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Is your alliance the best? Tell me why and win 9m

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Are you proud of your alliance? Do you think I should join your alliance? If so post why your alliance is the one I should choose, what sets you apart from the rest. If I like your post the most and select your alliance to either join/become an applicant for I will pay you either 9m to you or I will pay the nations of your choosing. Im looking for an alliance that is fun, easy to get along with, and not ran by teens or anyone 13-18. Not trying to hate but im tired of kids who have no clue how to treat others. Anyways if you fit that criteria feel free to post and maybe you'll win that 9m.



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Ragnarok is a norse mythology based alliance. Our Emperor is an Old Man who is actually Married to one of our Mistresses. We have a bunch of old timers in gov. We have a group of 50 people who activily particpate in government. We're built to have fun, and enjoy a war from time to time. We're organized and we provide plenty of programs such as a newsletter, monthly aid programs, a lottery, an academy, trade website, fully functional military, guides and many others. We're here to enjoy ourselves, but note that we wish to protect ourselves first. We ask that you put alliance before yourself.

If you are willing to do that, then bv all means, join Ragnarok.

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Sounds Like you'd fit in perfectly with NOON. ( New Order of Norsemen). We started this alliance back up centered on not accepting anyone younger than 18. We run an adult type of forum and prefer to keep it that way.
Not only that but we are a close knit active group of experianced players that have been in re-existance for a little over a month. We are at 500,000 strength. ( Yes, not a lot but growing rapidly). 500,000 should show anyone how determined we are when it's accomplished in a months time.
I have also started a Monthly Lottery for a %25.00 Nation Donation that you can win for different reasons. Come by, check us out and hope to hear from you soon

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I'll take a shot at this.

Phoenix Rising has an active community with experienced leadership that works well together (I don't recall any bickering at all in the 154 days I've been here)

We also have enough new recruits that instead of sending free aid we'd actually prefer you to use it for one of our tech deals, either 3x3 or as many 1x1's as you need.

We're growing fast, so if you like the excitement of building an alliance but also the stability and activity that accompanies a bigger and well-established group, this is the place for you.

If you need any questions answered, just shoot me a PM, or take a look at our recruiting post:

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[quote name='doobadder' date='05 April 2010 - 06:54 PM' timestamp='1270515258' post='2249813']
I will pay you either 9m to you or I will pay the nations of your choosing.[/quote]

Yes, join IRON. They desperately need donors who could help them pay their reps :)

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Well the choice is easy, but you may not be aware so let me help you. JOIN TOOL. Why you ask?

Well first of all we are a very stable alliance. GrahamKeatley is an Irish chap who has been at the helm for the last 3 years. The government is set up for stability, we are lacking in the types of skeletons one sees in the older AAs.

Our treaties don't chain and we are extremely loyal to our allies.

Our IRC channel is active and lacking in the overly grotesque or childish chatter thanks to the hardest working HoFA (Mia). Our growth programs are great thanks to math wiz's for commerce and finance Planck and DealMaster. Creekynoise helps the ship run tight and our milcom is very prompt in dealing with issues. Our membership has both kids and old farts (guilty of being an old fart, whats with this ear hair that's started to grow?)

Our government is monarchical republic which leads both to stability and representation of the members. Important decisions like going to war are put before the membership.

We have a very extensive training program to weed out the chafe.

Our website is the best due to our ever vigilant FiegelInc.

But mainly I think you should join us because we are very fun. There's room for fart jokes as well as deep philosophical discussions. We welcome the active and inactive alike. Personally I butt heads with other members of gov but love them all dearly and will and have zi'd my nation for TOOL.

We are not an aggressive Alliance and those who need to war are part of the #1 Alliance in TE.

So come on down check us out at http://www.theorderoflight.com/ and join us on coldfront #tool.

Council of TOOL
Left field Idea Generator
Honorary Cannon Fodder

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Just throwing SLCB into the ring for fun:
Seaworthy Liberian Cardboard Boxes:
-- Surely the best alliance name in CN
-- Small, we do stuff, but we aren't concerned with being some kind of massive ball of... stuff.
-- We tend not to accept younger people. Our forums and general attitude is not suitable for minors, even tho some are deemed okay. We of course present a much more mild form to the forums.
-- We are part of Stickmen, which is naturally the best bloc around. If you don't like SLCB all that much, I'd recommend iFOK or FCO. SLCB has been known to be unliked by a few people, and loved by others. But iFOK/FCO, nobody hates iFOK or FCO. There are reasons for this.
-- We are not serious people. Even our seriousness is followed by some kind of joke.
-- Our channel is #slcb at coldfront.net,. Pop in and see how you like us if you want. The forums are [url=http://slcb.omgnowai.com/forums/index.php]here[/url]

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MK has Archon, God-Emperor of CN.


other than us from this thread SLCB is also worth it. they're smaller than us and more relaxed.

edit: woops. RoK is fun too.

the rest are either obscure or rtards.

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This is why are the best, we aren't afraid to have some fun and take risks. CN is meant to be fun and that's what I go for. To join just change your AA to The Citadel and shoot me a PM.

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well. make the right choice; a rational individual would, IMO, join a NEUTRAL alliance, avoiding unneccesary war and conflict : avoiding the destruction ot that which you will spend time building if you remain in CN.
The Democratic Order is deep in patient, thinking nations/rulers. The young and impulsive are usually not as comfortable here as are the mature and logical. :)

Join an alliance where you can express your ideas and will not need to fight in wars brought on by petty ego conflicts.

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For me, Terran Empire is the best alliance simply because it is exactly how I wanted it to be.

Now, I realize that answer alone isn't quite enough to get people to join, but it allows me the freedom to be relaxed about the whole running an alliance thing.

While I do take things serious enough to not neglect my members, and I do in fact take very good care of those that have joined, I do realize that this is a game. I believe everyone in my alliance is enjoying their time in the Terran Empire, and are quite happy with their decision to join.

While I do pay attention to things going on around planet Bob, I try to keep us low key enough to avoid the drama. That being said, we are not political drop-outs either. Our leadership are all veteran players who have been involved in the greater aspects of CN for a long time and are well connected enough to be as involved as we want to be.

Despite being small, we have an active membership, so there is always something new to look at on the forums.

I think that just by looking at our "Join us" ad, you can get a feel for who we really are. We are fun, co-operative people just trying to enjoy the game in the spirit in which it was intended to be.


I'm not interested in your money personally, but would love to be able to give it to our 3 smallest members to give them a boost in their growth efforts.

About half our membership is fairly new to the game, so I spend the majority of my time in CN personally helping them learn the ways of CN so that they can make the most of their nations. All of our senior members feel this way as well. No one is lording their experience over anyone else, and though some of us have rank and some don't, we all treat each other as equals.

An alliance is more than just tech deals, protection, and spam. It is our home in CN, and it should always feel like home.

If this isn't what you want from an alliance, then this probably isn't the place for you. I hope to meet you, but whatever alliance you decide to join, I honestly wish you the best.

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Hey, if you're active and easy to get along with you should consider joining the Skull and Bones Society. SBS was founded by myself and some of my real life buddies. Yes, none of us are teenagers :rolleyes:. Being real life friends, we get along really well and never bicker over IRC. We are a brand new alliance that hasn't even made our DoE yet, so you have an opportunity to be a part of the founding members. Also, there are plenty of government positions available if you have any sort of aspirations in regards to that. If you want to check us out in-game, we're under the alliance affiliation of "Army of the Twelve Monkeys". Our IRC channel is #skulls if you want to kick it with us before you make your decision on joining. Our forums are located right here: http://s10.invisionfree.com/322/

Overall, we're just a pretty chill group of friends who like to listen to eachother and work together to be the best we can be. The two best things about being real life friends in government are:
1. We're extremely active. We will never be at risk of falling apart due to inactivity.
2. There's no power tripping. This for me is the biggest issue with alliances that form via internet friendship. We have nothing to prove to eachother, and we already know who's what not is biggest :lol1:

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I already sent you a message in game if I recall correctly, but I suppose I'll post here aswell.

The Killer Turtle Brigade sounds like we may be the right alliance for you, we have an older membership with a few younger people (who know how to treat others well, we don't allow disrespectful members) We offer a good close knit group of people who are just looking to have a fun time playing the game. If this sounds good to you just sign up on our forums and post an application! TKTB.co.cc

I hope to see you soon!

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I'd like it you joined the Resistance. We are seeking members who like to have fun and would like to contribute to our community. If you don't fit this criteria you can disregard this post.

AA: The Resistance
My position: Minister of Recruitment
Alliance Strength: 2,084,396
Members: 92

[u]Essential Stuff[/u]
- You will have no problems finding tech in our alliance. We have more sellers then buyers and a very apt Minister of Finance.
- We have Active boards that are probably better then your run of the mill alliance. We use our own domain and can add anything with pretty competent admins though admittedly sometimes lazy.
- We are very war competent and were probably one of the better performing alliances in the last war. If your skeptical you can ask TORN though admittedly we still like them.
- Trade Circles are something that we are lacking but working on getting our members trades in better shape if they want it.
- Our guys are pretty active on IRC and on the forums. We usually have 1 - 3 members on at all times during the day and more like 4 - 8 during peak hours.
- If your interested our guides are top notch compared to some I have seen in other alliances. We are still working on them though but they will be some of the best once they are done.

[u]Stuff You should Know[/u]
- If you joined our alliance the 9 Mill could probably be put to better use doing tech deals with our sellers then using it as a donation though sometimes we have bank drives for such things.
- Every once in a blue moon we like to role play the terrorists of cn. We don't say anything offensive it's just something you should know before joining.
- Our government members don't act like they are better then the members. They are very approachable especially for ideas and such. The flop side of this is we won't discipline for little silly things like cursing (unless its really offensive) and things like that.
- We are democratic but don't have that many people running for office each round. So if you'd like to run for office its a real possibility to win. The flop side is there isn't a lot of selection but such is life in an alliance of less then 100.

I want you to know I made this wall of text for you. :D

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Hola, I am the Emperador(or Emperor) of Octava Orden. I won't clog your thread with generic posts, so let me know if you would like more information about us in a Private Message and I'll gladly answer your questions.

We also have no need for 9m, all we need is loyal members which I think you could be.

Let me know,

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[url="http://www.cybernations.net/stats_alliance_stats_custom.asp?Alliance=Screw%20Obama"][size="5"][b]Screw Obama[/b][/size][/url] looks like very promising alliance [img]http://forum.imperiaonline.org/int/Smileys/classic/hmmm.gif[/img]

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