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Møde af de to svenskere

Franz Ferdinand

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Vega sat at his desk with a bottle of finest vodka by him and a freshly written letter in front of him. With the return of stability of the Swedish in the north, what better time was it than now to re-establish relations with the state's closest friends? Looking at the map spread across the table, the view was quite pleasing with the rival states of Lübeck having their territory completely obscured. No Deutschland or Slavic Federation to be seen anywhere. However, there was only one thing which Vega noticed was missing and this was the land region known as Bohuslän. For many years, Vega had strived to bring this parcel of land into the state, however, war and anarchy within the region had prevented it. Now, however, was the time for him to introduce these fine fellows to Lübeck and to strengthen ties with the Swedish Empire.


My Scandinavian Brethren,

I hope that this letter reaches you well and that your nation has grown ever stronger since the last time it stood united. I would like to congratulate your empire completely on the re-establishment of law and order and hope that it will become ever more stable over the next few weeks. We were very close to your predecessor's state, that being Sverige, and we hope to carry on this relationship with your great empire. Therefore, I wish to meet with you to strengthen our relations and to also talk about a region which we, the state of Lübeck are interested in acquiring if it is at possible.

Transportation to København, where we shall talk if you wish, will be provided if it is required. We shall do whatever is necessary to make sure that you have a most pleasant stay in Lübeck.

Yours sincerely,


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"High King Valdemar, I am honoured to be in the presence of such a prestigious ruler. The region that the state of Lübeck has an interest in acquiring is the province of Bohuslän. At the current time, the region is split into two halves with the Swedish Empire possessing the northern half and Lübeck with the southern half. We, the state of Lübeck wonder if it is at all possible if the Swedish-half of the region could be gifted over us. If there is anything you would desire in return, I am willing to listen to any counter-proposal to it."

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"Hm, quite the proposal indeed. We are willing to give it to you, seeing as they've called for it. That was one of the more important issues when elections for a monarch began. I suppose perhaps an MDP would suffice ,given the area's importance to both of us. Do you have a treaty drafted or a template for such a purpose?"

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"Of course, I had one prepared earlier for such an occasion. Lübeck has already signed it, so all it requires is your signature."

[quote][center][size=5]København Aftalen[/size]

We, the signatories of Lübeck and the Swedish Empire, desiring to contribute to the overall stability of our subsequent homelands, while at the same time, living in peace and harmony, have agreed on the following articles:

[b]Article I:[/b]
Lübeck and the Swedish Empire hereby decree that they agree to sign this treaty to promote closer ties of friendship, and to offer their resources to the other in the name of defence of their opposite brethren.

[b]Article II:[/b]
If any information or intelligence is obtained which might be of importance to either party, it must be shared to better protect the ability of either party.

[b]Article III:[/b]
Resources can flow freely through both parties, through the art-form of import/export. Borders shall also be permanently open between both nations, unless an event of severe political note occurs, which requires dealings from nobody outside of said nation.

[b]Article IV:[/b]
If either nation is attacked by another party, then the other nation not being attacked must come to the defence of the nation being assaulted by the belligerent.

[b]Article V:[/b]
If either nation wishes to disengage from this treaty, then a 72 hour notification period must be served.

[b]Signed for Lübeck,[/b]

[i]Vega, Statschef
Ming the Merciless, Udenrigsminister[/i]

[b]Signed for the Swedish Empire,[/b]
[i]High King Valdemar Fransson[/i][/center][/quote]

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