb raiding

:(( Skippy you too small

Edited by wickedj
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[quote name='Skippy' date='06 April 2010 - 07:49 AM' timestamp='1270540127' post='2250189']
Yes, we do have protectors, just waiting for him to actually post it! <_<
Olympus officially protects them until their Protectors get off their lazy $@! :lol1:

Best of luck TIO

:wub: Raydin

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On behalf of the Emperor and Senate of the Imperial Assault Alliance I am proud to announce the signing of the following protectorate agreement between the Imperial Assault Alliance and The Imperial Order. We look forward to working with TIO and helping them grow over the coming months, just as we have done with our past protectorates.

I wish a hearty welcome to TIO on behalf of myself an the entirety of IAA.

[quote] [b]An Empire Is Born[/b]

The Imperial Assault Alliance (hereafter referred to as IAA) and The Imperial Order (hereafter referred to as TIO) come forth on this day, the 6th of April of the year 2010, to make permanent the bonds between them. Together, in unity and mentorship, we sign this protectorate treaty in the hopes that our friendship will continue to flourish and that growth be mutual and cooperative between the undersigned alliances.

Article I: Sovereignty
Both of the signatory alliances and their respective member nations recognize and will respect each other's sovereignty and political independence. They recognize and will respect each other's right to live in peace within their respective alliances. They will develop good neighborly relations of co-operation between them to ensure lasting security. They will refrain from espionage and the threat or use of force against each other and will settle all disputes between them by peaceful means.

Article II: Peace
Both TIO and IAA hereby agree that no hostile action shall be taken against one another. Should a dispute arise, both alliances agree to settle the matter expeditiously and in a manner befitting the friendship found among both alliances.

Article III: Information Sharing
Should any of the undersigned alliances come in possession of information that may pertain to their fellow signatory, they are mandated to share said information with said alliance immediately.

Article IV: Defense
IAA hereby declares that a declaration of war on TIO shall be seen as a declaration on IAA as well.

Should TIO come under attack as a result of their own aggressive actions, IAA may but is not required to provide assistance.

TIO hereby declares that a declaration of war on IAA shall be seen as a Casus Belli for TIO to enter on behalf of IAA. This assistance is not mandated, though strongly suggested.

Article V: Aggression
IAA and TIO hereby declare that should a signatory of this treaty declare war on another alliance aggressively, it is not mandated for their fellow signatory to give assistance, however it is strongly suggested.

Article VI: Economic Assistance
TIO will assist IAA (and vice-versa) in building a healthy economy through reasonable means. IAA and TIO will grant each other preferred status in any buying or selling of technology outside each alliance and assist each other with finding trades when and if possible.

Article VII: Cancellation
Should both parties agree to cancel this treaty peacefully, a period of seventy two (72) hours will commence in which the articles of this treaty remain valid. Violations of the spirit and letter of this protectorate treaty shall consider it void immediately.

Signed for The Imperial Order
Imperial High Commander: Skippy
Executive Imperial Commander: Raydin
Imperial Internal Commander: Scorponok
Imperial External Commander: Sup4l33t3ki11a
Imperial Officer of Internal Affairs: Lars GaFTU
Imperial Officer of Foreign Affairs: Dave93
Imperial Officer of Defence: Bernkastel
Imperial Officer of Finance: Razorade

Signed for the Imperial Assault Alliance

Chimaera, Dark Lord of the Sith, Emperor of the Imperial Assault Alliance, cuddler of cute bunnies

Facade aka Stagger Lee aka Staggel Ree aka Grand Vizier
The Flying Scotsman, Grand Admiral of the Fleet, Destroyer of Alderaan, Last man to the escape pod, creator of superfluous titles, man who was too lazy to find the official sigs
Voodoo Nova, Imperial Regent, Negotiator of All Things Relevant
Mastabadey, Grand Moff, Minister Of Awesome, Director of Irresistibility
Draeg, Imperial Exchequer, Resident Money Honey, Architect of the Great Naboo Ponzi Scheme

Ratified by the Imperial Senate on this 23rd of March, 2010[/quote]

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[quote name='The Pansy' date='06 April 2010 - 03:53 AM' timestamp='1270540375' post='2250192']
Olympus officially protects them until their Protectors get off their lazy $@! :lol1:

Best of luck TIO

:wub: Raydin

Sorry about that, things slow down when its 4am. My Communications Staff was all asleep, took some time to rouse them.

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[quote name='Arrnea' date='06 April 2010 - 03:46 AM' timestamp='1270539969' post='2250187']
You put Bernkastel in government? [b]You have no idea what you just did.[/b]

Enjoy it while it lasts, Skippy.

Oh dear god, I echo these sentiments.

However, considering you get IAA to protect you with Bernkastel involved... good luck!

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[quote name='The Flying Scotsman' date='06 April 2010 - 07:55 AM' timestamp='1270540535' post='2250198']
Sorry about that, things slow down when its 4am. My Communications Staff was all asleep, took some time to rouse them.
No need to be sorry, just take care of Raydin for me :)

Skippy, give him to the Dockers for all I care :lol1:

Edited by The Pansy
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[quote name='Arrnea' date='06 April 2010 - 03:46 AM' timestamp='1270539969' post='2250187']
You put Bernkastel in government? [b]You have no idea what you just did.[/b]
You are just jealous you don't have me anymore. I see that jealously. :smug:

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[quote name='Bryne Farrior' date='06 April 2010 - 06:53 PM' timestamp='1270540392' post='2250193']
That is one very, [i]very[/i] cool banner. I'm not familiar with your first incarnation. What team color will you be based on (I assume blue or white)?

Regardless, best wishes to you.
I forgot to mention that, we are on the Blue team. (I added it just after you said that :P)

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